How's your day going?

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  1. Hi guys!

    What is going on with you today? What is something exciting that has happened?

    Let's bring some joy onto the forum and get some testimonies of what God has done for you. Being alive is one testimony!

    To get out of the darkness, let's proclaim the joy and the light that God has given to us. In Thessalonians, it talks about how we are no longer children of the darkness. Let's live that out! We are children of the light.

    Today, I became a fitness coach to two people! Super exciting!

    Warning: This thread is not for debates, bashing, and even discussions. This is an opportunity to bring praise and to bring joy about what is going on in our life. If you are wanting to debate, I will kindly have to ask you to please start another thread about a topic you want to discuss. Thanks!
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  2. Everyday is a joy to be alive. God is good all the time. congrats on the fitness coach. I go to a fitness trainer lol. Lost 40 pounds so far.
  3. Every day off from work is very good! :)
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  4. I am thankful for each day of life God has given me in his beautiful creation. I am thankful for the love I share with my family, friends, neighbors and my sweet girlfriend, who loves the Lord as I do. I am thankful that I have a warm, dry place to sleep. I am thankful that I have plenty of food to eat, a quart of hot sauce and today I found a 3 pound can of coffee, I haven't seen one of those for years.
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  5. Oh and I am thankful for having my own personal fitness trainer, my son. He's a bear, maybe I should have been nicer to him when he was younger. :)
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  6. Yesterday seemed like your day! What about today? :)

    What's great about today? :) And congrats on the 40 pounds!

    Haha yes! Do you have another day off today?

    I am thankful I spent some time with God this morning and am thankful for the love that he enveloped me in! So ready to get into work and kick butt! :)
  7. Day 2 of thankfulness.
    I am thankful that I woke up this morning, safe and warm. I am thankful that I had electricity to make my coffee and coffee to make. I am thankful that while I was sleeping the dryer did it's job and I have clean, dry clothes to wear. I am thankful that I have a washer and dryer (if you have ever had to do laundry by hand, you can appreciate that gift. I am thankful that I found $1.50 in the laundry. I am thankful I found my son's laptop and thankful that we both have laptops. I am thankful that we have internet so I can check the news to discover the world did not blow up while I was sleeping. I am thankful that we have clean, chemical free running water that we can drink. I am thankful I have a bible to read while I drink my coffee, so I can read how God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that I may have forgiveness for my sins (which are many). I am thankful that my car started this morning and my seat warmer was working on this cold morning. I am thankful I got to see a beautiful sunrise and a rafter of turkeys (they are my neighbors so they are safe for now but if I ever get hungry-bam-thanksgiving). I am thankful that my son and I have gym memberships so we can exercise to be strong and healthy. I am thankful we are both healthy enough to exercise. I am thankful that I got to work safely and my job was still there. Lastly I am thankful for the person who encouraged me to be thankful for all the little things we take for granted each day.
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  8. Had to phone supplier up second time for an order that has failed twice to be delivered. Think it's sorted this time.

    New chairs have failed to arrive on last date of promised delivery and the charity parents donated the old 3 piece suite to are due to collect tomorrow. We will probably be on dining room type chairs in the living room for the next couple of days. Second blow with the furniture btw. The first was my parents getting this almost brand new 3 piece suite and failing to spot it was much bigger than the previous one, mistake seeming to be an assumption that a set with a 2 seater settee must necessarily be smaller than the old one which had 3 seats.

    Stray cat got scared by mum starting the car but she had to go to the doctors. Terrible throat plus she needed results of some tests back. Some good news there though. BP is reducing with the tablets and other tests are good.

    Father coped OK this time with his home visit from the psychologist.

    All in all, a reasonably normal day.
  9. Just came to office after some blood work for my wife.. I am really thankful to the Lord that I made home safely yesterday.. It took 90 mins (usually takes like 30 to 40 mins in evening). Roads were so slippery and messy with wintry mix and ice. Today it has been raining from morning. More snow expected.
    Just getting into work and has been a blessed day so far..
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  10. well it is morning here and sun is shining and got heaps to do today so pray I can get all done! I would like to finish reading my book angels miracles and heavenly encounters.
    Then return it to the library as got another one to pick up.
    Thankfully all the books I read are free.

    Also I have errands to do and thankfully someone answered my ad on trademe to sell my backpack as not using anymore. I don't know what to do with the money just yet but sure God will show me what to do with it.

    I will drop in to see the guys doing the shoebox ministry and ask if can help, maybe not in the warehouse but in some other capacity. And then meaning to see an ex workmate at the library to sit in her english class and help others learn the basics.

    I applied for a job yesterday at the bible college up the road. They never answered my application the last couple of times I applied so..not holding out much hope but that is a job I can do at their library. Otherwise I'm happy doing God's work at home.

    what else..oh..I do need to get materials ready and maybe some plants to repot the hanging baskets at church as promised to do that..and did put my name down for their playgroup but maybe someone else doing it heard it was a paid position.

    I have decided not to let it bother me that I don't have a steady job because I still pay taxes anyway...from my benefit so..just waiting for the right job to come along when God calls me I will be ready. Also..well, I better get dressed and thankful God gave me clothes to wear and I'm allowed to choose what to wear and also..when I ask him he always gives me good stuff that fits. I used to have this problem worrying bout what to wear but now don't have that anymore. Hallelujah!

    (although..autumn coming up so..will need some warmer things later on).
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  11. Lanolin, even with a brother and family in Oz (Queensland), I don't understand your upside down seasons :)

    Anyway, you have brightened me up as the season's are a changing. I can not translate this song or know what it is about, except it is fun to sing and say one bit in text "Mae'r gwanwyn wedi dod" translates to Spring has come.

    (posted as an English person who lived in Wales)
  12. Playing this song just makes my day!!

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  13. I am thankful for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! And for the ability to fellowship with the almighty! I woke up this morning craving too spend time with The Father! He takes such wonderful care of us!
    Thanks for the thread, and to the rest for all of the good reports! I do so enjoy reading other testimonies of God's goodness!
    Blessings to everyone for a wonderful, peaceful day!
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  14. What song is that? I do not have the data to view it right now. Blessings!
  15. This band is called, "Big Daddy Weave" very very anointed group!!
    The song is called "Overwhelmed"
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    Hmm, just a short note to the one I posted. I gave it as a song but having looked at the video, the language is Welsh and the singers sound Welsh but the video looks to be set in Ireland. (place names and accents on letters on the signs are hints. And the van at the end is RTE!).
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  17. I discovered Big Daddy Weave when I found their song, "Redeemed"! It is anointed, for sure! I still weep when I watch and sing along with it.

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  18. Guys, I'm loving these stories!

    I bought a bus ticket to go to Boston next month! Super excited!
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  19. Just be careful with the snow walls :) I used to live near Boston.. I know the place quite well..
  20. Hopefully the snow walls will be gone! Where should I visit in Boston? :)

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