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  1. Would you become a martyr if a group like the Nazi's rose again but specifically against Christians? Or would you pretend to accept their ways? I don't want condescension on this topic btw, it's easier said than done to say you'd become a martyr. I feel like being a martyr is the right thing to do, but seriously think about it, how the heck can you just give yourself up? What if they were going to torture you first before killing you? Think of the most excruciating torture treatment they could give you (it's probably different fears of torture for everyone) and then answer whether you'd still be a martyr.
  2. I would try to run, but if they caught me I don't think pretending would be an option. I would just have to take the penalty of being a Christian at that point.
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  3. I agree with Where here. I would never deny it ( I hope) but I probably wouldn't be turning myself in either. After all, Christians need to be around to spread the Gospel!
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  4. So, basically.. try to escape and if you don't make it then pray for strength for the future torture treatments and execution you face...I just wish their was a better way. I started making the excuse like Huntingteckel said about the world still needing Christians to continue the Gospel and also that if I died than who am I helping? I know Christ died for a reason, but who would I be converting through my death? And then I made the excuse of "oh but if i fake not being a christian it might not be the right thing to do but it's not like what i'm doing is evil and I will be forgiven". But idk about that either.. Additional question, would you lie about being a Christian/agree to a final term like for example: Curse Jesus and burn your bible in front of their king and then pledge yourself to the king or whatever if they were going to murder your family too if you didn't?
  5. There is a book called tortured for christ. It's about a Romanian pastor who was in a communist prison for his beliefs. I remember him talking about the torture he went through, and how it was the Holy Spirit that gave him the strength to endure.
  6. i would like to be able to say " yes, bring on the torture"....

    but to be honest, like Where, I would run first.....
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  7. Ok, What if they said for every hour you refuse to honor their God or king they would start torturing 10 Christians, starting with your family and members in your church. You wouldn't just fake honor them? I know I have an imagination, but it seriously seems like a possibility considering Revelation.
  8. actually, I am not quite sure what you meant by this.
  9. what don't you understand?
  10. well, what did you meant when you say " considering Revelation"?

    which specific passages were you referring to?
  11. Oh I wasn't being specific, I was just saying because Revelation pretty much says how bad the world is going to get and something like this doesn't seem too far "out there" to me.
  12. WOLVERINES!!! sorry couldn't resist. I think I would be a bit selfish and since they were agents of the antichrist I would be happy to hurry them to their judgement. I would then make my way to the mountains and be the crazy hermit witnessing to all the wandering lost souls that are running from the chaos.

    You know that story above would have been the old me. I would die for my faith and hopefully take some of the soldiers with me by witnessing to them instead of killing them.
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  13. Glad I live in the mountains already :)
  14. I think it depends on what your belief is on the timing of the rapture in relations to the 7 years of tribulations.

    some believe ( and I am keeping fingers crossed it is TRUE) that we will be raptured, so those who are going to be left down here and suffer is not going to be us.

    PS I know timing of rapture is one of those topics that bring out a lot of anger in people in here, so I wont go any further as I don't want to open a can of worms.
  15. What do you mean? People on here get angry because they are predicting when rapture will happen and others don't agree or something? You can talk to me in private chat if you are anxious to talk about this on a public thread.
  16. It is coming soon to us! We should all prepare for it!

    Matt 24:9-10 Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other.

    But as always...a Christian is NEVER alone. Read Daniel 3! :)(y).
  17. I will embrace it and praise the Lord. What better way to leave this earth? For all eternity God and YOU will know that YOU died for Him.

    My only concern and frustration will be seeing my family, wife and kids suffer. It would cause me to resist and fight fire with fire.
  18. I think you are right.. I always have a churn in my stomach whenever I think about it, and usually don't like talking about it like its inevitable. I forgot what dreams are, you wouldn't believe the nightmares I have.
  19. I think we all need to meditate on the ''peace that surpasses all understanding'' Phil 4:7 that comes upon us in such moments. There is nothing to fear! You / we must deal with them dreams!
  20. You are correct there is nothing to fear. Not sure why all the nightmares.

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