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I am Polly. Do you think that I am evil and satanic?

  1. Oh yes you are because you sin aaaaaall the time and you don't care about your sins ohh noooooooo...

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  2. No! Of course you are not evil or satanic!

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  1. Why not make it where she can no longer discuss the tulpa or Harry Potter if she doesn't want to be banned, but she is free and welcome to discuss the gospel, God's love, being a new creation in Christ, etc. as long as she doesn't bring these other things into it.

    "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ" (Romans 10:17).

    If we really love her, which I do, we want her to hear the bible. She has been open to AllieWi in this with Allie giving her bible verses.

    If Polly won't agree to this, then I guess you have your answer.
  2. Well everyone else needs to agree not to bring up the tulpa as well. Polly likes to talk about the Bible and God but often in discussing spiritual things with her it leads to questions she has about iffy practices or beliefs she still carries. I think there are people who she considers Christian giving her counsel that differs from what many of us on here believe.

    Polly, thank you for sharing your testimony and I would encourage you to really try and read Gods word every day. Do that and come here to discuss what you read! You could start a new thread called 'Polly's Bible Study' and we can help you with any questions and all just learn together. Idk..just a thought.
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  3. I love the idea of "Polly's Bible Study." We would have to stay off the subject of iffy practices or beliefs however and just focus on the word. When sanctification actually occurs after salvation, God starts to convict a person of things they need to change as he knows when they are ready to hear particular things. We need to trust this.
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  4. Agreed.
  5. Now this is the only discussion we should be having with her. Lol at the PLEASE ANSWER = No answer.
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  6. Maybe we should keep bumping it up until she does :D
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    I think the tupla is a problem that should not be swept under the rug .. but cleansed ..
    and IF we have love for her .. banning her would be wrong ..
    Jesus said "I desire compassion, go learn what that means" ..
    so our love through our hearts and words and deeds He desires from us ..
  8. 100% correct there bud. I said the same thing a while back. However 20 pages and two more threads later, she is still repeating herself :(.

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