I Am Legend

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  1. I Am Legend

    Hey all.
    I just wanna share my view on this film, "I AM LEGEND".

    The story is based on a deadly virus coming into the world, 99% of people died, 1% of people were later taken over by this deadly virus, and only a couple of people were immune to it.
    99% of the people were evacuated but died, and all access to the city was destroyed.

    On the Island, Will Smith, Playing the Dr. was the only survivor including his dog.
    He was testing out different drugs to try and kill off the virus.
    He lost his dog by another contaminated dog.

    The DR everyday put out messages over the radio for any survivors, and waited at the docks for anyone to come.
    He set up a trap to capture one of these "demons", he caught one and took it back to his home, into his lab to try and find a cure for the virus.

    The "demons" were "allergic" to the Light, if they came out in the light, they would burn.
    One night, the Dr went to the docks and set up a decoy for the "demons" and was in his car, instead. Hundreds of these "demons" ran towards the decoy and the Dr ran them over in his car, after a minute his car is on the roof with these "demons" all over him, and one climbs in the car with him and is about to bite his neck when a really bright light comes on and they all burned.

    A women and her child came to his rescue. She drove him back to his home. She wanted to try and take Dr with her to a safe house in the mountains for the survivors. The Dr said it didn't exist, no one survived, but you get that impression from watching the movie.

    The Dr asked how the woman knew there was a safe house, and she said that God had told her, but he didn't believe her and told her God didn't exist. And the women said that God had told her to turn the radio on to hear his radio broadcast. And that is why she was there.

    Then milllions of these "demons" were charging at his house, they all took refuge in the underground lab, and he saw one of his cures for the virus was working.
    They were trapped in a glass room, with the sedated "demon".
    All the "demons" tried to break through the glass into the room, the glass started to crack.
    The Dr took a blood sample from the "demon" who was starting to recover, and gave it to the women to run away with. The cure for the virus was in the blood.

    The Dr hid the women and child in a secret hideout he had in the room and told them to wait until dawn and then take the blood to the safe house. Now the "demons" were breaking through the glass and all the Dr could do was sacrifice his life to save everyone else, he had a grenade in his draw that he used to blow himself and the "demons" as they broke through the glass.

    Then the women and child traveled to the safe house that God had told her was there.

    This movie reminded me of all the evil in the world and that Jesus died for us to set us free, Jesus' life was a sacrifice for us so that we may have eternal life and be set free. Just like The Dr, He sacrificed his life so that other people could be cured againsted the deadly virus.

    And the other thing is reminds me of is when the "demons" burn in the light, Theres a verse in the Bible which I can't remember exactly, but its something about man loving his evil ways or something, its doing my head in trying to find the verse. But anyway, its like the evil are allergic to the light.

    I think it was a good movie, I think it puts out a good message.

    Alot more happened though that I haven't said about, but I just gave a sort of outline on the story.
  2. Sounds an awful lot like "The Omega Man" starring Charlton Heston made, I think, in the seventies. Along with many other similarities, the movie ends with a dying Charlton Heston collecting the blood flowing from his mortal wound (spear to chest). His blood contains antibodies against a disease afflicting nearly all of surviving humanity. Wonder if it was intended as a remake?
  3. This is a 3rd gen remake the original starring Vincent Price as " The Last Man on Earth" was probaly a little better. What he did not have in special effects he made up for with acting.
  4. Now that you mention it, I have heard of "The Last Man on Earth" though I've never seen it. I may have to check it out.
  5. I heard about this from a fellow-Christian co-worker a while back and was immediately curious...it was right up my alley.

    I watched the old Vincent Price movie. It was okay. I read the book by Richard Matheson, and I got a little more understanding of what was going on in the old black-and-white movie.

    Then the movie came out. I was let down...

    They changed so much of the original story, they should have re-named it. :(

    I still enjoyed the movie, though...it was quiet at times. The scene where Will Smith takes care of his dog is waaaaaay overdrawn, though. Did anybody else notice that? I mean, the camera hangs on him so long, I thought something was wrong with the projector!:eek:

    I don't think the movie really explained the title as much as the book. "I Am Legend"...hmmm, what does that mean? That's what I thought when I first started reading the book. At the end, I was like: Aaaaah! I get it now!

    That feeling just didn't come to me from the movie.:(
  6. I don't think it would be appropriate to show Will Smith stangling his dog to death because it became "demonised".

    Remember, a dog is a mans best freind. ;)
  7. What disturbes me most is this...who's blood is the cure for the virus? A DEMONS blood!!!!!!

    Yes, Will is apparantly a messianic figure, giving his life to save others. and The woman is directed by God, but the demons blood is the cure for the deadly virus(sin).

    I won't be watching (financially supporting) this one.
  8. Noooooo, Will has been trying lots of different experiments to try and cure the virus. The blood in the demon he takes has the cure in, the "demon" is almost turned back to human.
  9. I am Legend

    Loved the movie, "I AM Legend", and taking my girlfriends to see it ... They are always taking me to crying chick flicks...

    I loved the action, special effects, the story, the acting,

    and especially the ending... If I understood the movie correctly since he was immune he used his blood first injected into the female demon like creature... And when she responded by turning human like he withdrew her blood, to save the others...

