Husband forbids me to go to church

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  1. Today my husband forbids me from going to church anymore, is it my duty to obey him? What does God's Word say concerning this? Thanks
  2. "Church" isn't a building. You are the church. You can assemble online or with friends. Better, have church with your husband, 1 Peter 3:1. God put him over you per your choice, Rom 13:1. I don't follow dogma, I want to follow the word of God.
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  3. Can you share why? what reasons does he have for this attitude?
    Heb 10:25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.
    But at the same time open defiance of your husband is not good.
    In the place of a traditional Church service, is there a mid week Bible study group (day or night) that you could attend?
    A ladies group or similar?
    Maybe you could host one in your home?
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  4. Like Abdicate said: YOU are the Church! If you are a Born Again, Saved-Saint, Adopted Child of God, you have the Holy Spirit in you.

    You can't get rid of the Holy Spirit; you can ignore Him, grieve Him, rebel against Him and be cruel towards Him, but He won't leave you or forsake you. Good thing God isn't like us. (BTW: I am pretty sure I have mastered all of the above-LORD forgive me!)

    Don't starve yourself spiritually no matter what you decide. Read your Bible, pray (for your husband), sing Psalms, Spiritual songs and Hymns (worship). Consider this a chance to "Live out your Faith".
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  5. I am more happy now. I laugh more. The first time it happened he found a reason to yell at me. This was last july 2015. He bought me a new car and I was so happy, like a natural high. So we went to a restaurant to celebrate and I was still giddy. I knew it was the Holy Spirit. He looked down at his shirt and saw it was not buttoned right and he went into a rage right there in the restaurant. He said it was my fault. He was mad because all day we were at the car dealers. Since then I keep the joy of God and peace and love. He wants me to not go to church and I can do that, but he wants me to stop listening to religious music and reading the bible and so forth. He's threatening to leave me. It's funny because I love him more then when we first married, but he wants me the way I was, which was like a dead door mat. I don't have to go to church, and I don't mean a building because we don't have a building, I love the people, but I want to continue to change and I want to look like, smell, feel like Jesus. I love Jesus, He so real for me, I don't want to ever go back to who i was. Even now, I don't want to be who I was yesterday. Now, sometimes Hubby will say he wants to make me the happiest wife in the world. I am honoring him and respecting him, and fierce in my loyalty to him.
  6. Thank you for comment, I will mediate on them :)
  7. I do not know all the circumstances. But let me share this with you. My personal experience. My mom was born again believer. She was saved while carrying me. But dad is still an unbeliever and he is Hindu. Indian culture is very different. My dad never allowed my mom to got to Church. I watched all these while growing up. She was always obedient to him. She would not visit Church at all. Only occasionally she would visit Church. Especially during Good Friday, Christmas or New Year. Otherwise, home was Church. She would pray, read Bible, sing songs and even preach! Yea, she would preach to us :) Now we all sons are married and moved out. Now my dad is not the same old person. He lets her go anywhere freely. She goes to Church every week and attends lot of prayer meetings as well. She has full liberty.

    All I am saying is, my mom always obeyed my dad. And Lord did bless her. The ultimate blessing we all are waiting for is change in my dad's heart and coming to Christ
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  8. Ravindra,
    Your response is the most apt and complete. of all and Angela, you will do well to pay close attention to this. I stnd on authority of the word of God to say that if you obey your husband, but finding alternative means to be a part of the church (especially in this age, you can listen and download messages online, be a part of a forum like this etc, and especially practice diligently praying (in the spirit) and studying the word with a view to walking in word), trust me, your husband will be moved to show leniency and eventually to Christ, without you saying a word. There are times you may loose your cool, say or do something contrary to scriptures. Don't feel guilty. just ask God to forgive and help you. Then tell your husband you are sorry. Be consistent in well doing by the life of God and the help of the Lord Holy Spirit.

