I Had A Dream.............

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  1. Last night, "I had a dream......."

    Any "Josephs" out there who interpret dreams??

    I was riding around the streets of Boston (a place I am not unfamiliar with, but am not intimately connected to) in an older Ford Mustang Convertible, with four new tires. It was very stiff handling with those new tires, so I had to really hang on to the steering wheel, since with new tires, the vehicle was tight and responsive.

    I had someone with me who I perceived to be a friend, but I didn't have a sense of a particular person (it was a guy) that I knew.

    The road (highways) were full of congestion from construction and workers, and I had to do some creative and careful driving to negotiate my way around them as they went on with their work.

    At some point, I stopped and parked the car in a section of Boston where there were lots of outdoor markets (like a strip mall) and went walking past many of them.

    I must've purchased a piece of clothing along the way, because I had a plastic bag with a T-Shirt in it, slung over my shoulder. At one point along the walk, a young fella perhaps in his mid-twenties, came along and took my bag, (I didn't resist, but I said to him, "Really?! For a T-Shirt?!") and then gave it back.

    As I negotiated the crowd thru that row of stores, I saw these men standing around, looking like Secret Service Agents. Not with sunglasses or ear phone; not talking into their sleeves; just perusing the crowd in a serious manner, as if they were under the instruction of another authority, watching all around me.

    "It's not like 'I' am the specific one that they are looking after," I thought to myself, but rather perhaps someone else." Yet I felt safe & protected.

    At one point, one of them, a slightly younger (mid-thirties perhaps) guy, was walking along side, and actively making my way easier to navigate. When I sat down on the grass at the edge of a road to rest, he sat there with me.

    When I awoke this morning, and considered the dream, (not placing a lot of stock in dreams, even knowing that sometimes in history, and perhaps even today, God Speaks to us thru dreams) I thought perhaps that my dream was due to a recent conversation I had had, (in here, perhaps?) about "Pilgrim's Progress." I also thought perhaps the dream was saying that Gods Angels are "given charge over" me/us, and I needed somehow to be reminded that thought the road is treacherous and challenging, God places Angels in our lives to walk among us, and watch over us, who answer to Him, for their duty.

    It was consoling to think that at the very least, God would bring to mind this morning, that fact. That He DOES have Angels living among us; that He DOES care for us; that nothing happens that God does not allow.

    Perhaps He was trying to tell me what He's been reminding me of all along.......to "trust" Him. That word "trust" again! It keeps popping up.
    That thru His Plan, thru His Sovereignty, I can rest in confidence and safety, in the shelter of His Oversight and Care.

    I COULD pay attention to my OWN desires, and yet God (like the many places in Scripture where we read "but God,".......those places where we are reminded that Gods Will WILL be done........is ever Vigilant, ever Watchful, and instructing his Angelic hosts with marching orders for his Beloved Church.

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  2. Thats interesting kinda like angels stationed amongst us to look out for us.
    They being secret agents meaning they undercover. They are making our paths straight even though the enemy is always putting obstacles in our way.
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  3. I have dreams too, not as much as I used to...but I have no idea how to interpret them...but the greatest interpeter is God.

    Just pray and ask for the meaning.
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  4. I believe you've answered your own dream. I have dreams all the time. I'll ask my son - he's good at this - and see what he says.
  5. This is from my wife:

    Tell him to pray to God for revelation. The 4 new tires are God imparting new gifts of the spirit. He needs maturing in them before operating on them. The guy with him in the car is the Holy Spirit being his witness, teaching and leading him. He has to submit to Him.

    The road obstacles are the trials, tests and temptations that come with this new anointing. God’s protection is revealed in the agents. With this new anointing also comes authority in Christ - the guy trying to get his bag.

    And finally God is saying "Find always rest and refuge in Me." But I still feel like he has to pray because I can interpret the dream or just spiritualize it.
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  6. It certainly could be God letting you know that we are not in full control of our own lives and that God will guide and watch over us.
    Thanks for sharing.
  7. Certainly throughout Scripture, "dreams" had been used by God to indicate His Will. I don't believe that God would NOT use "dreams" today, ........after all.........He's "God."

