I Am Currently Agnostic And I Want To Find Answers About God.

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  1. (First off I would like to apologize with my spelling and grammar I am not the best at it and if you cant read anything just ask me and I will reply)
    Ok, well to start off with I was born and raised a christian and nothing would tell me other wise or so I thought. Eventually more and more questions popped up and I didn't have the answers for all of them so now here I am to afraid to ask my family because I'm to afraid of rejection or having there "thoughts about me" changed. So I just have some questions I want to be answered and I think that this would be the best place.
    If god loves every human so much than why is it that the actions of this puny life (compared to eternity) lead us to a eternal path of pain?( So before I get answers to this one I might as well put in some other questions that go along with this one) Someone tried answering this one for me and told me that in the bible it says that every person shall hear about the word of god. How? There are so many people that are isolated and away from other people (or like living in tribes or something) that this idea would be impossible, and another person said that we deserve it if we don't believe in god...? Eternal suffering for making a mistake?
    In the book heaven is for real (I actually read) I have some problems. Ok, well first it just does not sound very "vivid" the way he describes it. I feel like he kinda of is more like oh yeah it is awesome then actually describing in detail about what happens there (And yes I knew he described some parts about heaven) Also there are other people who said they went to heaven and there story differs from colton's. So when I see this I am just confused because it is like who is the liar or should I say misinformed. Also for my last one what keeps you grounded in faith when there are so many people constantly trying to disprove it?
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    I think we all have questions at times. When I have questions that I feel might not have an answer, I don't freak out anymore because I have always found an answer that made sense.

    As far as everyone hearing about the Word of God... I would think that if someone truly did not, then God knows that. I wouldn't worry about that.

    I would say it's a big decision to believe in God... I don't think anyone takes that lightly. To reject God would be a huge thing. It's a choice. You can believe on faith or reject God... it's a pretty bold move to reject something, so not really a mistake. Does that help? I'm not quite sure if I'm answering your question.

    I've wondered about life after death stories (the ones I read had a lot in common). I believe I read something about life after death experiences that was good. I'll see if I can find it.

    What do you mean by what keeps you grounded in faith when other people try to disprove it? Like when people try to talk you out of believing? I, personally, don't listen to anyone who would try to do that because obviously they have bad intentions.
  3. Searching for truth...I must warn you, if you are not grounded in the word of God, you are going to get tossed around on this website. I am not saying that you won't find the answers you are looking for, but test everything you are told with the Bible and ask God to give you the answers...Do not take for granted that what you hear is truth.

    If you want to know the answers, the best thing you can do is go read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John a whole bunch of times and compare them with each other.( These are the accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus, as well as His Gospel of our salvation). Build the foundation of your knowledge upon that and then read the rest of the New Testament. Turn off the television, radio, telephones and set aside all your plans for at least one entire weekend and study. Ignore 'the world' for a couple days and let God show you His word....When you begin to get understanding, do what it says to do. That is called faith. Through faith, God will put His grace into your heart( His wisdom, love, understanding, and spiritual power). By this grace you have both salvation and you will be supernaturally changed into something new. You will get the answers you seek if you ask Him. He is faithful...Just to warn you, nowadays there are lots of Bible versions and many are corrupt. I recommend the KJV..it is by far the easiest to understand and memorize( the 'thees' and 'thous' get easy to read after a few times).

    Take care and may God shed abundant grace upon you!
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    I usually associate Agnostic with Grumbling
    so, interesting title for the following verses, in http://www.biblegateway.com

    Philippians 2:12
    New International Version (NIV)

    Do Everything Without Grumbling

    12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,
  5. To begin, welcome. Second, I commend you for having an open mind to the idea of theism -- sometimes the opposite side of the argument can be so vigorously against this idea and try to hold some monopoly of common sense and reason...of course, I believe ultimately the believer is using more common sense and reason.

    I think a good place to start is the existence of an all-loving, all-knowing God. A lot of people make the mistake in thinking He is some sort of being within the realm of time and space (hence the pejorative terms 'sky god'), but He's not. In fact, to call Him a supreme being isn't even true as a being would mean something that came into existence...though God never came into existence, He has always just been. Things like time, reason, math, science, cannot measure God because God is the author of these great things. Just like how science can't measure math (or even itself) because they are each permeated or presupposed.

    St. Thomas Aquinas wrote a compelling and famous five-step argument for the existence of God called 'Quinque viae.' It's fairly simple in reading and Wikipedia even put it together legitimately. You can read it here, though I recommend researching beyond that, too.

