I Am Pleased To Become A New Member Of This Site.

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Inseparable, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. I have just signed up now and as an appreciation, I would like to present this link to you:

    She's my granddaughter, a 3-year old girl who is smart and amazing. I hope you'll enjoy it.
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  2. Me: My grandchildren are cuter than yours!
    You: You're nuts! My granddaughter is cuter than all yours put together!
    Me: Ya' wanna FIGHT?!?!?
  3. This is supposed to be a Christian site right? I never thought there are fighters here. Mine is sharing; not fighting nor competing. God bless you.
  4. I hope you are teasing me back....
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  5. Hope you share with me something about your cute kids; maybe an amazing photo whatsoever. I'm sure they are cute as you said unlike us in the third world country.
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  6. Well, yours sure is a cutie! Thank you for sharing that. My oldest turns 25 on Sunday, and my youngest is 5. Ten grandchildren, although I would like to claim 11 (one was adopted out.) I've never met two of them and may never. Five are my own, and 6 are my husband's -- our first spouses had passed away. We married when we had a teen boy and girl each.

    And yes, they're all cute! :D
  7. Oh, good night! I got that backwards! Six are mine, five are my husband's.
  8. Don't mind @TezriLi lol.. However, it was pleasure to have you here to this Christian Forum Site. Welcome and hope you'd enjoy it with us. So you are a grandmother! Your granddaughter, she is darling! I have one daughter and she is three years old as you can see her on my display picture. All children are beautiful!
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  9. Hello and welcome to the forum. Your grand-daughter is amazing. that was just wonderful, we have a 2 year old daughter at the moment and she is very much like your grand-daughter, a real character! God bless you and God bless the little one...
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  10. I see, that's great. As the saying goes, "the more, the merrier." I suppose they're all Christians, so they would grow up on the right path.
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  11. Thanks for that. We're lucky to have grandchildren while others die without seeing them.
  12. I'm a grandfather who feels joy in children as a blessing from God. Thanks for your comment and hope to see her photo here.
  13. May your quiver be full of them!
  14. Amen.

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