I Believe In Every Promise God Give Us, Do You?

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Why do we always find time to do a lot of things and so difficult to spent time with God?

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  1. Because we are creatures of habits

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  2. We get distracted with many activities

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  1. I never knew how powerful was the word of God until I started a relation with him, when I was younger I used to see the bible just like another story teller book, and I was fascinated about all the things I read. Now for me is treasure, it lift me up and I believe every single word has a power in us. One of my favorite books in the Old Testament is the Psalms, I am confident that by speaking those words they come to pass in my life and I think every Christian should recognize that, it takes time but we just need to ask God to open out hearts and mind so we can understand what he is trying to say through his living word.
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  2. Hi and welcome

    Yes we must believe in every promise / scripture God gave us. The whole bible is the truth / word of God that is with Him / He abides by.

    The thing is...many distort His promises to suit their selfish / prideful lives :(.
  3. Pretty amazing Statement there KingJ.

    First, what are those promises? We are told all the promises are Yea!!! that must means lots of them. We are also told to only follow after those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. So it must take faith, and it must take waiting to see some of those promises come to pass.

    I think we both understand anyone using the Word of God for selfish gain and to trick people, God is not actually involved and performing the promises for them. What they get is on their own and there will be sorrow added to it.
    It just may appear to others Our Father is involved, when He has nothing to do with it.

    So I wonder though................................

    I do run into the Prosperity bunch, the healing bunch and God wants to heal all pets in the World bunch. Should I be more concerned about them folks, or the folks that believe the only promise they can count on is to be saved and wait around on Earth until they get to be with the Lord?
  4. Hello and welcome
  5. Hello and welcome Yesenia, I'm glad you decided to join us.

    Yes, reading The Word Of God(YHWH), I know whence you speak of. I to read the scriptures aloud. I feel that hearing them does make a difference. I'm a firm believer that words carry power, like how The Word, Messiah Jesus, used them to bring all things into existence.

    I also am very, very careful how I use words. I used to be very sarcastic. Something I've been working on for many years. I would even go as far as covering my mouth with my hand to stop utterance that I knew to be unfruitful. I know, it sounds a little silly, but for me, it's what helped me think first, then choose to speak, or not to speak, or to change my words to be fruitful with them.

    Often times people around me ask, why are you so quiet? I tell them, I try my best only to speak when I have something good to say, and sometimes I say, everyone else was talking enough. See, I'm still working on the sarcasm bit. ;/
  6. God is not a liar, so we can certainly hold onto all the promises. But God dealing with man on a promise basis is more OT. We have moved on. It's like holding my wife to the promise of a clean kitchen and washing :p. If my wife is not my servant I can expect many more promises from her, but dare I demand or test her on any! It shows disrespect. Its the same with God in the NT.

    Well promises were given to the Jews because the Jews were in the will of God. As Christians....Christianity 101 = complete submission to the will of God. So a Christian is now also in the will of God, hence anything they ask they should get or a pretty good explanation of why not. The thing is many do simply not know the first thing about humility, complete submission to and trusting in God to provide daily food. They are driven by greed and pride, they want retirement plus benefits today! No such thing as truly living by faith. Proverbs 30:8 is for the wise.

    ROFL to the underlined.
  7. ummm...... You quote (Prov 30:8) but then talk about living by faith.

    Two things have I required of thee; deny me them not before I die: Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.
    (Pro 30:7-9)

    Is Agur in faith? It is certain he does not trust himself with wealth and certainly does not want to starve. Did he cap the Lord though?
    Paul said if we judge ourselves, then we will not be Judged. Wisdom tells us we can't handle that or need that. Do I really need a new Bass Boat that might make me want to skip Church on Sunday to go fishing?

    I have found the ability to buy something does not dictate you should have it.

    Just the other day the wife and I were talking. She picked up hours at the Olive Garden to make some money as a server. She said to me, "I would just like at least 20 to put gas in the car."

    Well, her first table left her 16.00 tip and the second table left over 5.00 tip. She got her 20.00 very quickly. The rest of the night people only tipped about 8% or lower and she worked hard for these cheap skates.

    When I picked her up from work she was in one of those bad moods. She thought with the great start she had gotten, that the Lord was going to pour out the blessing. for 8 hours of work, she made 50.00 all day.

