I dont know if my life will ever start

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  1. I talked to my mom about the money situation. I thought I'd be able to get help from my brother and keep a check ....but my brother gives all his money away to the church and is selfish

    So I have to give my checks away....

    Also my snake of an aunt I work for was talking to my mom about how no one helping her is basically her fault... And I'm like I can't help because our checks are being held up bc u fooled around with incompetent admins... I can't believe she'd say something like that....

    When I've always helped my mom..even in college I would give her half of my refund

    My family is full of snakes...can't trust not one.. I hate them all.

    Anywho, my mom did say since I'm the only one helping and have to give up both of my checks and take out a loan... My bro and my dad are gonna be getting kicked out.


    its crazy how the women in my family are strong asf and the men just worthless...

    I sincerely hope my mom follows through and kicks them out its not fair for me to give up both my checks I worked hard for...and they still stay..

    . I need to save for tuition,get glasses, wanted to get my own car but I'm trapped because my stupid brother and father won't help,,,

    I just feel like a work horse and my life is going no where....

    What do I do? I sincerely just want to give up... One job is pretty labourous.. I'm a housekeeper and it really sucks to just give that check away because I really worked hard for it. I feel like I won't be able to go back to school because I can never save for tuition .... I won't be able to get the car because ...

    I'm getting a loan out for my mom and the interest rate is high. I really just want to give up because I can never get from up under .... I can't save I can't do anything,..

    My mom says she not taking care of grown folks,.,but I'm giving all my checks away and taking out a loan.... And I can't start my life if I'm still putting into yours...

    Idk I'm thinking of getting a third job....as if that'll help,..

    She'll just need more money and ill be 30 years old..at home with no savings then ill get kicked out ....

    Ill Defintely kill myself before then.
  2. Keep trusting the Lord... he has your back and we will keep you lifted up in prayer

    Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT)
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
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  3. My dad kicked me out when my cat accidentally scratched my nephew. I had to be gone that night, so I packed what I could and I needed an emergency place to stay for a while. I called my sister's friend and asked him if I could stay there until I got everything in order. He picked me and my cat up that night.
    It took a while for me to heal from that because I had dealt with my dad's anger my whole life. He just wasn't getting any better and I couldn't stay with him anymore. My dad is a Christian (but wasn't for a time during my childhood), and he and I are on the same page when it comes to God and His ways.

    My dad and I attend church (Elim), we used to go to the one where I grew up in, but I stopped going when I was still living with him. I knew something wasn't right and I wasn't getting what I needed from there anymore, nor was there any real fellowshipping. Plus quite unloving to those outside the faith. Just so many ongoing reasons. After a couple years my dad had enough as well and found them also to be unloving and left. We didn't go to church for quite some time after that, but we both were still seeking God during that time. After a lot of time, my dad and I decided to seach again for a church and found Elim.

    What I'm trying to get at is even though my dad and I can't live together, we are still on the same page spiritually concerning the things of God. We aren't perfect and we mutually know our own limitations to stress. All that matters is that my dad is a child of God, a follower, and believer.

    I don't know much at all about your situation (only what you have given) or those you live with, but God knows their heart and yours. Keep praying about this, let God hear how this bothers you so. He's there to listen and answer you, so long as it is in Jesus' name. I hope and pray that my experience helps and encourages you. Trust me, I know how hard it is for you under those circumstances. Lean on God for His strength!
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  4. Yeah ill pour out my heart Defintely.
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  5. I know how it is to be trapped by circumstances created by others. Been there. Sounds like you have several family members who need to grow up, (including your mom). When we raise our children, we do the best we can to teach them to stand on their own, and take care of themselves. Some people just never take responsibility & do it... because they've always depended on others to do it. When our children mess up, we still love them, but sometimes, in order to help them, we have to use a sort of tough love. We have to step back and allow them to either sink or swim on their own.. so they can learn that they can do it. This also applies to other people in our lives, (and also to ourselves). We have to allow them, or ourselves, to live life. If any relationship is abusive, or negative to the extent that it restricts us from being who God intends for us to be... or is coming between us & God, then it's not spiritually, emotionally, or physically healthy. No one can change another person, but we can change ourselves. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from others to either help them, help us, or both. I don't know details of your situation, but God does. Maybe you could pray about it & see if maybe He's pushing you to go out on your own, (so your family will grow up)? Move out, roommate with someone, save that college money. And maybe not keep on enabling your family to be so dependant on you.
    I apologise if this sounds harsh or out of line... but it's exactly what I've had to do myself. (I moved 400 miles away from mine.) If you don't stop this cycle, it probably won't just go away. It hasn't yet.
    I will keep you in my prayers. But at some point, you will have to love yourself, and take care of you.
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  6. I agree that the cycle won't stop... If my mom doesn't put out my bro if he doesn't contribute after I gave up all my checks..I'm looking for another place to go.

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