    That said, I'll say "thank you" to those who have contributed here. I am grateful for your input.

  8. As my wife and I have walked our journey, God has peppered our sleep with dreams. Some have been completely puzzling, others with great clarity.
    I take the attitude that 90% of dreams are like the parables used by Jesus. If Jesus taught in parables, then why would he not also give dreams as parables. If we look through scripture we can see that fact with great certainty, from Joseph's own dreams and his interpretations of other people's to Nebuchadnezzar etc.
    All are parables and the one thing about parables is that they need the Holy Spirit to comprehend them, otherwise human flesh just forces then into whatever advantageous mould that suits their imagination.

    So don't merely rack your brains for the answer, seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit because he promises it to all who ask in faith.
    1Cor214But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    And finally, get a dream book and start recording everything down and date them. When you look back later, you will see how important it is to heed what God is saying through dreams and other rhema words you receive from the Lord.
    Don't let the enemy snatch them away through unbelief, like most christians do.
  9. I want to share my dream I had it many months ago and the only one I really remember..and ask for your input.

    I dreamed Prince William visited me at my house. He had a jet plane and actually landed on a airstrip outside (there is no airstrip in reality!) I opened the back door and he was there. He grinned at me. I was surprised cos I was wondering...where's Kate? Where's George? this dream I had before Charlotte was born..
    He gave me a torch, it was like one of those everyday battery ones I already have. I put it in the kitchen cupboard where we keep the torches. Then he shook my hand, and left. I remember he was wearing blue.

    Fyi, I dont fantasise about marrying prince william. Lol. Hes married. Also, dont know why its William and not Harry. Anyway. This dream was before Prince Harry visited nz anyway. But of course he never met me. But I have seen his dad, who they drove through town and waved at us from his car.
  10. I am puzzled about this dream. Someone said to me Prince william represented Jesus as the prince of peace, that his torch was like my love for him.

    Or maybe its his love for me. Being kept in the cupboard. He hasnt returned...so I dont know if he just borrowed the torch off me or He was giving me his torch. Who knows?? Or maybe he didnt want my torch, after all, hes already married.

    And I notice he didnt take me in his private jet. Hmm. Maybe he gives torches to everyone.,Im sure other ppl dream about him, Im not the only one. I was surprised that he came right to my door though. I didnt have to go and see him.
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    Just my random thoughts...

    Ford mustang = beast of a car
    New tyres = new and improved beast
    Stiff handling = unable to use beast properly / or cautious with new upgrades
    Creative driving through traffic = wield beast with skill / hints at beast being your knowledge of God / the bible
    Guy with you in the car = not in control but there = Holy Spirit or someone who supports you spiritually
    Robbery of T shirt and reaction = shows you are realistic / down to earth / have common sense
    Secret agent men = you were not one of them, you were not talking to them, you did not know them
    Feeling safe and protected = Gods presence in the midst of uncertainty = they were angels

    What this all tells me is that you are close to God, you are like a ferocious beast with your knowledge of the word, you know how to wield the word of God, you are down to earth and realistic.....you just lack trust even though you know His presence.

    God is saying you are doing well in all avenues but one, trusting He is in full control. (As you said).
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    I don't see how a Christians dream can be anything but some kind of message / nice thought / experience from God.
  13. Sorry i can make a new thread if ppl,dont want to interpret my dream....

    I was kinda hoping for some input.
  14. If a dream is from the Lord, then we need to treat it like Jesus told the disciples after the parable of the sower.

    Mark4v13Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t you understand this parable? How then will you understand any parable?
    14The farmer sows the word. 15Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them. 16Others, like seed sown on rocky places, hear the word and at once receive it with joy. 17But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 18Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; 19but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful. 20Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

    If the meaning isn't clear, this is how I start to tackle my own dreams. Everything must be done prayerfully and in a place of surrender to the Lord. There are countless dream interpreters out there and many of them New Agers. Pride can make dreams say all sorts of garbage.

    Looking at your dream, there are various bits we can separate out.