    Continue to be the good and romantic wife you were before you became christian. Some women think being romantic is unspiritual. It is perfectly ok, if you are with your husband. Strife to become better and more attractive, physically but most importantly, spiritually.

    READ 1PETER 3:1-6.

    The Lord be with you. You will soon be out of this.
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  9. From what you are describing, IMO the problem goes deeper than your husband not wanting you to go to church. It seems to me that he has a "controlling" element in his character and usually that gets worse instead of better as time goes on. Since he has threatened already to leave you over this, you might be well advised to be prepared for that to happen but for any other reason he comes up with.

    As been said, you can worship the Lord all by yourself but then as calvin correctly said, the Scriptures say that we are to gather together in corporate worship service.
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  10. My husband is treating me well today, it turns out he just wanted money, I have already given him over 30 thousand dollars. So has his daughters. He got singled out by the irs and was sued by some people who broke into one of his rentals and broke a sink and it fell on a child. I do pray and worship constantly and would appreciate your prays. I don't want to fight alone, thanks :)
  11. I will be honest, i will need prayers to be romantic, because after last night it ain't in me. I forgive him, but if someone cuts your foot off you forgive but the foot is still cut and it hurts, lol
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  12. You got it! I do not know you my dear but I do know many ladies in just the same situation are you are in.

    It sounds to me like this is not his 1st marriage and also that there is another agenda in his focus.

    My prayer is that you would be alert, and that you would not be deceived. Remember, love is the root of all marriages and the love of money is the root of all evil. Be careful and wise.

    "Father God. Bless Angela with good thoughts and the power to know right from wrong. I pray for her and ask you to encourage her and to give her strength and wisdom, but most of all I pray for her husband to come to Christ and be saved, In Jesus name, Amen".
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  13. Your husband does not have an issue with church.

    He has an issue with you gaining confidence. It's a spiritual warfare situation. As you become closer to God, it shines more light on him not being close to God. That makes him uncomfortable, because on a deeper level, he knows he's in the wrong.

    It causes him to act out in control, and try to stop you from growing in that relationship.

    Biggest lesson I learned in marriage is this: your husband is not God. God says to have a relationship with Him. He also put the man in a leadership position. However, you are not honoring God by obeying your husband in minimalizing your relationship with Him. It's the same as when the Bible says to obey earthly authority unless it goes against God.

    God out ranks your husband. If your husband says to tame down your relationship with God, it's absolutely ok to ignore that and keep pursuing Him.

    Not to spite him, but because it's what's best for you.
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    A husband can not usurp what God has already said for you to do!! The husband is the head of his wife in a marriage, but he is not the head of the women in Christ, for there is no male or female in the Lord. I am assuming your husband is not a believer, and if he is not, you do what the Lord tells you in his Word, and if your husband does not like it, it is OK for him to leave your marriage as it is written here.

    1Co 7:14.. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.
    1Co 7:15.. But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

    If you married this man knowing he was a unbeliever, and you were a believer at the time of marriage, then you have painted yourself into a corner. This is why the Bible tells us not to be unequaled yoke together with unbelievers for this very reason you are experiencing this problem.
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  15. Thank you for coMoment, they r helpful and encouragiug
  16. I do not believe we should be discussing this man, for he is Angela's husband. What happens between husband and wife is a private matter.

  17. That is absolutely true, however she is the one who brought it in and asked for help. All we have done is respond to her needs as she defined them.
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  18. Keeping things hidden is the Devil's best weapon.
  19. I know Christian women who have had such opposition from their unsaved husbands. The thing some of them did was to make a stand: they stood up to their husbands and told them that they serve God and love Him and while they are committed to their husbands, they are going to serve God with all they've got, thankful for all He has blessed them with. Either hubby can join her or be left behind. Eventually, the husbands, after realizing that their Christian wives' word is good, and that they are lovely because of Jesus Christ living in and through them, they are no longer intimidated by their commitment, and they come around.
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  20. My husband said i can go to church which is the people cause we don't have a building. Thank you all for the prayers and support, much love :)
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