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  1. I'm not sure how things are in parliament where everyone here lives, but I can tell you a bit about ours.
    Many has called it a circus.
    I recall one day standing with my family in from of some baboon cages in a zoo, and yup, that was pretty much how parliament looks. Chaotic.
    But, how strong is our faith in God really. See what South African believers are doing to get it right.
  2. Awesome!
  3. Prayer in parliament has always been the case here but so many of the politicians nowadays are unbelievers that they just pay lip service or even try to have it banned. And of course those with muslim sympathies and other religions pray to their own gods. Besides, we ought to pray in secret anyway.
  4. There is nothing wrong with a group of people coming together in prayer, Lanolin. If one is making a big deal of it for their own glory - "look at me everyone, I'm praying" - then, yes, that is wrong.
  5. Sorry i didnt read the article, i didnt say nothing wrong with people coming together but they do it in secret thats fine. Not in front of everyone to show off how pious they are. Like muslims do.

    Prayer is something we do everyday, nothing to show off about. I just making a point here, not saying its wrong to come together! I repeat, nothing wrong, but check your heart motives. I have known some people just boast about their prayer life and make the most long winded prayers ever.
    If you look at jewish ppl at the wailing wall they also pray in public so everyone can see how pious they are. I think God does know when ppl are being religious and when they are genuine.
  6. This is particularly prayer for our country to return to God, return to Christ. This land is so caught up with ancestry worship it is unbelievable - it is the preferred activity of our ruling party, and yet, they make the decisions that lead everything to do with the country. And so Christians of all races came together for forgiveness, reconciliation and to repent for the sins of this nation and for prayer to return to God.
    I'll be honest, I did not even know this took place, except this Christian news site that heard and reported about it.
    I'll be honest, it does make me a bit more proud to be a Christian in this country.
  7. As believers we all should be praying for our government. For God to get Godly leaders in there and that they will vote acording to their faith in God and the integrity of the written Word of God. This is what Daniel did and God ruled the whole government...not the god of this world. Even the kings respected God.

    Thanks for sharing this article arrie!
    God Bless
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  8. I did not even know that people would be allowed access to the parliament building to do such. Amazed when I read this.
    We have two Christian parties in South Africa, the ACDP and UCDP, during the last elections - 2014 - those two parties combined could not even scrape together 18% of total vote in South Africa. And yet, these are the only parties that has outwardly Christian values in their mandate and constitution. I actually know of a lot of Christians that voted for the strongest opposition just for the hope of getting the work done.
    Nonetheless - what brilliance from my brothers and sisters to have seen this campaign through.
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