I did it again

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  1. Well I did it again I make it a point to go through my husbands facebook because its not trusting God this morning I woke up hearing what I thought was his facebook message bling it wasn't to my surprise but my hands where on his computer and of course every time in the past I have snooped I have always found something he has checked out two girls profiles I know this because its in the search bar above the girls name shows he says no every time I ask so I didn't ask this time I know in my search when I search for anyone that person shows up but he denies and denies not counting the game girls on line poking him this really bothers me but its in Gods hands I just messed up because I been asking God to let me catch him red handed so there is no lies... we are going through more then this I have previous posted in other threads so the lies is not from facebook its other I should not have to feel insecure in my marriage
  2. Psalm511 i think maybe you just have to be honest with yourself and your marriage or bondage as it seems to me, hes lost his first love, you.

    Maybe its just trusting God is going to work out something and to just trust Him rather than worry about it and be suspicious all the time..it may take time.

    IDK, chin up sister you can always chat here. Do you and your husband share a computer or you have separate ones? Do you have separate facebook accounts? I dont do FB myself, its way to much hassle and whenever I hear of FB dramas I roll my eyes, just cancel the darned thing.
  3. Uber insecurity will only push him away. Surrender to God. Focus on God. Live for God. Praying you catch your husband in sin???!! Wow! Why don't you pray for your insecurity and for his love for God? If YOU don't change, you're going to lose him. Period.
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