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  1. Howdy

    Howdy all,
    I live in Texas and am a layman in the church. I have been saved for 22 years and 5 months, after hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ when I was 28 years old. I attend a conservative Southern Baptist Church.
    I am married to a wonderful woman soon to be 25 years, and we have 5 sons. We have lived in Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, and now Texas.
    I hope to add some Biblical insight into my posts. I have the gifts of teaching, and prophesy(proclaiming the Word of God); therefore I see things black and white and come off offensive at times. I only mean to proclaim the truth, and to warn others of false teachings.
    God bless one and all.
  2. Hi Solo, welcome to CFS. :smt028
    Enjoy your stay here. Hoping to learn from you. Invite your friends too.
  3. Welcome to the forums, Solo! I hope you like it here!

    Are you the same guy from (If you are, please excuse the stupid question because it's late and my brain doesn't work well as it is.) Anyway, just curious.

    Hope to see you around! God bless you!

    In Christ,

  4. Same ole hard-headed Solo from 123 Christian Forum! ](*,)

    No question is a stupid question.
  5. Hey. Thanks for the welcome.
    I will have to get in the habit of coming over here and posting, but I like the looks of this forum! \:D/
  6. Hi Solo,
    It's holly67 from 123,I'm glad your here,I hope you stay for a long time!

    Warm thoughts & prayers, :smt059
  7. Welcome


    Welcome! With five sons I hope you stop by the parenting forum.

    Glad you are with us.
  8. Hello Solo good to see you , welcome I have talked with you also on 123 forums. Hope you enjoy it here , sorry for the delay in welcomeing you I have been away for awhile with friends in MD. :)
  9. I am in the process of filing for medical disability, and it is takes much time here of late compiling all of my medical records from the various doctors that I have seen since my motorcycle accident. I am also helping my wife start a new business with the little chores that she has going. I also have one son in college playing baseball, one son that is a senior in high school, a son that is a freshman in high school, and a darling little fourth grade son that prays better than the rest of us put together. I have commitment on the 123 forum as moderator (many don't like my stand on issues) in reading the many posts and posting my understanding of the Word of God. All in all, my time with God, family, friends, others, and day to day business is spread thin. Hopefully, I will be able to make a fair showing at this forum, as it looks like the place to be.
    Thanks all,

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