I am still here. Thanks be to God!

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  1. When I was 51 years old I was diagnosed with cancer and without going into details I can share that I had three small tumors about the size of nickles or peas removed from my body. One was not discovered until the surgery itself because it did not show up on an x-ray. Anyway, this was followed by six months of chemotherapy because my lymph nodes were involved. The doctors did not offer longevity as a hope sharing that at the most I might (yes, only might) have 2 years or maybe 5 and rarely 10 to go. During the chemo and recovery I found that God and I grew much closer and I felt his love abundantly in various ways. btw, I did not lose my hair nor my appetite. There was a slowly down, days of distress and much tiredness, but also times of prayer, some fellowship, even serving at church, and a growing sense of renewed direction.

    After chemo I went back to college and took advanced courses in order to be able to teach part time. And after a year I got a part-time job of teaching mainly military at their post through a university program. History. Did this for some years before retiring and still marvel at how God used me and led me into unexpected challenges in all of this. Prior to my cancer and recovery I had been involved and in leadership in more than one local organization mainly in the church I attended as well as non-denominational Christian groups. They all got along just fine without me and except for leading women's small group bible studies I didn't return to full time involvement again. I did continue being a part of a church community never missing even when I was in chemo.

    And now it is 28 years later and that cancer has never returned. I did have one small skin cancer removed some years ago but it was not related to the first. It, by the way, was on my face but left no scar whatsoever. Something I thank God and modern medicine for!

    When I get up in the morning I praise God for another day and what all He will do in that day or what all He may bring me through in that day.

    Thanks to God for providing good medical care. Those doctors way back then did admit it was really in God's hands and is was and continues to be so. To God be the Glory for the things He has done.
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    Amen and Glory to God !!
    Thank You sandpiper for sharing this Awesome Testimony of yours with us!
    If any one is not moved and motivated in the Ways of God and set ablaze after reading this, well there wood is wet!!

    Thank You and Welcome Again
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  3. Hi Sandpiper,

    I also had a brush with cancer, and lost my bladder.

    Perhaps with some similarities to your experience with chemo and going back to school and going on to serve others as a teacher as well as other leadership positions, my journey through chemo and surgery, as well as other life changes prepared me for serving Him in new ways in my later years.

    I think it is wonderful the way God changes our chalenges of today into our strengths for tomorrow.

    May God continue to bless you, and those around tou thru you.
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  4. Thanks for sharing a little of your testimony too, Siloam. God is so good to heal us and, not only that, but to set our feet upon a new path.
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  5. Amen "sandpiper" AMEN!!!!

    You are a walking testimony!! And, thank you for sharing your testimony with us. It is truly an encouragement to all of us that He will bring us through and that we are not alone in this world.
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  6. Dear Sandpiper;
    Your testimony is amazing! I enjoyed reading about your career and healing with God's Hand in both.
    I'm 60 and am in pretty good health but I have to take insulin and pills daily to control my type II diabetes and exercise everyday to sweat. I don't enjoy exercising but it is paying off, lowering my A1C.
    I get a little discouraged at times, but today your testimony blessed and ministered to me, to keep going in everything God has planned for my wife and me.
    Thank you for sharing, Sandpiper.

    God bless you always!
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  7. Thanks, Bob. Glad my story ministered to you. Keep up the exercise. Until I fractured my back two years ago I was out walking daily..now can't as much as I want to due to old age and being a 24/7 caregiver most of the time. But likely the reason I am well as I am at 80 is because of years of healthy exercise like walking, hiking, running (when much younger in my 40's and 50's) and biking. God's grace now because He isn't finished with me yet. 60 is young...and you have miles to go before you sleep and, no doubt, promises to keep. God is with you, Brother!


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  8. Praise God! What a precious testimony sandpiper, bobinfaith, and Siloam. What a glorious God He is. :)
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