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  1. Hi everyone. So, I want to study and understand the bible. What are some tips that will help me get the right interpretation?
    There're so many disagreement over what scripture says, how does one find the truth?

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  2. Great question! My personal experience. I do use a few study Bibles and resources online.. There are teachers and preachers whom I respect a lot. Then my Pastor.. These are trusted resources for me. But I don't agree with all of them on everything. So I don't take that as final authority. But certainly helps a lot in my Bible study

    There are occasions I try to study on topics. I use concordance to find all Bible verses, search online, etc to find what Bible says as a whole about that topic. That strengthens my understanding. I use a similar approach when studying particular passages or a book. I try to look what Bible has to say about that. I try to understand the context considering the entire book. It would require me to read through the Book multiple times. Because the meaning of a verse would be understood better as we read down through the chapters. I also try to see why the author mentions something at that point. It helps me to read scripture in context.
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  3. Thanks. I downloaded a study bible. And Strong's. Is the JFB commentary good? I have that too.
  4. Don't feel like you need to understand everything the first time around. A lot of verses are like seeds that are planted, and some day in the future they'll sprout and you'll realize what it meant when you didn't before.

    If you find a particular verse, or excerpt that your really interested in, go and look up the original Greek, or Google it and see what doctrines are derived from it, and how others interpret it.

    And of course, thoughtful prayer is the best way.
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  5. I have not used used.. So really not sure..
  6. The only way to study the scriptures is to meditate on them and in prayer and by using the scriptures to understand the scriptures. It's okay to start with, but listening or reading commentaries only leaves one consuming whatever someone else attempts to understand. The Holy Spirit wants to teach you, learn to listen to Him as you meditate. To learn more, read what I wrote back in February about what meditation means:
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  7. I see. Thanks.
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    I think I have said this here before, but I will say it again. I have learned a secret to learning Wisdom and understanding from the Lord, and I learned this when I was very very young. I learned that if I would lift my voice and cry loud and long enough I could pretty much get anything I wanted!!! This kind of desire, and motivation must be had by every Christian if he/she really wants to understand God and His Word.

    Pro 2:3= Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;
    Pro 2:4= If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;
    Pro 2:5= Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
    Pro 2:6= For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh and understanding.

    Do you still remember how to cry?

    To really know someone, you have to talk to them as you would anyone. Before we can understand the Word of God we must know the author, and only then will we be able understand his word, because he is the only one who can tell us what he meant when he spoke it.
    The Father speaks to us, and then he confirms what he said to us in His Word, and then the Holy Spirit bears witness to the truth.

    This is the only way to know truth. Any other way is just speculation and guess work on our part.
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  9. Buy the ESV Study Bible and read the intro for each book before you actually read the book. There is usually a summary and then a quick overview for each book and it makes you feel like you've read it twice.

    Speaking of reading it twice, do that. I'm currently reading each book twice before moving on to the next and I feel like it has helped me tremendously.
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  10. I never thought about that. Thanks.

  11. Thanks.
  12. Are you doing a Bible reading plan? What's your goal for every day?
  13. One of my best friends for the goal of studying the Bible is a small notebook that fits in my purse. When a Bible question pops up, I write it down. As I complete studying the question, I put one line through it. I leave it very readable, because I may need to restudy it again. One example is my note on divorce and remarriage. I have had to restudy it three times now, and I still have questions! So many friends and acquaintances go through this, and I need to make sure of where I stand biblically, then I need to usually be silent.
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  14. That's a good idea. I wish I could carry a purse.
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  15. Purses are not all their cracked up to be. they are cumbersome. My present "purse" is one of those @ 7" X 10" zippered Day Planners -- one of those ring-binders for office notes. You could easily get by with that! It carries note paper in the ring binder, one of my smaller NASBs, pens, a mechanical pencil, a ruler, a calculator, my money and cards, and more. :D
  16. My wife won't let me. She said if I want to carry stuff I can get one of those small bookbags but she won't allow me to carry a satchel for any reason. It's hard. Being married, I mean :)
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  17. My dear.....good question. My advise would be to consider the CONTEXT of the verse you are considering.

    Read the WHOLE chapter so that you can grasp the complete meaning of that one verse.
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  18. ...Yes. And often you have to read way beyond the chapter!
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  19. I'd say read the whole Bible over and over again. Repetition is the best way to learn.
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