i have an overwhelming feeling God doesn't like me AT ALL...and I can't shake it

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  1. Ever since my ugly church experience.....

    I feel god must hate me, ..

    When I backslide he never tried hard to get me back on the right path,whereas he would prod others...

    I feel so ignored...

    Right now I feel helpless,weak,unloved and just doomed...

    I can't sleep ( not just BC of this ..but other things too) ...

    I just feel god only cares for certain people and he's shown ....im not one ...

    Idk I want to walk away right now nc its just alot to bear.
  2. Jesus died and took on yours and my sins. He says His love for you goes on and on forever and ever. Be with Him, live right now that is where God is, He is a right now. You have Jesus in you. 1 Corintians 2:16 . Be aware of Jesus in you. Put on your armor in Jesus and watch Jesus fight for you
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  3. I will be praying for your situation to improve.
  4. Paul says he doesn't even judge himself, 1 Corinthians 4:3, because we cannot know everything. So you have to, no, MUST just believe and let God sort it out. That's what faith is. You MUST be fully persuaded and stop comparing yourself to others.

    Romans 14:5 (KJV)
    One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day [alike]. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

    God wants to see if you'll have faith in Him, walk with Him, love Him. That's it. That's not "but" "except", nothing. YOU must MUST MUST search out the scriptures for yourself and believe them, otherwise nothing will change.
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  5. God doesn't always "prod us" through our entire life. There are seasons in my life where it is so obvious that God is in everything, and everything is a mountain top experience. Then there are times where it is hard to see, or feel God's love, it is those times where we must seek Him in the valley.

    Are you involved in a church, are you sharing the gospel with others, are you spending time with God? These are all necessary to grow close with God, doing God work will produce a solid relationship with Him.
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  6. I am not sure if this will help you. I hope it does. I felt this way a two years ago. I was going through so much and it just kept getting worst no matter how much i'd try to keep my head above waters. I felt abandoned. I felt unloved, I felt insignificant. I felt like God just punished me for fun and he laughed when I was suffering. It went to a point where I gave up and i just walked away from him. I stopped praying. I literally just walked away from him. i stop calling on him. Basically pretended that he didnt even exist. And you know, I had never felt so empty in my entire life. I felt this huge hole that nothing at all could fill. That was around the time when this whole "new age" stuff was becoming popular. And so, to fill that hole, I started to get into it. That only left me more depressed and empty. And funny thing is, it led me right back to God. One day I was sitting down and I gave up on life itself. Something strange happened, I prayed. But this prayer wasn't a good one. I told God that if he was there and if he loved me he would just take me home and get me out of my misery. I just cried and cried and cried and told God how sorry I was and I'd love to come back to him if he'd have me. At the end of it all, nothing could fill that hole except him. A few months after that I felt this overwhelming spirit of joy. I started to cry again....except these were tears of joy because I felt so happy to have God in my life. i decided that day to get baptized and God and I have been having it out every since. I

    My life still has not improved but I know a better now. God and I have our moments when I tell him im upset with him and im not going to talk to him today. But usually, I go back and tell him all about my day. Sometimes I still wonders if he is hearing me cause I tend to go on and on and on......:unsure::D I guess i needed to walk away from him to see how good I had it on this side of life :) I am still being trained and tested and strengthened but God is God and we have to trust him and live beautifully and freely. That is what he wants for us...if only we learn to trust him.

    I kind of understand how you feel. I hope this helps you a bit. And I am sorry you are having a rough time. I have been there.
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  7. Ask your self this - if God have given up on me would I even care? The fact is you do care and that is why you posted this - it is just another of many ways God is trying to get your attention.
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  8. Rom 8:38 — Rom 8:39
    For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    How much time do you spend with Him every day? How much time do you spend meditating on His Word to you? If your answer is not much then how can you get to know someone whom You spend little time with? And how can you learn to hear Him when He is not first place in your life?

    Sounds to me like you are meditating on the lies that the devil is telling you.

    God bless
    We will be praying for you
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  9. Hi Pancakes,

    I found a little devotional and i pray it blesses you :)

    Today's Scripture “Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.” (Genesis 15:6, NIV)
    Faith and Righteousness
    So many people today are looking for ways to be righteous or to be in “right standing” with God. The Bible simply says that when we believe God, that’s righteousness.
    The proof, or evidence, of our faith in Him is found in our actions. Faith without works is dead. That means, when we really believe something, our actions will support what we believe. Because Abraham believed God, he obeyed His word and left his father’s land even when he didn’t know where he was going. In the same way, when we believe God, we have to leave some things behind in order to embrace the new life He has in store. As you let go of the old and, by faith, embrace God’s promises, know that He is leading you down paths of righteousness for His name’s sake! Keep believing and keep stepping out, knowing that your best days are ahead of you! A Prayer for Today “Father, today I choose to accept and believe Your Word by faith. Thank You for making me righteous and help me to follow You all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

    God bless
  10. 'Ask and you shall receive'

    God loves you and He answers all prayers but it's often not the answer we expect.

    Don't stop praying, no matter what!
  11. I found a book today that is helping..its called "why people make our lives difficult"... Its a biblical book..It helps me to understand and come to terms with why my church experience wasn't the best ..and to move past it.
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  12. A good story I absolutely loved
    On page 51...

    Peter miller was an educated man who left the reformed church to join the community around the time of Revolutionary war.... When he did this.. A leader ( a Leader! <this is what made me by the book>) in the church Micheal Widman turned again Peter and made his life miserable. When ever they met ,widman would spit in peter's face.

    Widman was found guilty of treason and to be hanged..miller walked more than 50 miles through snow ⛄ and pleaded for widmas life.. General George Washington listened respectfully to Peter..and said he couldn't release his friend..upon hearing friend. . Peter hastily objected.. He said ,whidman was his worst enemy and incessant reviler..but he said his religion teaches him to pray for his enemies...and Washington was soo moved by this he sparred widmans life."

    I could totally relate to this story.. And it encouraged me deeply
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  13. YES..this is my life.
  14. Are you "bipolar" or "manic depressive?"
  15. I actually thought about you this weekend Pancakes. You know what you are doing wrong? We all do it. You are looking at your life with your eyes and not through God's eyes. We are here to serve God. You are looking laterally and not top down.

    I need to always remind myself on this too regarding money. I always think that if I just had more I would be happy. But printing paper money for God is as easy as pie. Which means there is one hell of a good reason for Him not doing it. It is not due to a lack of caring or love on His part. The cross shuts all those type of arguments down. It can only be because He wants us to live off Him. Not ourselves. Not others. We do not need the worlds approval. They are not our source of happiness or self worth.
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  16. Self pity does no one any good.
    You speak of backsliding yet seem to be waiting for God to 'do' something.
    The prodigal son came to himself when he faced the reality of the consequences of his own decisions. He then began to think thoughts of repentenice.
    He did not wallow in self pity.
    Then he began to do the works of repentance put legs on his thoughts of home.
    God is not going to send a carriage for you.
    Get up and set yr face towards God and repent of your thoughts about God.
    And belive the Word of God.
    Perhaps you should read 'pilgrims progress'too.

    In Christ
  17. I love that, I'm so glad you shared that story:)
  18. What..no I'm not :/
  19. Please stop I'm not wallowing just trying to figure out why. When I did come back time n time again at that old church I was burned again and again...

    If u dont want to help dont rely. Thank you.
  20. You're right.. I need to look top down..

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