I hate FEMA

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  1. I hate FEMA

    Why can’t I wake in the morning and make a pot of coffee?
    Listen to the radio and change my babies diaper.......plan my day and do something simple like wash our clothes?

    I can tell you why...........I am left between the who cares of life like an

    animal in a barn or in a detainment camp........by FEMA while 11,000 mobile homes............

    (one of which I could readily make a home in)

    Are left in a waste land.................abandoned............unfit for flood zones.

    Dear God Why?

    Why must I suffer one more day while would be homes are left in a cow pasture.


    I've lived in New Orleans 13 years now, a Yankee who got sucked in by the smell of gardenias in February and couldn't pull away.

    My house is in the part of New Orleans we've started to call the "sliver by the river," the narrow strip along the Mississippi that didn't flood. So I'm typing this from the study of my 100-year-old home, with its hardwood floors and high ceilings, feeling lucky and guilty and numb.

    The failure of the levees wiped-out 217,000 homes in New Orleans.

    Tens of thousands ...............of people are desperate for any kind of temporary housing that will allow them to stay here while they rip the moldy sheetrock out of their homes and try to start over. But there's little housing available.

    Apartment rents have doubled, FEMA-paid hotel rooms are being phased-out,..............and FEMA trailers are in short supply.

    Then this past week, I saw -- like an oasis in the desert -- 11,000..............

    FEMA mobile homes,!!!!!!! real homes, 3-bedroom, 2-bath beauties

    (comparatively speaking) -- sitting in an Arkansas................... cow pasture.

    FEMA says these mobile homes aren't allowed in a flood plain........................... which pretty much rules out most of southeast Louisiana.


    Did FEMA order them in the first place if they can't be used in areas where people.... need them?

    That's what I asked, but nobody seems to know.

    So the mobile homes sit there, immobile,.............................. 450 miles away from the Gulf Coast.

    No morning coffee, no radio, no happy baby.........no clean laundry............
    I am your sister.............your brother..............your friend. Pray for me ...........I need help. The months grow long winter comes soon..
    I’m in a prison with no relief.
  2. Dear Brother or Sister:

    May every blessing betide your life!

    We will be perfectly happy to give you very large sums of money to help you start a whole new life IF YOU PROMISE NOT TO REBUILD IN A FLOOD PLAIN! If you insist on doing something this silly again, WE SIMPLY DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED TO PAY YOUR STUPIDITY! If you are going to take our money, we insist you use it wisely. I am very sorry if that requirement seems cruel to you; it does NOT seem cruel or coercive to me, AND IT'S MY MONEY! If you decide you simply MUST live in a dangerous flood plain, you must rebuild at your own expense, and you must buy your own flood insurance, because we don't want to bail your butt out again, and pay for months and months of free upkeep for you, just because you're both stupid and stubborn.

    "Throwing good money after bad" IS NOT 'Christian charity......'

  3. We need more thinkers like yourself in Government.........
    What a waste of Tax payer’s dollars........to have purchase 11,000 mobile homes only to let them rest idly in a cow pasture. "Throwing good money after bad" IS NOT 'Christian charity......'

    May every blessing betide your life!
  4. Psalm 97:10
    Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.
  5. that made sense?
  6. As one of the first responders working as a Chaplain in Louisiana, Mississippi and far southwestern Alabama in the devastation areas created by Hurricane Katrina, my observations and information supplied to me over the past year by Officials, paints a slightly different picture.

    FEMA is not chartered to be a substitute for the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. It is there to assist LOCAL and STATE governments to cope with disaster scenarios IF ASKED TO DO SO. FEMA can not provide assistance to states and local communities without being ASKED to assist. Their role is very specific and very limited in scope. They were given early information by the State of Louisiana as to the number of persons who were thought to be displaced and FEMA used that STATE supplied information and initial requests to secure temporary mobile housing and stage those temporary homes in several locations. The problem was that LOCAL governments refused to re-zone areas in their communities to accept mobile homes and trailers, so there was literally NO PLACE to put them. Before anyone blames FEMA for this situation, please review the local government and State government records in Louisiana for their part in this.

    It has been the suggestion of some geologists and atmospheric scientists for the past 140 years that New Orleans should not have been constructed where it is or rebuilt after Katrina in it's same location. It averages 13 feet below sea level. It has also been argued by persons in media that the area around New Orleans has become an 'entitlement area' where the residents continually rely solely on 'government' to take care of them rather than looking out for themselves. These two suggestions are well documented and while I will not enter this discussion to take sides, anyone who has the inclination to look into these matters may see that there is more than just a little truth to these facts.

    While we pray for all victims, we also ask those persons who were affected by the storm in Louisiana to rely a bit more on themselves and a little less on 'government'.

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