humble thoughts?

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  1. humble thoughts?

    Hello everybody,
    do you have any way to deal with your selfishness?
    From time to time I think about Moses, David, Samuel... such great men of faith.. and so humble...
    Well, one thing is to behave and speak humbly, which I consider very important. But on the other hand - what if my thoughts are so selfish?
    Can you remember any biblical story od character who was tough how to deal with selfish thoughts although he behaved humbly?
    Thanks for sharing.
  2. ask God for help.i would get stupid thoughts,and still do from time to time,i knew they were not random,and about silly subjects of little importance,but i knew they were there to distract me from other stuff.ask God to sort it for ya.:)
  3. I remember one.

    And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor.
    The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds:
    But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.
    And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.

    And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die:
    And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.

    And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.

    There was a time that David was selfish in his thoughts yet still behaved humbly. It was a mistake. He was sorry and regretted it dearly.
  4. The scripture that comes to mind when I ask my self that question is the one in Galatians that states were to be crucified with Christ . I believe much of my life i allowed the "flesh" to be more in control than it should have , I know we all know when we begin to place the flesh in check it just screams and cry's "what about me" it can be such a slow death to die away to the demands of the flesh and put to death the carnal . I found through my not so good of times battling with the flesh the words written in Galatians helped me through it most .
  5. Staying in God's Word helps us not to be selfish...
  6. yes, I see. It is nice of God to have let us his Word to guide us. It is so hard to let my "ME" die... God help me. And all the people who want it.
  7. And God will help you I believe ,he hears all the prayers and knows the needs of each .

    Just say often as you can

    Lord Jesus your our refuge
    our God in thee do we trust
    come and talk with us .

    It s how his power comes
    to those who believe that
    and act on the belief of it .

    all power is given unto Jesus the Christ
    It is his to give or to his to with hold
    yet even Jesus acknowledged this one truth
    he does NOT with hold it from the soul that dwells NEAR HIM :heart:
    Because it is then Not a gift

    when we learn to shut our """SELVES""" away IN HIS PRESENCE and then with out speaking , you have those things you desire so much

    It is BREATHED IN by the soul who LIVES IN Jesus Christ's presence .

    It is the secret end, what a JOY IT IS to be ended with the self of our own self
    and experience what the self of our own can never know apart from Jesus Christ

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