    Learning about God, what should and shouldn't be done, what is necessary for salvation -- everyone, even some of the most learned Christians, continue to ponder and pray. But the necessaries are simple enough for children to understand, though as adults, we always want to know why which I think is a great beginning to planting a firm foundation of our faith.

    Faith isn't blind. It involves logic, and that's one thing many people misunderstand as they think faith negates logic. It's logical to trust your best friend due to the evidence that he will be there for you. The same idea goes for God and His involvement in our lives.

    I recommend also reading 'Mere Christianity' by C.S. Lewis -- incredible explanations for God and Christianity. You can even listen to the audio on youtube. (Here's the LINK).

    God bless you and keep searching. I hope you find the truth soon.
  6. Searching for truth...One more thing I forgot to warn you of...Stay away from the teachings and books of other people. God will teach you out of the Bible, you do not need anything else. Also, stay away from 'denominational' systems, they all have their own 'bent' on the Bible. Just go into the Bible and immerse yourself in it like I suggested in my first post. If you start reading a bunch of other peoples books, you are only going to get confused...Take care

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  10. The truth of God is written in creation: in our birth, in the earth, in the mirror, in the stars. Any human born on this earth is confronted with these truths and eventually comes to a point where they either accept God, or deny He had anything to do with any of it.

    We see the fight in public schools being fought ramming down the theory of evolution and 150 years of biased 'science' into our children to break the obvious answer to our origin": God. As we 'progress' in history, God is removed more from our lives with each generation through 'human knowledge' or should we say 'vain imaginations'.

    The Bible states all of these things if you are willing to receive them.

    Therefore with each 'dispensation' if you will; God continually had to remind His creation of who He is; therefore we have the Bible-the history of God's Creation and humankind's need for a Savior. The last time God came to earth in human form, he paid the ultimate price in humility for His creation with the warning of his impending return to resolve the sin nature of said creation.

    We are allowed to grow in God's garden with the weeds; God will be coming to collect the 'good fruit' soon enough. And burn off the chaff...
  11. Free will. Some just don't want to be with God. So God has prepared a place for them. If He took them out, He would be over riding their free will to reject Him. 'Eternal punishment' is what Jesus says. Punishment = banishment and suffering. Eternal banishment is un-debatable. The suffering part is. Are the fallen angels suffering now? Suffering is coming, sure. Jesus suffered. But whether a good and just God allows it to continue for eternity, I don't see it. The Bible doesn't go into much detail on hell, but it does go into detail on how good and just God is! He is good and just today and will be forever more, in hell and heaven!

    The Holy Spirit reaches out to all OT and NT. NOTHING has changed in how we come to God! Psalm 51:17 is the same yesterday and today! 1 Cor 11:31 is the same OT as it is today. James 4:8 applies to everyone! The only difference in the NT is that now when we get on our knees and make a firm decision to serve God, the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us and we live in a 'better' covenant with God. Where we can call Him our Father.

    Babies and mentally handicapped go straight to heaven to be tested another day. Why? Because they were unfit to make a proper decision to accept or reject God in this life time. God is good and just.

    Let the fact that God is good and just sink in. People go to hell because they completely reject the Holy Spirit. Jer 17:10 I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.

    They all liars. We all have glimpses of heaven in our dreams. When we are under the anointing of the Holy Spirit we can imagine what heaven will be like. Nobody has actually been there. Its all about making money, don't be naive.

    I know a guy that got saved because of all the people that attacked him when they thought he was a Christian :). We have a very real Shepherd in Jesus! Not just that, but you know when you have touched Jesus Luke 8:46. The Holy Spirit gives us a revelation of Jesus being Lord 1 Cor 12:3 and Matt 16:16-17. No true Christian can ever be an atheist.

  12. I hope you're asking in good faith, because we seem to get a lot of people who show up, ask a couple of questions, and are never heard from again.
    That question is predicated on a belief in "hell" as is traditionally taught (mostly in Western churches). Keep in mind, not everyone believes that God sentences people to an eternity of torture.

    You raise a good point. Obviously, not everyone that has existed on earth has heard the message of Christ. But according to conservative Christianity, the only way to avoid the eternal torture is to accept Christ as your personal savior. So how can a loving God sentence those who've never even heard this message to an eternity of torture?

    First, see my response above. Second, not all Christians believe that God punishes people for not accepting a message they've never heard, or have only heard in a manner or circumstance that would make it near impossible for them to accept it. God is...well, God. We must trust that He will do what is right and just.

    What do the specifics matter really? Heaven will be what it is, and I don't think there's any doubt that it'll be a good "place" to be, right?

    Personal experience with God.

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