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  1. Hurricane Preparedness

    This thread area will be utilized for the benefit of our members and viewers who live in hurricane prone areas of the U.S. For most persons in these areas, hurricane preparedness is a well known topic, but for persons who are new to the coastal areas, we will post an outline of recommended preparedness steps. This will include procedures and equipment that should be a part of your family and household so you can be better prepared to stay safe and take care of your loved ones. We will cover the monitoring of storm development, the necessities for securing your property and the procedures and hurricane kit items needed during a storm and during an evacuation order. The 2007 Hurricane Season doesn't officially start until June 01, but we will start our own preparedness postings here in February so everyone in the coastal areas has time to be prepared.

    Thank you and we pray that the 2007 season will be as mild as the 2006 season was. In the mean time, please refer to the official American Red Cross links for hurricane preparedness as listed here:,1082,0_587_,00.html,1082,0_3_,00.html
  2. Hurricane Preparedness Week 2007

    This year, Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 20-26, 2007.

    The National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have provided an excellent Hurricane Preparedness website for the benefit of anyone living in the US Coastal areas that are prone to Hurricane Landfalls.

    It is of utmost importance for coastal residents to know the potential dangers of Hurricanes and to be prepared to deal with the issues of personal safety, property preparation and evacuation procedures well in advance of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season which officially starts June 01. Our weather phenomena and studies group, headquartered in southern Alabama, also recommends that each family living in such coastal areas, invest in a good quality Weather Alert Radio which uses the regional broadcasts from NOAA to provide you with important safety information.

    Please review the details provided in this very important Hurricane Preparedness website listed below. Thank you and be safe!
  3. Update

    The 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season runs (officially) from June 01 through the end of November. We have already had one named storm of subtropical nature, and we can expect an active season this year.

    Hurricane Preparedness and Education Week runs from May 20 to the 26 this year. I would also like to repeat the Hurricane Preparedness link to The American Red Cross Disaster Services site recapping procedures that should be utilized by everyone who lives in or near Hurricane prone coastal areas. This website is currently being updated for the 2007 Season, but the preparednes information contained in this site is a valuable resource:

    As a Chaplain with The American Red Cross Disaster Services Team, and an unofficial weather analyst, I'd like to thank all those persons here who have contacted me in PM to discuss the upcoming 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season possibilities. As always, my advice is to "be fully prepared" for these storms and have all your preparedness procedures and evacuation plans in order early. Your lives and the lives of your loved ones may depend upon it.
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