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I am Polly. Do you think that I am evil and satanic?

  1. Oh yes you are because you sin aaaaaall the time and you don't care about your sins ohh noooooooo...

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  2. No! Of course you are not evil or satanic!

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  1. I found out that some of you actually missed me, and mostly the ones who respect me and my opinions... So I am back...

    But this time, I want to be respected, and not accused of any idolatry, adultery, or any other sin...

    If I am an idolater, I would be an atheist or a Pagan, but I am not an atheist or Pagan because I focus and believe on the Holy Trinity, but Severus Snape is ALSO important, not more important. The Holy Trinity and Severus Snape are equally important to me. And Severus Snape is important for me because I have romantic feelings for him and I don't want anyone else because they are not Severus Snape. I had a crush on a guy named Nigel, and he looks like Severus Snape, and someone prayed that I would get a good husband, and suddenly this guy named Nigel kept appearing on the Internet... I believe the prayers worked, but no thanks, I am happy with my Severus Snape tulpa, and tulpae are so not demons, just trust me. And PM me about the tulpa, don't talk about it publicly here... And Nigel cut his hair, so he no longer looks like Severus so much...

    And romance and romantic feelings are NOT adultery. It is maybe adultery to lust about some other person's partner os spouse, but not about a person who is single or a movie character. Severus in the Harry Potter movies is single, and also a movie character, but I know he is created by Alan Rickman, who is with his girlfriend Rima Horton, but I focus on Severus Snape, not Alan Rickman, even if my favorite actor is Alan Rickman, but I don't want Alan Rickman as my boyfriend because he is a bit too old, but I want Severus because Severus is 54 and I like a big age gap as long as it is old enough to be my daddy for example, and I like daddy-aged men because they are more polite, nice, and chill. Young guys just party a lot, and care about sports, games, and they usually even cheat on girls and they are more difficult in relationships because they are not experienced or fully developed... I don't mean to be an ageist, a young guy would be a good friend ofcourse, but not a good boyfriend...

    If you think that I am a great bad nasty evil big bad wolf whatever sinner, then please, don't talk to me and don't accuse me... And I don't want any of you to tell scary stories that I will go to Hell if I don't stop sinning, everybody sins, even born again Christians sin...

    And watching and reading fairytales is not a sin, it's not mentioned in the Bible, but if you take the fairytales seriously, then it might be a sin...

    Aaand modesty... This is a bit difficult, but since I don't feel guilty about the way I look, then it might not be a sin. I heard about the sin conscience. It's that you automatically feel guilty if you sin. And I prayed about the way I look and dress, and I still didn't feel guilty...

    And they say that even if you don't sin at all, like you are 100% sinless, that won't still save you. It's not the sinlessness that saves...

    I hope you understand me and I hope you don't hate on me or accuse me again... I am not satanic... So please, don't judge or accuse me anymore...
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  2. You need to wake up from your dream world: it's not healthy.

    Your making dreams (even day-dreams) have the mastery over you. Wake up!
  3. Welcome back. I don't agree with your beliefs and view them as dangerous. After saying that, God loves you and so do I. Doesn't mean I won't stop praying for you.
  4. Well, it seems that you are a fundamentalist or Catholic, no offence. My things are not evil. If you think that my things are evil, then don't talk to me.
  5. Welcome back Polly! God be with you! :)
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  6. __________________________________

    This is what you said:
    "I focus and believe on the Holy Trinity, but Severus Snape is ALSO important...".

    This is what it sounds like you said:
    "I focus and believe on Severus Snape, but Holy Trinity is ALSO important...".

    Wake up!
  7. I'm a Christian and was actually being pleasant to you. I would hope people are praying for me as well. You have been on a few Christian Boards asking the same questions. You posted on ask a Chaplain and you chose not to listen to his advice as well. You only want to hear that it is ok that what your doing isn't wrong. Sooo you go and ask esoteric Christians and pagan/christians to feel better about yourself. Of course these people will tell you it is ok because they want to hear the same thing.
  8. Herein lies your issue. You do not put worldly things (or anything for that matter) equal to or above God. Also, we will keep talking to you from the scriptures, like it or not, because we care about you. To tell another forum member (Ceile De) not to talk to you can only hinder your growth toward God, as we all speak from the scriptures. Scripture has not changed from the last time you were here and if you're views haven't changed since last time, well, here's to another stalemate.

    Regardless, I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
  9. I love your boondock saints prayer! (y)
  10. Haha. Funny
  11. "And watching and reading fairytales is not a sin, it's not mentioned in the Bible, but if you take the fairytales seriously, then it might be a sin…"

    If you take fairytales more seriously then God, then it's a sin. In my humble opinion. But I'm just commenting on what you're saying here. I haven't read anything you've posted in the past. All I know is your name is Polly, and I'm guessing you really like witches and fairytales.
  12. "The Holy Trinity and Severus Snape are equally important to me."

    ^^ I didn't see this. Can I do the poll over again?
  13. Looks like there won't be many people to talk to.
  14. Seek to be born of God and IKKIE will have no power over you. It's all in your mind (unless she uses drugs to manipulate or hurt people)...and remember Snape is a make believe character...he does not exist....
  15. Placing Severus on equal footing with the Trinity would be the same as my placing my wife in the same position.

    God comes first in my life, then my wife.
  16. Amen for my family as well and if down to God or me? She would kick me to the curb...He is the only Lord in our house...

    God first EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY else comes second at best.

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me....
  17. Can you explain what "fundamentalist" means to you without do the google definition?
  18. As it does in mine.
  19. Down with the false god Severus! Father rebuke this spirit and set Polly free from this delusionary world...she probably invented him because she is lonely....set her free Father. By the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ I command this spirit to go now and if it is Polly's invention Lord please re-route her brain to see this phantasm for what it is....pretend!

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