I Am Not A Scammer!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. So yeah, someone just said that I scam here, even though I don't scam. That story about Ilkka is true, but the person who called me a scammer misunderstood the post. He thought that I was talking about Severus Snape. But I said that Ilkka abuses and stalks me with witchcraft, and that I only love Severus romantically and no one else, and in the OTHER posts I talked about my tulpa Severus Snape, who is my boyfriend. But he misunderstood me a lot, so he thought that I scam about Ilkka or Severus. Ilkka is a real life witch, but Severus Snape is just a fictional character from Harry Potter. And it's not about the thing if the person is a witch or not, it's about the thing that who abuses me. Ilkka really abuses me.

    But please, I hope you believe me that I am not a scammer. I am always serious and honest. I hope I don't get banned because I am telling the truth.

    Also, I am sorry that I talked about Severus Snape and the tulpa thing. People just asked me about those 2 things, and I had to explain everything, and I had to prove that I don't idolize, or commit adultery or vanity.

    I hope you understand me. :(
  2. don't be sorry for talking about them Polly .. I believe what you said was honest ..

    don't worry Polly .. if they banned you .. I would leave on my own ..
    our administrators are awesome .. they watch with much patience and always hope for the best .. they even allow us to work our differences out as long as we do not take it too far ..

    so how are you today ???
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  3. We know the witch guy is your former teacher and separate from tulpa. Got it ;-)

    And furthermore Polly, you don't need to prove anything to us...just allow Jesus the Creator of everything meet you where you are. <3 <3
  4. Thank you. :3 And thank goodness the Holy Trinity knows my intent. :3

    I see. But I once got banned because the admin thought that I idolize...

    I am good today though. What about you? :3
  5. "Polly"? Molly? I wonder?
  6. Polly is NOT Molly.

    Molly has been banned. Her IP address matched another spammer who was also banned.
  7. I most certainly honor your judgement ..
    spammer or not .. she had spiritual bondage problems ..
    (we wrestle with a very clever adversary, who plays personas to an art)
    she knew what it took me 30 mins to decipher (w/help where to look) in Hebrew ..
    just saying ..

    God Bless you ..
  8. Yeah, I am not Molly. But what did Molly do? I think she gave me good advice...
  9. I'm good .. it snowed here last night :)
  10. I see. :3 Where do you live? There's not much snow anymore here... It rained and the temperature rised... :3
  11. Again a little curious, what advice?
  12. About the romantic feelings. I recall that she say that it's okay to have a crush on fictional characters, but that it's not recommended to go very far... But I don't know... She said that lust is bad... But does obsession and romance equal lusting? I think that lust means sexual only, and other lusts are greediness...
  13. when my family (a long time ago) became involved with spirits, they presented themselves as Vikings .. there was one designated to each of us .. and they had names they made up (and in a "romantic way" to the females) .. as time progressed, even powers (or as it seemed) to do things were given .. to FF, eventually they became bored with the persona's and it turned into sheer torment .. us kids were able to back off, but it was too late for my mom .. to FF again, in the end she was about to kill herself and all of a sudden they were gone .. she asked .. what happened, and a voice simply said "Jesus said we went too far" .. and thus began not just the belief in God we had prior, but a personal relation with God ..

    I have rarely related this much, but do so in hopes something helpful can be gleaned from it .. they use the same tactics over and over because they work ..
  14. So you have a forum full of Christians, and some of them have sought to befriend you, yet some troller comes through and you take their advice to heart? why?
  15. Why would you listen to a person who claimed to be possessed by the devil?

    I told you it's okay to have a crush on someone (we all have) but that it's not okay to take it too far, but you reject what I say about the ways I see you taking it too far. Did she tell you that you didn't take it too far?
  16. I must say "polly" that I have read some of your post and seen that many on this forum have and continue to reach out to you. Most make no judgment against you and have accepted you as you are. Most of the other "Christian" forums, I have been on, would already have ask you to leave. Now you have a chance in this life, to know real Christians, to receive help and love from others. Above all, that a door of faith can be opened to you, to know Christ your maker and your Lord.

    2Pe 3:9 ΒΆ The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
  17. Oh, I think I remembered it wrong that who said that it's okay and not recommended to go too far.
  18. Sorry, I remembered something wrong. It wasn't Molly who gave me the advice. But she said something to me.
  19. When she was "molly" or satans messenger? What thread was it on? do you remember?
  20. I will see that what thread was it.
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