I Am Fired Up For Jesus!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Genesis 1:1, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Are you? I am just oozing with passion for our Lord and Savior today! It's just been one of those days, where you really notice the beauty in the world and appreciate God! Anyone else feeling it lately?
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  2. Amen brother. I try my best every morning to feel like this. I woke up like that a few time last week, ready for the Lord to bless me with what he has created for us. Be Blessed ;)
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  3. Even in my tribulations I praise Him. He is at the door! Get ready. Prepare your yourself and repent.
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  4. Fired up? I just feel love for those around me. Sometimes I tell the Lord: Lord, you love them so much: how can that be possible?" Then I remember how He has dealt with me...and yep: it's more than possible all right!
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  5. Wonderful; I am glad others feel the same way! I feel so filled with the Holy Spirit on this blessed day! God bless you all! :D
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  6. and may the Lord be with you! Your excitement has brought God's sunshine upon me this rainy day.
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  7. Isn't it wonderful the love, beauty, and joy emanates from God's Spirit in us, through us, and to others we meet lifting them up. So not only are you blessed, but in His Spirit you bless others. I hope you have a blessed day and everyone you come upon is greatly blessed as well.
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