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  1. I STRIKE AGAIN!!! :DD Just kidding.

    But well, I am back. I have changed my mind and I finally became a real Christian, or almost a real Christian. I no longer need Snape because he doesn't exist and I found out that I never actually loved him, or if I did, then I was stupid because romantic feelings for fictional characters are quite foolish... But I still want a very peaceful British or half-British man who is at least 6"1/185cm tall and has natural black long hair preferably necklength to shoulderlength but longer is good too, pale or light skin, and a deep voice. And I want a man like this because this is really my type of man and taste in men, so I really want God to send me such man because I know these men exist. I don't want God to send me a random man who is not my type at all... I especially don't want a crazy party animal who plays pranks on me because I am usually a serious person too and I get angry and annoyed if someone plays a stupid prank on me no matter if I should laugh about the prank.

    And I also started reading the Bible, and I always pray, and I tend to post Christian or Biblical pictures, and I respect people, but I can't love them because I don't know them, and my kind of this kind of love is the thing that I just respect people, but I don't have any sort of feelings for them unless they are my family, relative, or friends, etc. And my type of love for Jesus is that I respect Him a lot, that's why I don't obsess about Jesus and I really feel like He would get annoyed if I really obsess about Jesus, kind of the same way like Ned Flanders from Simpsons, I do get very annoyed too if someone obssesses about me. And I am not saying that you are like Ned Flanders, I am saying that people like Ned Flanders are too much. I don't want to obsess about Jesus like the same way I obsessed about Severus Snape. Just worshipping Him, praying, reading the Bible, loving Him, posting Christian or Biblical pictures, trying not to sin, self-humbling, asking for forgiveness, and awareness and guilt of sin are enough. And if I have to have feelings for people like God has for people, then how do I start loving people? Because some of them are really jerks and some of them hurt me bad (tortured emotionally), and I also just can't suddenly have feelings for people I don't know. And I have this thing that I need apologies from people who have tortured me emotionally... That's the way I can forgive them. What can I do?

    What do you think of me now?
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  2. Im very glad your my friend and I know you will get the answers you need as you walk out your faith..with the help of good brothers and sisters in the Lord...:D
  3. It is a great start Polly.
  4. I knew you'd come back!
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  5. I guess the Holy Spirit was telling you that.
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  6. Welcome back!
    Not many would do what you have in returning after much rebuke. That shows humility.

    Letting go of Snape is a big step in the right direction!
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  7. Yes... But the Snape things (pictures, posters, videos, action figure, etc.) will be cute memories... I save those things though, as memories.
  8. This just made my morning! Welcome back Polly! It is not really what we think of you now but more so what God thinks. His arms have been wide open for you to just jump in and it looks like you have done just that. Welcome to the journey!
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  9. I have to chuckle at that one. God is never random.

    Philippians 4:6-7
    Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

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  10. Welcome back.
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  11. I think you worry too much and should get on with enjoying life.
  12. Good thing she's now worried about what God thinks and not her fellow man (y)
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  13. I GOT GOOD NEWS FROM MY CHAPEL'S PASTOR! He said that I can have any preference (taste) in men, so this means that probably I will get the one who is my type, but that I have to forget the fictional characters. Fictional characters are just illusions, but they are nothing. But as I mentioned, my type of man is the very peaceful British or half-British man who is older than me and at least 6"1/185cm tall and has natural black or the darkest brown ever long hair (preferably necklength to shoulderlength), pale or light skin, and a deeeeeeeep seductive voice (this is not lusting), this is all I want in a man, and it doesn't matter if he has glasses too. I am just into the mysterious and seductive prince charming... But the thing is that I first need to focus on God and Jesus and pray about the thing that I want a man. But I am now trying my best to focus on Jesus and God... And I also know that God is not a wish-granting machine. Sorry, my life is pretty much about love life worries... :/
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  14. Don't be surprised when you end up loving and then marrying a man who doesn't quite fit your personal ideal. I didn't, and I have been happily married for over 38 years! My own dear mother said to me one time that when she was a young single girl, she said to God that she wanted a man with an interesting last name, and that she would not be happy with a man with the last name of Smith. Well...guess what? She and my father, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, were happily married until my dad suddenly died after 44 years of marriage.
  15. Well, I don't want some random man who is not my type at all, I'll never love romantically a random man who is not my type at all, and I especially don't want a crazy party animal guy who plays pranks on me because pranks annoy me a lot... I know I'll never love any man who is not my type. I know the peaceful and seductive man with black long hair (not Snape, I am talking about any real life man) is the right one for me because he'll respect me and he'll never play pranks on me. I hate pranks! And why are you just trying to destroy my dreams by saying things like "that's not always possible", "you cannot always get what you want", etc?
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    If you are seeking after God with all you've got, then His provision is never random. He will provide you with a man who loves God and wants to serve Him with his life first and foremost...if that is your desire as well.

    Btw: my husband was not a random man! We have known each other since first grade. But I was looking elsewhere, thinking that some other may be for me, but God had another plan, and it is apparent to both of us that His plan was in place long before we were ever born. It's the same way for you---for all of us.

    God knows your type better than you do. That's the point I was making. Sure, put in your order, but then sit back and watch God work! He will always do the perfect thing.
  17. Like God would know my type would be more like a weird party animal. No. God knows my type of man is the one with black long hair, not a clown. There is no such thing as "subconscious" taste in men.
  18. Lots of fellows like that Polly...but be sure you find a good one who loves God and will love you and take care for you.
  19. You mean plenty of men with black long hair? And I will find one like that, and I will pray to God about it, and I know he is going to be good because he won't play pranks and he won't joke. I get very angry if some person first jokes or plays a prank and then continues still even though I tell them to stop. It's annoying... And no, I am not a boring person, I like jokes too, but I don't like it when I tell the person to stop joking but the person doesn't listen to me and still keeps joking... I don't like clowns. But I am the type of very crazy and wild party animal girl who enjoys Internet jokes and memes, YTP videos, Uncle Dolan memes, Text-to-Speech humour videos, and The Simpsons. But I just want a seductive mysterious peaceful man with black long hair so I won't get annoyed.
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    Good to see you again Polly :)
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