I cried out didn't you hear me?

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  1. I cried out didn't you hear me?


    I cried out didn't you hear me?
    Can't you see I'm all broken up,
    My life is all but gone,
    Where do I go from here?
    This heart of mine has been torn,
    My soul has seen my emptyness,
    The pain I've been thro searches for you,
    My eyes can't see you anymore,
    Lord is that you in the distance
    With a tear in your eye?
    You saw what I as like,
    Is that you calling Lord?
    You can see that I try,
    Lord you saw how I was,
    My heart was empty,
    I was so blind
    Not to see that you are sublime,
    Come Lord, let us fly
    Together on high,
    Fill my heart once more,
    Let me hold you as we soar.

    written by Ramon 29/12/09

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