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  1. Howdy

    Just checking in~macrohard mentioned it in the computer forum at the former christianforums, so I thought I'd check ya out.

  2. Welcome to our small community, MrJim. :D We are not as big as CF but we are surely a bunch of friendly brothers and sisters. Hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to engage in the discussions and share your faith and experiences.

    Let me know if you need any help. God bless.
  3. Welcome aboard MrJim.....:D
    :)Mr. Jim!!! :)

  5. Welcome Mr Jim.
    Great to have you on board.
  6. You are most welcome here Mr Jim!
  7. Welcome!
    God bless you!
  8. Thanks for welcoming me:)
  9. Wow, I was just over there a couple days ago......knew there was some changes in the works.....change of name too :confused:. Ok, hope it changes some att ....ok, won't go there.....:p

    Only have one friend there: like it much better here...maybe because it's smaller and more...ah, what's the word I'm looking for....disiplined, courteous, loving, caring,...oh, sorry, that's more than one word...:rolleyes:. Anyway, over at cf, people like me are the odd-ball outs; here, I'm accepted! :bow:Thank you Jesus!
  10. just visited there....sigh......:(:crying_anim:
  11. Howdy MrJim, newbie here also !
  12. :heart:Miss Angel, you know you are loved here. Not only for your funny sense of humor either!!! :heart:

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