I Feel The Realtionship Between Us Will Never Be The Same Now

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  1. ok here it is. first my mom never hits me. me and my bother got into a fight at mcdonalds we threw ketchup on each other.im older im 15 he is 13. i got some ketchup on some woman clothes and my mom had to reinburst 45 dollars for the damage. my mom freak out on me told me i was a immature baby and my brother to in front of people in mcdonlads. Leaving mcdonalds she told us that she should get us some pacifers and some pampers and a playpen. people were looking at me. like she was right. she took away my x box and games and i pod i cant go out on weekends now. on the car ride home she is yelling at us telling us when she goes to wallmart she should buy us a cribs and rattles

    Can i turn her into CPS for abuse saying those things to me? isnt it slander or something saying lies about someone. saying i need pampers and making me look bad in public. just to scare her and For the record he started it my brother not me. its not fair now she is not going to let me take drivers ed in school. she told me that im to imature to drive that babies dont get to do grown up things. she saying all these mean things to me. I have a right to drive? cant they make her a better mom or something. this suxs so bad wut she did to me.
  2. I am sorry you are upset and hurting. Having fun is all great but not at others' expense and it seems to me that your mom was embarrassed. You know what it is like to be embarrassed in public because she did the same in return. Calling CPS "to warn her" will not result in a warning for her. It may start in motion a wheel you cannot stop and result in something much worse happening to your whole family. The State will take steps that you may not really want. I, for one, don't like to see someone hurt but the best way you can move past this is to prove to her how mature you really are by forgiving her and apologize for your part in the whole situation. Just my thoughts...
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  3. grace,
    MY MOM JUST DIDNT CALL ME A BABY BUT TOLD ME I BELONG IN PAMPERS AGAIN look people heard her call me a baby in mcdonalds and tell me that she was going to get me diapers and a crib for what i did. i have witnessess dont you think that would help with soical servcies. its not fair it was only ketchup the people in front of us were old like in 60s they wouldnt even know it was on there clothes if my mom didnt say anything.no one got hurt. i dont want to sound like a whinny baby cause im not . she had to pay 45 bucks for the clothes i ruined but that was her choice. what gets me NO OTHER MOM WOULD TELL ME THAT I SHOULD BE IN DIAPERS AND NEED A BOTTLE ONLY MINE DOES THAT. thats how un cool she is.. IT WAS ONLY MCDONALDS NO PLACE FANCY AND IT WAS KETCHUP. her telling everyone im a baby and stuff was foul and abunch of lies. like i said she took away my x box and games and I pod. she wont let me take drivers ed in school saying im to immature to drive.
    on the car ride home she is screaming and me and my brother. telling us we made her look bad as a parent that we behaved like a bunch of toddlers. when i try to tell her that is was my brother fault not mine. she told me i was to blame as well
  4. First, let me echo CBG by saying that getting Social Services involved may get you far more than you bargained for - in the negative sense, I mean. Maybe you get lucky and get someone with great wisdom and discernment who can bring some calm resolution to this situation. More than likely you get someone who is overworked, harried, and on a mission driven by values which may be quite different from yours or those of your family. Yes, your mother overreacted and said some things she probably shouldn't have, but calling social services to "scare" her is also overreacting, and is the same kind of response you are mad at your mother for. You want to humiliate and embarrass her, like she did you, so you are basically seeking what amounts to revenge rather than resolution.

    Now, let's talk about maturity and responsibility. You damaged someone's clothes, period. It doesn't matter that they were "old" and that they wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't been told (though I'm sure they would have noticed later on). The simple fact is that their clothes were damaged as a result of your actions and those of your brother. Your mother did the right thing in taking responsibility for her children's actions and compensating them for the damage you caused. The fact that it took place in McDonald's is irrelevant, the damage is the same. The fact that it was ketchup is relevant, since ketchup stains are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. And, since you don't like being embarrassed in public, should these "old" people have to be embarrassed in public by wearing stained clothes? But all of these arguments about the damage being to "old" people who wouldn't have noticed and it happening in a McD's an not some fancy place and your brother started it are all attempts to avoid blame and responsibility. A mature person accepts responsibility.

    Here is the mature course of action I recommend for you: apologise to your mother for embarrassing her and offer to repay the $45.00. Maybe talk it over with your brother and see if you can get him to agree to pay half, since he was involved in the situation, though I would expect that he will try to make excuses for his part. Talk to your mother calmly about what you need to do to get your xbox and ipod back and to be allowed to take driver's ed. In the future, behave in a more considerate way in public (and in private, for that matter), being more aware of how your behavior may affect others.

    I'm not defending your mother's words or disciplinary measures, mind you, but since she isn't here, I can only adress what you can do to move forward.
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  5. Well I'll go way out on my own here...if I must. Reading your posts and taking them at face value shows that you are every bit the immature person your Mom laments that you are. But.....She obviously loves you and cares for you.
    Me,......I'd probably just dump you at the first available lamp post. Your thinking is all wrong here. You do not have the right to drive a car... it is a privilege and until you realize that, I think I'd feel safer flying a helicopter than sharing the road with an emotionally out of control person who thinks he has a God given right to use a public thoroughfare. You're upset at being made feel/look bad in public? How have you made your Mom feel? Did she say with unbridled pride..."this my son, isn't he good?, I'm just so proud of him.'
    Apart from your younger brother, who started hostilities you or your Mom? hint... who thew the ketchup?
    Ben, you need to 'man up' I can remember being around your age and I gave my mom hell, until one day she took a strap to me and I just stood there and laughed. It was then that I began to grow up.. If she could not hurt me, I was obviously too 'grown up' to continue being disobedient...but that was me. You need to outgrow your childishness and prepare for manhood and from reading your post, you are headed the wrong way. You might tell your Mom you are sorry for embarrassing her too....if indeed you are.
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