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What do you think about modern-day Church

  1. It is not reaching out to the lost

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  2. It is doing a fine job as it is

  3. It could do more

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  1. Howdy,
    I am Anthony, Jr. from Northern California originally. I have ten siblings, and my parents have been together since, well, I don't know, 1983, you do the math, LOLz. I am short for everyone in my family, 5'9.5". Everyone else is over six feet tall. I love Country music, and play the guitar and banjo. I am very active in exercising and being out in nature. I can't stand going to Church because I feel that Church is not focused around God any longer. To me, it has become a "feel-good" experiencing with many denominations resorting to over-looking sinful actions and allowing them. So, I seek my fellowship in my home and out in His nature, to me, it is better.
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  2. Welcome Anthony,
    Yep being out in Gods great out doors is the next best thing to being in Heaven, well at least for some of us. Make your self at home and let the wonderful fellowship begin.
    Again welcome
    God Bless
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  3. Hey, hey! That's how I feel too! I have long conversations with God and I feel Him close to me.
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  4. Welcome to CFS,

    We're glad to see you here. I'm sure you'll settle in quickly, but before you go ahead with full involvement within these forums, please read the information within the following two links; these will help you with your account, the rules etc.

    Should you have any questions, please ask any staff member who would be happy to assist.
  5. Welcome to CFS!
  6. Welcome to CFS, Anthony!

  7. Welcome Anthony! I am originally from northern california as well. Blessing of grace and peace be unto you in abundance!

    I feel that a lot of churches needs some developing in many areas and i am praying that they will grab ahold of teaching the truth of the Word (those who are not) instead of the religious traditions that they have grabbed ahold of.
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  8. Whereabouts Bro?
  9. Bay area mostly
  10. Where is that?
  11. It is up near the borders of Oregon, Cali, and Nevada LOLz.
  12. Ahhh now i see. Not been that way to often. But it is definitely beautiful country up there :)
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