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Hurricane Shutters

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Jeffin, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Hurricane Shutters

    Just a reminder: Hurricane Shutters Florida has done a good financial contribution to our community. Take a look at their website: http://www.hurricaneshuttersflorida.com/flashutter/
    and contact them for inquiries or for a free estimate.
  2. I looked and yes, they have awesome products like the glass~
    We don't have hurricanes where I live but it's always good to know, just in case.

  3. As I mentioned in another posting area of the Forum some time ago, I have seen these products in action in various places along the Gulf Coast and southern Atlantic Coast. They work as advertised and are a much better alternative to just using plywood.

    When our Chaplain Responders go in to a post hurricane devastation area and see 10 foot long 2 X 4 lumber driven right through a 15 inch Royal Palm tree trunk, THAT is what destroys property... debris driven by 150 MPH+ winds. These shutters and other products from the company are rated for high energy impact and definately do the job.
  4. I have also visited their website and reccomended a friend to review it.
  5. I notice that they are located in Florida- do they ship these products? I wonder if these can be install by an individual?
  6. They ship to anyone and YOU then have the installation done by a local installer or do-it-yourself by FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER.

    Quoting from their website:

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