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  1. I live alone, single yet have a heart of gold for someone special. Please pray for me that God leads me to a wonderful wife that will understand me and I understand her.

    I would love to meet someone to spend the rest of my life with, to grow old together, and in our old age, people would still see us hugging and walking around holding hands. Such would be the depth, longevity and strength of our love. That is my dream.
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  2. Just know that marriage isn't all about romance. Romance is an emotion. Marriage needs to have agape love. Where you will love them through EVERYTHING, even when you don't feel like it. Even though romance is very important in a marriage, it will fade away. That's why you gotta work at it.
    Marriage isn't all lovey dovey. There will be hardships.

    A scripture that I have been reading is Psalm 37:4 :)
    If you delight in God, he will give you the desires of your heart =]
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  3. Have you ever found agape love? If so, what's it like?
  4. Romance is an emotion, love is a choice. Movies and books have really misrepresented the purpose of marriage. That search for the mythos that is represented in the world concerning marriage is extremely dangerous because it is an attempt to fill a void that only God was meant to complete with another human being. I stopped looking a while ago. I gave it all to God and was able to make the decision that it was completely in His hands, even if that meant I would be single for the rest of my life. Somehow, I was able to be content with being single. It was just in time too. I made a lot of decisions during that time, including the decision to never date again. I was content for about 3 or 4 months before God brought someone to me. You see, it turns out that we don't have to look for someone. When God knows that He can trust us to build a strong and godly relationship with someone, He can bring us together in a way that we never could have orchestrated on our own. I kept a journal for the first year I was with my fiance. It listed all the times that God intervened in our relationship in a way that was impossible for us to have done. It ended up being about 72 pages IIRC. God can work it out.

    Tenth Avenue North wrote a song that helped me though, maybe it can help give you patience.

    Why are you striving these days
    Why are you trying to earn grace
    Why are you crying
    Let me lift up your face
    Just don't turn away

    Why are you looking for love
    Why are you still searching as if I'm not enough
    To where will you go child
    Tell me where will you run
    To where will you run

    And I'll be by your side
    Wherever you fall
    In the dead of night
    Whenever you call
    And please don't fight
    These hands that are holding you
    My hands are holding you

    Look at these hands and my side
    They swallowed the grave on that night
    When I drank the world's sin
    So I could carry you in
    And give you life
    I want to give you life
  5. Of course. God gives me it. I sin and I hurt him, and yet He continues to love me. Doesn't mean he approves of the sin, but He loves me nonetheless. He shows me His agape love all the time :)
    My mother shows it to me too. But I've never experienced it with anyone else.
  6. Remember this my friend,just keep your eyes focused on Christ and learn to walk in allot of humilty and when your ready God will bring some one special to you.I have met allot of people who claim to be christians but I have met very few actual christians because see if we claim to love God and hate or brother we are liars.So my point is this,fall deeply in love with Christ and before you realize it there will be some one very special for you inlife but we must first have a deep love for Christ.So dont believe what movies,books and the internet point out what love is,look to the word of God what love is............
  7. just keep praying man....He might not give you the answer right away but He will give it to you in time! :)

    its the divine time bro! :D
  8. Praying for you! I am very blessed to have a wonderful wife and family and pray that the Lord will bless you with the desires of your heart as long as they line up with his word.

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