I Hate Computers!

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  1. I Hate Computers!

    Has anyone ever had a problem like this? Earlier, after I had finished reading a PM on another forum, I went to click on the x to get out, when the thing went crazy. New windows just kept opening up on my desk top, one after the other, really fast, they just kept piling up. It happened on my old laptop and I never did get it to work again. Someone said it sounded like a virus.

    Anyway, I looked down at the bottom of the screen and it said 46 internet sites up and counting. I just shut my lid, called my son in Mo. and he told me to open it up again and it was still doing it. He said to switch off the internet (I have a switch on the side), and then talked me through my McAfee scanner thing and it searched for and never found anything. Thankfully, I was able to get back on and have not had that problem for the rest of the night, but thought I'd see if that has happened to anyone else and if anyone knows what it is. Thanx
  2. that sounds like a virus or some nasty adware there are a few different programs out there you can get to help with that. now for starters McAfee is terrible and a waste of money (that goes with norton aswell). two very good antiviruses are avast and AVG wich are both free and very simple to download and use. another good program is xoft spy this one is not free but i personally find it is well worth the money as it effectively gets rid of moste spy, add and mal ware if its ok with the mods i will post the links :)
  3. i sent you a message about this. Chris is right about McAfee. I would personally recommend ClamWin as it performed quite well in the last review i saw on the subject. McAfee and Norton got a score 20-30 points lower. Best of all...it is free :)
  4. I know. You where probably leaning on your keyboard and pressed a key which triggered to open up all those windows. If there was nothing found on your anti virus scanner, then that could have been it. Other than that, it could be a virus.
  5. Besides your virus scan I recommend running these programs , these are all freeware programs and work quite well:

    Download ThreatFire Free

    Spybot - S&D 1.60 Freeware download page - tested and reviewed software downloads from SnapFiles

    SUPERAntiSpyware (Free Edition) 4.1 Freeware download page - tested and reviewed software downloads from SnapFiles

    PC Repair with Advanced WindowsCare Free | Clean Registry, Clean Computer, PC Clean

    One question, do you use Windows updates top keep your system up to date? There was a problem with Internet Explorer a while =back that demonstrated a glitch similar to what you are describing. THe link is here for a scan and free update:
    Microsoft Windows Update
  6. Those windows are probably the result of an erroredor incompatable "popup" program picked up from that last web site. Parts of them are often stored in your "cookies" Some even incert a program and storage file that throws your computer into a small loop that keeps puting up advertisements. Others place a program in your computer that is triggered by key word or phrase and lays dormant until triggered.
    Repeated ALT, CNTRLand DELETE, buttons will usualy stop it .some times you have to turn the computer off.
    If the problem keeps coming up delete your cookies, look over your program list for programs that you did not have before and delete them and defragment the hard drive( In that order) . They are programs and not viruses and so are not often detected by antivirus protection. Then i suggest you get a server that has a good popup notification/ prevention program and as Boan said Keep your Windows updated. And be cautous about going into unknowm web sites.

    I am not a web master .It is that i have been through it myself:rolleyes:

    BTW if your lap top has some versons of Windows Millinum, 98, and most, if not all, XP and I believe "vista" upon start up you can go into "systen restore" return your puter to a previous un-infected date or restore your puter to what it was out of the box. But if you l restore to "out of box" you loose all data stored in the process
  7. Boanerges one problem i found with spybot is it didnt actually remove alot of the stuff it just told you it was there and i found i had to go and manually deleat it. another good program is spyware dr 3.1 another one that you have to pay for (once i get the $ i think i might get it) but when i had the free trial it got all the other stuff xoftspy didnt get (wich wasnt very much). one thing if any of you do get xoftspy be prepared for it to find betwean 100-1000 items on your computer the first time you run it (depends on what you use right now and where you go on the web)
  8. I haven't actually experienced that. There are plenty of good cleanup programs out there. Another one I use is C Cleaner:
    CCleaner - Home

    This primarily removes junk files that can clutter your PC. I have not found a program that you could run and not still have C Cleaner pull out more junk.
  9. I really hate those so called "store bought solutions"....(Norton, McAfee)

    I really think McAfee screws up your computer more ways than one, especially if you try to remove it and install something else antivirus wise.

    One idea is this:

    Free Virus Scan - Kaspersky Lab

    This does a good job of scanning, while it will not remove it will tell if there's a problem.

    Another is this:

    Antivirus Software - Eliminate viruses with ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security

    Smart Security does a good job on both the firewall/anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-phish side.

    And if your just about fed up with Windows and want to take the next bold step:

    Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu
  10. I used to know some guys who would send each other pranks like that.
  11. Hey, what about when you all of a sudden start hearing rap music or some other kind of music coming from your computer and you didnt do anything to start it? One time, I heard someone talking to themselves, you know, like when people are alone, and bored and waiting. That's what it sounded like. Once in a while these things happen, then I get a box come up that says my computer was being attacked. Another time, I kept hearing "Oh my (we'll leave it blank) go away!" several times within an hour! It sounded cartoonish.
    We have cleaned this computer up several times, many times having to manually delete certain things. Its calmed down since I got rid of Yahoo Messenger, though.
  12. Lol, that's creepy! Disembodied voices on computers...*looks over shoulder*. It's also kind of comical, too. How do people put voices on your computer? :D
  13. I am a big fan of freeware and open source programs and have had a great deal of success with those.:)
  14. Most likely an over powered CB radio or ham radio near you. They have been known to emit sounds (Voice communications) through TVs, radios, sterios, satilite dishes, computers even disconnected speakers and on rare occasion hanging cookware :D
    Freaked my wife out big time a few years back when she heard voices from the bedroom and went in to find it coming from the stereo stored in the closet.
    I've heard of it coming through computer speakers and vibrating a lazer mouse enough to bring a computer out of hybernation or standby. But not bring up windows though I wouldn't doubt it.
    I know that some wireless house phones when close to a wireless router will cause the puters to go wacky. Cost me over $200 to figure that one out :rolleyes:

  15. Sweet, are you running XP, 2000, Vista?
  16. Yup, believe I am running that.
  17. LOL - oh, bless your heart, Sweet. You sound like my Mom. :)

    Is your operating system Windows XP or Windows 2000 or Windows Vista?;)
  18. So, that was a trick question! Never to try and fool Mother Nature!!!

    I'm not really sure which one it is. How do I tell? Just be simple now. Tell me EXACTLY what to do.

    By the way, I've already done what someone said to do and it has been working fine. Thanx, Whirlwind. Sweets
  19. Usually when your PC is booting you will see a name XP, Vista. etc.
  20. Thanx, Bo. I saw dead people. :eek:

    Actually, I saw Vista. This is a new laptop, and my son put on it what he would want.

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