I finally went to confession! Here's what happened...

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  1. It was tough and it took me a long time but I finally did it: I went to confession last Friday!

    I'm glad I did it but it wasn't easy. I believe the enemy did whatever he could to prevent it: I felt physically sick before, the church was closed and I had to find another confessor and I was literally trembling with all the anxiety.

    But I did it, I most definitely did it and it was a good, honest confession! :)

    The priest was wonderful and extremely patient and understanding. He was extremely shrewd, as well: he said that I was going to start a whole new life and he was absolutely right, he knew I was being sincere. God bless him!

    And here's a strange fact: I felt different after this and not just spiritually or mentally, it's almost physical. I feel 'lighter' and 'emptier' but not in a negative way, it's almost like something inside of me has left. I can't really describe it.

    A final question: do Protestants also confess before a priest or is it just Catholics?
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  2. With regard to your "final question," .........Protestants Confess their sins to one another (if they are Biblical) and to God. They are to be open books, in the "family of God;" honest and contrite, humble and loving; ready to forgive even before the offense, and not bearing grudges.

    That's in a perfect world, of course, and we don't live in a "perfect world," as you know.

    Here's a fact that will interest many of you........I was born and raised Protestant, and around about 1990 I was beginning a journey that would take me INTO the RCC and back again.

    I was Confirmed thru the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program at a local Catholic Parish, and was a practicing Roman Catholic for many years, until the Lord drew me out and brought me back to Evangelical Protestantism.

    So.......I know both worlds...........very well. I am a person who studies intensely, and dots all my "I's" and crosses all my "T's." So it would be true to say that I have a strong working knowledge on a personal level, of both worlds.

    First off, I fully "get" the release of burden that comes when we are able to confess our sin, and seek (truly and deeply) the Lord's Help in our Transformation from that sin, to the holiness that only He can give, in Forgiveness and Regeneration. It is felt in both communities (the RCC and the Protestant ranks) because "God" is the one and only True God.

    What you do with that newness and light-heart now, is the issue. How you set your mind to service and the "new man" (washed and clean) is the task at hand.

    I will pray that this refreshment that you feel, and have experienced, will not be wasted by you. Take full advantage of the opportunity to be in the Word (Bible) and studying for yourself, (under the instruction of trusted Bible Scholars if you can). Set aside a personal time of prayer (even short ones) in which you speak to God with your heart about what you are facing and seeking His help.

    A great prayer acronym to use is:


    A - Adoration (speaking to God in worshipful terms)
    C - Confession (being totally honest with Him)
    T - Thanksgiving (pay tribute to Him, for known Blessings)
    S - Supplication (our needs laid at His feet)

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  3. This is what I was taught and what I teach new believers. Thanks for sharing it, here!
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  4. The word of God teaches us to confess our sins to God. Jesus Christ is our mediator. God also teaches us that we need to confess one to another as necessary for openness and accountability, but we need to make sure we are sharing our faults with trustworthy sisters or brothers in Christ.

    There is no instruction regarding confession to any person in lieu of Jesus Christ, and there is no mention of a position or role of priest in the Body of Christ. We are all priests because of Jesus.
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  5. Very interesting, I didn't know that.

    Confession is a great blessing from God but I guess it's useless if you don't act accordingly afterwards. If you commit the same sins again and don't truly repent, you will not be forgiven.
  6. We are forgiven of all our sins whenever we repent, and have a contrite heart. That some sins are repeated doesn't negate the forgiveness we are granted, for it reveals the old man within. God wants to help us overcome repetitive sins, that can become a spiritual stronghold in our lives, and limit our spiritual growth.
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  7. Scripture teaches that there is only ONE mediator. No need to confess sins to a man, no need for man to help you confess.

    The Mass is blasphemy, because it says the Atonement was not good enough and that a re sacrifice is required.

    1Ti_2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    Heb_8:6 But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises.
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  8. Greetings:
    Bishops organize your spiritual life.Sin is spiritual too,let them organize it out of your life,not letting it jump to another docket.
  9. I just wanted to say....great job! You didn't allow the devil to keep you from doing what you knew you needed to do. So keep your feet walking in God's directed path for you. Hang onto that new man with all your might, and allow God's Word to work within you, transforming you into a person who is always the new man. Allow yourself to keep ahold of your forgiveness. And your right standing with God. God desires for you to be free of sin, and what you have done by going to confession is to open the door to God, and allowing Him to work more in your life. Keep the door to God open and flowing.
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  10. Love this bit, for sure.
    Hope you will not mind, but my facebook will benefit with such a post.
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  11. Confession = hate what is evil = repentance = Christianity 101. If anyone truly repents, their love for God is genuine Rom 12:9 and God will definitely be paying a visit / giving a hug.
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  12. Good for you flavio.
    Well, non catholic christians usually just confess to God. Thats what I do, and pray. If we need to tell someone else its usually a trusted elder. Jesus is our intercessor, so theres no fear in boldly going to the throne of grace.
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  13. Jesus says to lay your burdens down on him as his yoke is easy and light (a paraphrase) and he is our high priest.
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  14. My understanding is that some Anglicans do exercise this sacrament of penance. Orthodox Christians do as well, though they aren't Protestants themselves.

    That's good though. Confession can be a very intimidating act because it actually means saying out loud the very things that you regret and are sorry for. It's tough because it can be very awkward and embarrassing telling someone else those things that you wish you had never done. However, despite it's awkwardness and difficulty, it is a beautiful sacrament because it is a statement of God's mercy and forgiveness.

    We're all called to be honest, recognize our faults, and be sorry for those sins we commit. A good confession is when the penitent is truly sorry and admits everything he can with total honesty, just like when a child goes to his parents and is really sorry for having disappointed them, not because he got busted, but because he loves his parents and knows he needs to obey them, because he loves them. That's what a true confession is.

    It's not uncommon to have a feeling of weightlessness or a burden lifted from you. I go to confession every few weeks (whether it be a general confession or something very boring like thinking unfair thoughts about someone, or if I've done something that may have especially offended God). Sometimes that feeling takes place, and sometimes it doesn't. But no matter the feeling or lack their of, the important thing is knowing God's forgiveness and mercy exists, and it's all because of His love for us.

    Keep it up, and my recommendation is to go regularly. Even confess the very little things that most anyone wouldn't even notice but you still do. You can't tell God enough how much you wish to do His will and want to be holy.
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  15. Oh, and I also agree with everyone else who says we should confess our sins to God. While we believe as Catholics that that is the point of the sacrament of confession, I know they also mean even outside of the confessional. I highly recommend both because God hears us.
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  16. The point is that the confessional is unnecessary.
  17. I wouldn't agree with that, but I think we all understand the mercy God has on those who are sorrowful. This is a blessing.
  18. I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble here, but even MARTIN LUTHER himself, after he came out of the RCC, still had a deep love and devotion to Mary, and believed and practiced the Eucharistic Sacrament.

    Heaven is sure going to be an interesting blend of the Redeemed!!

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  19. For some people, it takes time to shed patterns of behaviour and false beliefs.
  20. Eek. Guys, this thread isn't meant to go into this direction. The thread is being watched.

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