Hubble's picture of .."Heaven's Gate"..

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  2. Quite an awesome picture! I once saw a movie in I.MAN Dome theater in Newark. I think they called the documentary as The Hubble. Probably a shortened version of movie by same name. Leonardo De Caprio gave voice. The images they showed were breathtaking. I was praising God for His wonderful work and creation.
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  3. Amazing picture. I want a telescope. A really big telescope!!!
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  4. AWESOME!!!!
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  5. Wow! Looking at marvellous pictures like this always fills with awe for the beauty, complexity, and immensity of God's creation. It also reminds me of just how infinitesimal we humans are against the backdrop of the cosmos. Upon the heels of this thought comes a deep gratitude that a being as great and powerful as God should love us tiny, puny, and sinful humans. We are so immensely privileged to be the children of a God who is capable of creating what is in that picture. That picture also punctuates the fact that with God all things are possible.
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  6. Glory to God!!!
    I'm speechless
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