    So I am listing to her Woe's and how these people were just horrible tippers. She said the other severs were complaining also. (Not good to ever complain about anything) ..

    Suddenly the Lord spoke to me (Not a voice but inside) The Lord said, "Ask your wife why she is complaining, she made the 20.00 she spoke and believed for and I gave her extra."

    I had forgotten her comment early that morning. I told her what the Lord said and she got real mad for saying something so stupid. So she goes into this prayer thing about being a Daughter of God and she will watch her words. She knew...........

    The next day (yesterday to be exact) Before she went to work I told her to let me agree with her on what she will make. I picked 100.00 in 4 hours. I told her it was a done deal and just thank God for that the rest of the day.

    I picked her up and asked her what she made, she told me only 86.00. I told her that can't be possible because we agreed the Lord would give you 100.00. She said all she made in tips was 86.00..............

    ummmm. If two touch and agree on anything it shall be done. (Matt 18) Can't be only 86.00. When I get faith failures, it's time to talk to God about that. I just don't let those things slide until I get an answer because I know the Word of God is right and it's me that needs corrected when things don't work.

    Then the wife said she has a praise report. She said some people at work want her book marks. She then told me that they gave her money to make them and it was over 20.00.

    sigh......................... after figuring her cost to make them and the couple dollars she would get as extra, she made exactly 100.00 at work.

    Never settle for less than what you see in the Word. Be like Joshua when even a little happens out of line with what God said. With Joshua, it was a full stop until he found out what happened.

  8. You have lost me. How is trusting God to give daily food not walking by faith? and more so then a request for riches...?
  9. That is a good question............... I have no idea, I am lost also. I think the point is that the scripture says make not haste to get rich (Prov somewhere) We walk our path a step at a time and the next provision is not always clearly seen around the bend. God just does not lay on us everything at once so that we can retire and not worry about that faith in him stuff. I think that is what I was trying to say. Sorry if it got convoluted. I am not against prosperity and God bringing into our hands wealth, but you find God's way that no matter how much wealth there is room to keep believing and giving on higher and higher levels. I hope that sounded right.
  10. Well said MichaelH. you see from Scripture that the only time God ever said anything about someone not having riches was when Balaam was eager to be rich quick and in the Proverbs where it says it is a sin to want to rich quick and when Jesus told the one rich man (as opposed to Joseph of Arimathea, Zaccheus and all the other wealthy and rich people that ministered to Him of their substance that by not telling them to get rid of their riches He was telling them it was good for them to have riches) to sell what he had and give that money to the poor (because Gal 6:7 that you reap exactly what you sow; sow money reap money) (because Jesus had told him to follow Him, and someone trying to do things their own way vs walking in the Kingdom of God (which are God's WAYS, not where He lives (that is called the Kingdom of HEAVEN)) is not going to be able to follow Him like the 12 and the 70 were.

    Riches are always God's way for His people, Psalm 112 says riches and wealth shall be in his home, referring to the man who is blessed, because he delights greatly in God's commands/commandments. This is aside from the Blessing of the Lord which maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow (toil) with it (Proverbs 10:22).
  11. And further to the point, we are supposed to be imitators of God as dear children (do with their parents). My son always does what I do and says what I say. Just the way Jesus did and said what the Father did and said. When I see God create the worlds and everything with His words, so shall I, doing Joshua 1:8 and Proverbs 18:21 and Romans 10. Blessing and cursing are also in the tongue, linking Prov 18:21 with Deut 30:19. Notice that they are in the Believer's tongue, not God's tongue - we cannot leave up to God what He has already left up to us; to do, to have, to say.
  12. Well, there is your spiritual law, now to change whats in abundance in the heart. Without taking the time to set measure to that which shall be measured back to you and more given, then the Law can work against you. Even with horrifying results.

    How many answers to unsolvable issues is really a deficiency of meditation in the Word and bringing our tongue into subjection by replacing the Unbelief in our heart. For when we start to choose what God did, then the rudder starts to turn the ship around.

    For many say the Word of God is good, but have no concept that it's not only good, but Eternal and alive. If Jesus said nothing by any means shall hurt you, then that is more true than any weapon formed. The Word said it, then it's a eternal truth that can change physical facts, no need to speak different.

    Now just trying to get that concept over.

  13. Preach it brother! Amen! :)

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