I Am Reminded

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  1. I Am Reminded

    To worship Him , I live .... to worship Him I live .... I live , I live to worship Him . This is the song that is ressonating in my spirit as we sang this morning .

    This is what we are created for to worship Jesus Christ . We are His children .

    OUr God manifested His presence in such an awesome way .

    Many of you know my struggles over the past years of mainly guilt as I know it was satan putting thoughts into my head that I was unworthy as a mother ,and because of divorce my son was of age to decide and he stayed with his dad .

    We have had a very strained relationship because I am aware that his dad fed him all kinds of lies . He does not come to see me , call and sometimes says Hi on yahoo messenger . I have missed so much of his life that I know I can never get back .

    I will not go into any more detail but to say that this morning we were praying at the alter , I felt the power of the Holy Spirit as I released all this pent up hurt to Jesus.

    After that I felt the Holy Spiirt telling me that this relationship would be mended and that my son would come back to the Lord . I have such a peace about it that I just wanted to thank the Lord and am claiming His promise .

    God is so good and I am expecting great things .. What an awesome God we serve.
  2. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Dusty)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. Amen, Dusty. Amen.
    That brought tears to my eyes.
    PLEASE write that down somewhere. And make sure to take note that it was FROM GOD. And God does NOT lie.
    Because there will be at times, where you'll forget that. And you'll forget that promise that God told you.
    And if you write it down, you CAN look at it and be reminded that it's GOING TO HAPPEN.
    I have been praying for a restoration of a friendship for maybe a year or two years.
    And it's slow, but she finally added me on Facebook after a year of not talking. I see her at church and whatnot.
    Now she just needs to forgive me of what I did to her. Not sure if she did.
    But hopefully God will restore that relationship. She was such a good role model for me.

    Please write what you experienced down. Maybe in your journal or just a notebook. And then maybe post that piece of paper on the fridge so you can be reminded of God's promise daily <3

  4. Thanks Katie .... I will write it down . Thank you Jesus . Now I am in tears .... tears of joy for He is the lifter of my soul . God is great , God is good ... Praise His Holy Name
  5. We have a great service today too and the Spirit really moved powerfully! I have this song in my spirit going over and over about worshipping Him. Why just go thru a form when we can draw near to Him and worship in spirit and truth?

    He does mighty miracles when we praise Him, things that are impossible with man
  6. Amen GodSpeaks

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