Husband Wants to Move, Need help/encouragement

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  1. I'm looking for some support and advice. My husband wants to move 12 hours (driving distance) away. His company is moving and he wants out of the snowy north. I can't say I blame him, he does have many good reasons for wanting to leave. However, I will be giving up my job (which carries the benefits and pays slightly more) and -the most hardest of all- is leaving behind my family. I want to be supportive of my husband and I know it would be a good experience just to do something different, but I'm terrified of leaving my family behind. I love them so much. I think of everyone getting older and I know how short life is. He has his heart set on leaving just as much as I have my heart set on spending time with my family and it's like I know this is something we have to do, but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with it. He understands my emotions and is encouraging me to get a job with flexible hours so I can visit as I need and he even suggested we save money so my mom could eventually move down near us if she so desired. It's just the hardest step I've ever had to make, any support anyone can give would be truly appreciated.
  2. This is too personal and I don't know if anyone can give a sound advice without knowing everything that is going on there.. We can give some encouragement! Pray about it.. The Lord orders your steps.. Always remember that..Trust Him completely..

    How long have you both been married? The first thing that comes to my mind is, now you and your husband is the immediate family! So you are not in a way leaving your family behind.. Wherever you and your husband is, that is where your family is.. To give some encouragement, I live with my wife and daughter in US.. Both of our parents are back in India.. It is extremely hard.. They are growing old.. I always think of when the Lord will ask me to pack up things and go back to India.. But He seems to groom me up more here.. I try to honor my parents in all possible ways from here.. But I am a Father and Husband for my family.. The Lord has called my family to be in US..
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  3. I know that it's hard to give real advice, but the encouragement does help, if nothing else but to get what I'm feeling out. We've been married just under three years. We are young and do not have children and nothing else to hold us back from making a move now. I have a really strong connection with my mother which is what is making this so difficult, she will miss me, of course, but is supportive. I know I need to lean on God and my husband first before anyone else. Maybe it's just something I have to go through and accept as the Lord's will at this time in my life. There's just so much emotion involved and trying to see through that is tough. Thank you for you words.
  4. Hello,
    I haven't been in this situation myself, however I will extend my prayers to you and your family.
    I hope everything works out okay and hopefully the new job you get will be fulfilling.
    I would always recommend you keep in close contact with your family; you are right, life is short and we must fulfill the Lords wish for our lives.
  5. I can relate to that, just because I know what my wife went through.. It was so difficult for her.. but she was very clear that she was walking in Lord's will.. I would say that is the key.. Our God is an awesome God and He will show you if you are going in the right direction.. Ask Him and He will certainly guide you with the right thing to do.. That's the best advice I can give!
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  6. Let him move. He can save money so he can afford to come back and visit you every so often.
  7. In my 62 years of living I have learned that woman usually liver closer to their parents especially their moms more than what guys do. My wife and I have lived most of the time close to her parents, but there was a time we moved 1,500 miles away from them for several years. The Lord does move us sometimes to places we would normally not want to go, but we go anyway. As a family we have learned things we could not have gotten any another way. Some were trials and tribulations , some where very good. Eventually we moved back closer to my wife and my parents because they were getting in their 80's, and we anted to be closer to them in their latter days of life. It was my decision to share a house with my mother, and father in law as they needed help in their old age. My wife did not want to do it, but realized it was what the Lord wanted for us at this time. All I can say is your husband is the head of your house, and the Lord will guide him in his ways as you pray and encourage him to seek what the Lord has for your family. It is very important that you and your husband continually seek the Lords will together, and he will confirm to both of you what you do as a family together. I know it is sometimes, if not always a leap of faith when we do things outside our comfort zones.
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  8. I know that it's difficult to move away from loved ones. My suggestion is like the others, commit your plans to the Lord, and He will cause your thoughts to line up with His will, so that your plans will be established and succeed Prov. 16:3, amp.
    Trusting God sometimes can be difficult, but we have to know that He loves us and that He has our best interests at heart. As you commit your thoughts to God, if He gives you both peace, then trust Him to take good care of you!
    Several years ago, God called me to leave my children, and parents and move to the other side of the usa. Even though it was not easy, God had huge things in store for me. Lots of growing, and learning to trust. I remember Him asking me if i trusted Him to take care of me. I said yes, and He has! Every step of the way!
    It's clearly wonderful that your husband is so supportive of your saving money to go see your family as you and they need. This might be what God has in store to allow your husband to be the man, and provider of your household, as he should be. I agree with others that the husband is the head of the house....and that the two of you need to be seeking God together, for the answer. Whatever is truly God's will He will give you both peace.
    Father, thank You for leading and guiding this young couple. Thank you for giving them peace in the way to go, as they seek Your wisdom in this matter. They are Your sheep, and we know that You love them and only want the best for them both! Thank You for strengthening them as a couple and that they have built their foundation to their marriage upon You! In Jesus Name i pray, Amen.
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  9. How is this advice biblical or even christian? Her place is with her husband...come high or low. She took a vow. Understand this one thing....most relationships fail due to 3rd party interference.
  10. Oh no please. That's not how relationships are built. Pits a complete sacrifice, hopefully out of love.
  11. It's a complete sacrifice

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