    1)Prince William, wearing blue, -grinning

    2)Jet plane, -directly outside your house.

    3)Torch, -placed in cupboard along with other torches.

    4)Shakes hand and departs.

    1) Prince William
    Most likely represents royalty, but whose Kingdom does he represent. He is English heir to the throne, is that significant?
    Could he represent a messenger from Jesus?
    Could the message have an English connection, if not then why not just send any old pilot?
    He smiles and shakes your hand, therefore is not angry or cross, but nevertheless came directly for you personally.

    2) Jet plane. Came not from earth, but the sky/heavenly realm, specifically and personally to your door, therefore the message is yours and not for general distribution.

    3) Torch. These often represent anointings. Interestingly, you just stick it in the cupboard, where there are already several torches stored.
    "The gifts and callings of God are without repentance", so these anointings are already given but just stuck in a cupboard and ignored. Why?

    All I have done is look at it the way I look at my own dreams. I did it so you could see my method, but I am not the messenger just an outsider casting my thoughts.
    You now need to go away and consider this prayerfully. Feel free to reject it, or to ask me further.
    Francis D
  15. ok thanks.
    well the cupboard where all the torches kept, we do use them.
    obviously...only at night. We don't keep torches on in the day...and they have fresh batteries. Maybe its about being prepared? I haven't had any related dream to this one.
    But, it was so vivid. Also I felt special that Prince William was visiting me, personally, although did wonder about his wife and children.

    apparently my other friends have dreams about him as well, so, it's not just me!
  16. Most dreams are just that, dreams. Nothing special. It's just what's in your sub-conscience made visual. There are some that make any dream "mean" something when it doesn't. There's even "christian" books on interpreting dreams and it's supposedly tells what each symbol or visual things in dreams mean. Those books remind me of Astrology, telling people about them by there birthday, height, or anything else. I'd be careful and not think to hard about what dreams mean.
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  17. Thus spake the man who dwelleth in the land of unbelief and who shuns revelatory dreams.

    Your cynical response is a bit like me declaring that having never personally visited China, such a place cannot possibly exist.
    No doubt many dreams are mere ramblings of the subconscious, but in completely dismissing dreams, you reject one of the ways that God speaks to his people from beginning to end of the bible and through to the present time. You have set yourself against the written promises of God.
    Acts2v17"'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

    The above promise will always be beyond your experience until you repent of unbelief and seek the Lord over this subject. Jesus made it clear that the choice to walk in unbelief always makes people blind to truth. That blindness is your choice.

    The fact that there are counterfeits around us certainly should indicate that the original also exists.
    Have you noticed that you never hear of any counterfeit $7 or £7 notes? No fool would make them for the simple reason that there are no $7 or £7 genuine bank notes. Fraudsters only counterfeit the genuine article. The same is true for all forms of God breathed revelation.

    Perhaps we should also apply your scare tactics to the bible, warning everyone to stop listening to all bible teachers. Everyone knows that there are false teachers out there and the best way to keep everyone safe is to stop all bible studies.
    There are also many false churches out there, so maybe we should tell people to stop going to church.

    Lastly, my wife and I have lived by dreams and visions. God has clearly directed our paths individually prior to meeting each other and jointly ever since.
    Some of the dreams are of great clarity and need no interpretation, others are parables just as I previously explained. I love the fact that God speaks in dreams today, it is so encouraging.
  18. God can do anything Like speak through dreams. My thing is don't go "looking" for meaning in every dream. If you do, you may be deceived by thinking it means something from God when it doesn't. Go with caution is all I'm saying. Just believing anything in dreams means something gives the devil an opportunity to deceive us.
  19. I definatly know the dream I had was a God dream cos it was something I'd been thinking on and praying about. (and puzzled about...God does sometimes keep things mystery or parable until can figure it out..that is exercising faith).
    I don't have any other dreams, so, not sure why some ppl wanna jump on something I post on a christian forum implying that it's not even from God. Encourage one another, not put people down.
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  20. Always try to encourage but also cautioning someone isn't putting them down. Cautioning is done in love so they won't be deceived, if any deceiver is there.

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