I Hate Spiders...

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Pastor Gary, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. I was sitting at my office computer this morning and saw a really large spider crawling across the top of the keyboard. My wife wanted it taken outside instead of killing it. While outside, I had a chat with it and it said that it was on my keyboard because it just wanted to become a "web" designer...

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  2. Once I slowed down on my laughing and my words dried up some and began to make some inclination of being actual known words of the English language, well sir I heard my self say.......you should have hired that spider. A few flies here and there and let that spider work.

    Hey its been one of those days, you know those days where a good rotfl is priceless!!

  3. I kill any spiders and spray the house for them, cause I have delicate skin and when one bites me it inevitably leads to infections that take
    months to heal, I only become aware that a spider has bitten me after I get runny and itchy eyes as a reaction to the bite.
  4. What did one hat say to the other?
    You stay here I'm going on ahead.
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  5. Two gecko lizards will solve the problem for you. And you're not going to suffer the poisons you spray in your breathing space either. When gecko's have nothing to eat but wise they bark. That's the all clear sign. But you'll have to feed them crickets in the meantime or they'll starve to death until more spiders or bugs get into your house on their own.

    Just a little side note there.
    It makes that Geico lizard even funnier. If he's not working does he bark? :p

    Q: What do you call a big Irish spider?

    A: Paddy long legs!
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  6. Well that would depend on what the spider was doing really, I mean if the spider was sitting down, would it not be an Irish Setter ?
    Just Sayen !
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