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I am Polly. Do you think that I am evil and satanic?

  1. Oh yes you are because you sin aaaaaall the time and you don't care about your sins ohh noooooooo...

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  2. No! Of course you are not evil or satanic!

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  1. Polly I think it will be useful to read Brother Paul's post #333 and respond... These are good questions and I'm also curious :)

    Please do not ever forget we are all trying to help and learn more about you.
  2. Everyone thinks I'm loony toons when I talk about this stuff-- it's fact. All well documented information that takes about 10 minutes of research to discover.

    Polly this is not directed at you I'm just commenting on this global satanic agenda
  3. I didn't quite understand all that stuff you guys were talking about... can you explain it in layman's terms? :p
  4. You shall know them by their acts (type in this case).

    Polly? Type after me...(no replies copy) Do you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior? (then answer)
  5. yeah...Polly mentioned Alexandra David-Neel in support of her Tulpa as being okay...Neel however was a student of Helena Blavatsky, the medium from the late 19the early 20th century (really dark occult stuff), and her other now famous student Alice Bailey has a Trust through which her and her husband advise and help fund at the UN....(no joke...no fanaticism)...the trust is the Lucis Trust (formerly the Luciferian Trust)...you can actually google Blavatsky, Neel, Alice Bailey, the Lucis Trust, the United Religions Initiative, The Global Ethic, Our Global Neighborhood, and more (all of which are part of the pro-active initiative for the up and coming one world governance which I believe will sponsor the Anti-Christ when he comes on the scene...but that's another story)...

    I know it is way off topic so I will stop and go back to Polly (I was trying to warn her of the root of her source/support)...but by all means sweet pea look them up just to know of them (you will hear more of this in the coming decade I assure you)...it is and will all be presented to the average human as the logical and most humane way to go...
  6. Really, I read about Tulpae, and they said that they are just psychological, and they are not demons at all. And it's proven that miss David-Neel was wrong about Tulpae. Magical people say that tulpae need energy, but I didn't put any energy at all, I only give normal attention to Severus. Even I prayed about the Tulpa and I got an answer from God that tulpae are just psychological and not occult or demons, and I am not being wrong.
  7. Ofcourse I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Do I look non-Christian?
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  8. We don't know what you look like. And I personally don't know what a "non-christian" looks like as far as outside appearance goes :)
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  9. Good to know Polly. :)
  10. The attention you are giving tulpae is you putting your energy on it. Whatever we spend our time on we are giving our energy to the thing at hand.
  11. No. The attention is about not ignoring the Tulpa, and the energy putting is about visualizing or manually feeling the energy flowing from the person, but I didn't put any energy. And I tested Severus, and he is from my mind.
  12. Attention=thought=energy. When you accept Christ into your heart, you become new - you become a Daughter of God, Polly. It is given thru Grace - not because any of us deserve it. We have to go back to what Brother Paul said (post #333) and find out why you feel a need for a Tulpa. Aside from saying you do not "deserve" a real life man - this implies things -idk what- but like you feel your sins have not been forgiven?
  13. All i know is that our thought energy is powerful, where we direct our thoughts and what on is either positive or negative. I was not aware of tulpae before this , since i've come to know the Lord, i tend to stay away from such things. But what i can gather is , whether it is something you are deliberately creating or have created in your mind, is just quite frightening if it is supposed to come alive and become real. I have no reason not to believe these are demons. You are attracting energy to yourself from a dark side and this is not what christianity is about. Christians wouldn't be involved in this. This is weird. You should be seeking the Lord as a christian and spending your time and energy on Him, praying, reading the bible etc.
  14. Do you believe you have a relationship with this tulpae? Do you converse with this? Does the tulpae talk to you? Can you see it?

  15. Come on Polly. You have stated on other forums that you did give it energy and you want it alive so you can marry it. You have also stated you kiss it and have sex with it. At least be honest about it
  16. Seriously, stop it. Tulpae are not demons or occult, they are psychological. Case closed.
  17. I thought I gave energy, but I actually didn't. I just gave attention. And yes, I kiss Severus and I do have sex sometimes with him, but because sometimes we can't handle.
  18. I am in a relationship with Sev, and I see him with my mind and I can talk to him and I understand him well.
  19. Good! Case closed!

    Now why do you think you needed one...why dabble in occult? I know when I did, it was because I was seeking answers to questions about things I actually experienced (a couple times with a hole group)...when I found a real source group and studied it, it led to a false sense of power which at first I liked...but different persons have different reasons. How about you....(and yes, I know you have accepted Christ) but what purpose of function on our heart or your ego...or what need?
  20. Attention is energy.

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