I cant believe I used to watch/read that Oo

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  1. I cant believe I used to watch/read that Oo

    About 8 minutes ago I just finished watching the new Hellsing :ultimate volume 3 on starz, and I could not believe that I actually liked this at one time. I had an epiphany on Christmas eve which has made me a better person. Before I had that epiphany I watched Hellsing: Ultimate volumes 1 and 2 earlier that year and I read up to book 7 in the series. Anyways there is excessive Violence, gore, Profanity and other rubbish [original word used was replaced with the word rubbish by mod] in it. The story is about a Vampire hunter who is a vampire named Alucard, who has another vampire seres Victoria who helps him, Which they work with the Protestant church to fight vampires. Well I realized things about prior episodes after watching this, and the book/manga.

    On the first Volume after Alucard gets seres they go on a mission which at one Point Father Anderson, who is a secret weapon of the Roman Catholic church. Is sent after them, but the way they set it up it makes the Catholic church look like bad guys which I don't like. Well to make it short and not go on and on, they basically try to make you think that you need evil to fight evil which is wrong. :mad:
  2. most writers are not saved thats why it,s the same boring story in diffrent formats over and over again.called brainwashing from the evil spirit.if people don,t believe in spiritual matters just watch hollywood format,vs bible text.gets a bit boring and sad that satan has one message and bangs on all the time.:(
  3. Well, I don't know what people expect. The world is the world - there's going to be violence and wrong messages in basically everything these days.

    I read things and watch T.V., like I watched Paranormal State from A&E. Same blah. They're all just demons, taking on the form of "dead" people. Thank goodness, though, that Paranormal State is about HELPING people, not just walking around, saying, "OH MY GOSH! RUN, RUN!" [scary music playing in the background plus added effects to make the melodramatic scene more interesting]
  4. I was just out shopping and promised myself that I would get myself a reward for working hard lately.

    In one store, I saw Resident Evil 4 - the video game for PC.


    I used to love this game!!! I snatched up the box and started reading. It brought back so many fond memories of conspiracies and zombies and genetically altered mutants with inhuman powers. Fighting my way through underground laboratories and such.

    I wanted this game! I wanted this game! I wanted this game!

    Instead, I wound up buying myself an electronic dictionary.:rolleyes:

    The name "Resident Evil" said enough to me. And I've grown out of that, much like you've grown out of your movie, my friend.

    Christ guides us in steps in the dark. With each step, we grow. It's comfortable knowing that I won't spend the next two weeks solid at this laptop fighting zombies.:eek:

    I know where you're coming from. Just came from there myself, hee hee.:p
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    I know what you mean about Resident evil 4. The other day I was browsing through g-4 on Demand in the section game classics. When I was looking I saw Resident Evil 4: Town Chief. I was like oooouuu I want to play this again. Yet after I watched it and saw Leon fight the towns chief and how Violent it was, I thought uhhhh nevermind.
  6. I like the puzzles and gathering things required to go on to the next level or open the hidden doors. Yet, the other day I was screaming - actually screaming! - when I was playing Rayman Rabbids and I finally got through a race track that has been blocking my way for like two weeks. My heart was pounding and I was sweating. It's amazing how games can pull you in.

    When I devoted my life to Christ, I felt bad about my Dean Koontz books. His new one came out then, The Taking, and I read it anyway. It was absorbing! It started raining the night I started reading it by the window. The creepies were in full-throttle.

    But the book had a message in it, believe it or not. Aliens, monsters, strange rain, zombies, all of that were in the book. But The Taking said something about the bible and our love for God. The ones that are Taken appear to be in big trouble in this story.

    Right now I'm reading The Servants of Twilight again by Dean Koontz. It's fascinating how deceiving the antichrist is in this story.

    I opened my electronic bible last night - I'm in a motel room now in Portland (I love this feeling - getting a new toy and staying in a motel:p far from home). It has games on it, a thesaurus, conversions, carb counter, hotel numbers, a backlight, schedulers, reminders, the works. I'm going to enjoy this little toy more than I would Resident Evil 4.

    Besides - I bought Silent Hill 4 on DVDROM a while back and it scared me silly. So much that I couldn't even finish the game. It was too creepy playing it at home at night with nobody around. I got a big 4-bedroom house, too...so every now and then I'd tip-toe room to room checking to make sure there was nobody home, hah!

    You know - you should come up with a Christian game. With all the flavors and thrills of the ordinary games...but Christian-based. I'd buy it up in a heartbeat.


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