    I understood he had been repeatedly experimenting, with rats and demonic creatures, and finally found the one who would respond to treatment with this last patient...
  10. Dna

    I have to agree with KitsapGirl on this one. My husband watches way too many of these demon type movies and Hollywood has trapped his mind into thinking they know what they are talking about. When all they are doing is getting us used to demonic language. After becoming a student of the Bible, [​IMG] I can see through it. But I would not have before I was into the Word.

    Case in point is the blood coming from the demon. Hollywood has always made us think that if you hold a cross up to a demon, witch, whatever, he will leave. Now I don't know if that's true or not, but we believe most anything they put up there on the screen, whether we know it or not.

    But, I just read something in the Bible that says that even after the fall, Adam still bore the image of God. We are different from angels or demonic beings (Psm. 8:5 and Heb. 2:7), so they are trying to say the demon didn't stay demon anymore after his blood was taken? Just another Hollywood lie?

    I don't know, but I don't want to become so familiar with these movies that they lead me down a wrong path. I'd rather sit down with my Holywood Bible. Thank you very much!
  11. Deception

    Deception. Satan is THE deceiver. If he can convince individuals that something is o.k. or right or representative of what they believe to be right, then he has succeeded. Christians do not need Hollywood movies to point them to the truth. More than likely the movies will deceive. So my take - and I am not going to watch this film - is that it is something that should be avoided. Personally, I believe that it is the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses and redeems and no pictorial "take" on this is needed or desired. The sad thing about movies and books of this type is that non-Christians or Christians who are not well-grounded in the faith will be entertained and feel good about the movie or book.
  12. I can see it being a problem for those who cannot distinguish fiction from reality. I can see that some would simply not be interested in watching it. Personally I like good sci-fi but that is my personal taste and I respect your opinion.
  13. 'zactly.

    How was Will the demon? I'm confused about this one.

    He was the last human in the book. See? That's why the movie was really confusing...


    I can't help it. In the book, he was the last human left. All the rest were vampires, which split into two sub-species. There were the vampires that couldn't venture out into the day and hibernated. Then there were other vampires who evolved so that they didn't have to hibernate at night. If they wore makeup, they could go out in the day.

    The main character was being hunted by the vampires. The vampires told their children of someone "different" who was out there on the prowl. This man would kill them if he caught them, they said. Some vampires believed it...others didn't.

    In the end (of the book) they caught him. They scheduled an execution. He peered out the window at the crowd waiting outside, and they were horrified at him! It was true! There was a real human, and he really did want to kill them! They all gasped in terror when they saw him. Children hugged their mommies. He was the monster. He was the one who the children were afraid of, because he wasn't a vampire and wanted to kill them!

    In effect, he became the legend. "I Am Legend". Made sense to me there.

    I looooooooove me some good old-fashioned science fiction. I can sit and watch old cheezy black-and-whites all day. Day of the Triffids, It Came From Outer Space, War of the Worlds, Day the Earth Stood Still. Those were the days when they didn't understand a lot of technology. Radiation was the thing, because bombs were new. Flying saucers were all possible. I love it.
  14. I am Legend ...Salvation message


    First we are calling these humaniods demons, but in the film they are the survivors of a genetically altered virus that cured all cancers... That later mutated and caused humans to lose all their hair, and would burn in the sunlight, and become like rabied animals...

    The way I saw it was..................................................

    Wills blood ( Like Jesus BLood ) was the cure for the evil nature of mankind... It began the healing process in one of the humanoids... I see this as one is saved from their evil nature by the un-corrupt sinless blood, then by their obvious tranformation they bring healing salvation to others...

    I didnot see the message as a demons blood was to save others... Is was that she was being transformed into human again... It is like the story in scripture of the Second Adam who regain what the first Adam lost...

    Jesus was the first seed that had to die so that their would be a harvest of others...

    The human survivor female and child that saved Will Smith close to the end of the movie, has a cross hanging from the mirror inside her car, that with her speaking of God speaking to her and knowing of a area where there are other survivors, and later WIll saying he hears God ,and giving his life, giving her the antidote for this virus, and her entering the gates of the city where you first see a church all speak to me of the Salvation message...

    Its excellant to introduce the un-saved or clarify to the saved, the Salvation message especially to those who would not see religious flick...
  15. I interprated it the same way :)
  16. I agree with the last few posts. I didn't really see the movie as having an overwhelming Messianic symbolism, but there are parallels. Dr. Neville sacrificed his life so that others could live. And yes, the cure was taken from his own blood because he was immune.

    I didn't really see the infected humans as "demons." I think they more represented what could happen if we continue to experiment with things that we shouldn't. That was the dominant theme which I drew from the movie. It was warning against careless use of super-science. It also had some positive themes such as the recurring statement "light up the darkness." It also pointed out that God was not responsible for the mistakes of mankind. Quite a positive Christian worldview. :)

    I don't usually get in to thrillers, but this movie was tastefully made. It wasn't gratuitously violent or a mindless horror movie. It actually had some messages, as stated above. The movie isn't really one that I'll be rushing out to buy, but it's one of the better sci-fi thrillers released from Hollywood recently.

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