How Will U Spend Your Stimulus Check?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Whirlwind, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. How Will U Spend Your Stimulus Check?

    I'm going to buy that snazzy laptop I've had my eye on for a while.

    Someone suggested that I put the money in the bank. Pffft!:mad: No way, Jose!

    I use all of my personal equipment for work anyways. God has granted this gift to me (I believe), and it'll make my work a lot easier.

    So how are you going to spend yours?;)
  2. For those who are not in the USA and do not know about this, our government seemed to think that rather than addressing energy issues directly and the rising costs of food, transportation, and mortgages, that they would place a sum of cash in our pockets to 'strengthen' the economy.

    As with most plans of this type, it is a "Band Aid" to cover an amputation, so to speak... but we are being forced to accept $300.00 to $600.00 per tax payer without the ability to reject it.

    In my case, it went into a deferred account to help offset the costs of the ministry. We are not a revenue generating ministry under ANY circumstances and are not registered as a non-profit organization. So all of our expenses are out-of-pocket and not tax deductable.

    Oh, well, it may come in handy someday...
  3. Anyone who feels that they should refuse that money remember you can donate it to Jeff to keep the forum running.
    Easy for me to say as beingh in the UK I will not be getting it.
  4. Oh, gee!:(

    Now I feel guilty about that laptop again.:p
  5. PLEASE do NOT feel guilty. I was not in any way suggesting you should not get a laptop. In fact to be honest if I was in the USA and received the money it would be going towards my computer which is getting a little old.
  6. Hey where's ours. ? And they are saying our dollar is the stongest it has been in years, but I don't see any extra.... Hmmmmm

    Thanks for the explanation Pastor Gary as I was going to ask what you all were talking about.
  7. I'm just teasing, House.

    I cut my family off...I no longer give them money and they're all angry at me over that.:mad:

    With that saved-money, I was going to buy my laptop. I think it was Dusty or Fluffy who suggested that I do something good for myself...but I got to feeling guilty about that.:eek:

    Then my cord stopped working for my laptop. Instead of buying a new one, I took a utility knife and opened the casing on the cord. I found what was wrong, soldered it back together, sealed the case, good as new. Then the internal plug to my laptop went out. *sigh* I took it apart, found what was wrong...went to radio shack, got the part, replaced it myself.

    Now I just found out my stimulus check is on the way. Whoo-hoo!

    I'll stimulate the economy alright, hee hee!:p

    (for once I have a rich uncle, hee hee)
  8. They can "force" me to take money any day. :D

    My check is already spent -- bills.
  9. Ours is mostly spent.
    Most of it went to bills. A little to new clothes for us and the kids. Whats left will be for our vacation to Arizona at the end of July.
  10. a side of beef, minor home repairs, summer camp...spent...that was WAY too quick!:eek: :D
  11. That's not my problem, my problem is how to get the check off of my wife - any ideas?
  12. :D - If it is in just your name, don't endorse it until 'negotiations' are completed. If she forges your signature, remind her that forgery is a Federal Offense...:D

    Tongue in cheek...:p
  13. Should not some goto the lord :israel:
  14. My wife has forged my name on paychecks for so many years that if I actually signed one myself the bank would think it a forgery. :)
  15. LOL Jasher - that's cute!:p

    I recently took a course in copperplate penmanship because my handwriting is (was) awful! Now it looks like the declaration of independend, hee hee! I've had to prove that it was me signing since then.:p

    I still haven't gotten my stimulus check. My friend hasn't gotten his either. I was at Walmart a few weekends back and there was a looooong line of people. They had to shut down Customer Service because they ran out of the money, and people waiting for a long time were angry.:mad:

    My social security number means that I won't get my cut until the very end...I hope that laptop is still there.:rolleyes:

    ...and God bless you, soccer old buddy! Yes, yes indeed! Some of it should go to the Lord. He deserves it, rightfully. Thank you for that reminder.;)
  16. Sadly mine was spent before it arrived but at least the bills got paid.:)
  17. Still haven't gotten it. I'm hoping it comes soon, because it's burning a hole in my pocket and I don't even have it yet! was mailed out, I checked online.

    I feel like that lady in that commercial on TV, standing at the store window, tapping on it saying: Open, open, open, open!
  18. I JUST GOT IT!!!


    I opened my mailbox just now...and there 'twas.

    Laptop - here I come!:p
  19. I'm going to give this laptop to my friend; he's going to give his laptop to my baby sister. She's going to use it for work when we hire her here in a few weeks.

    So it's all good.;)
  20. Question ..... Why do they call it a stimulus check ?

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