How To Surrender To God ?

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  1. Can you list ways too, I'm learning up on patiences.. and found out that some key points in being patient are calmess, surrending to God and focusing on him while you wait.. as well as having a positive attitude..while you do it and no complaining.. lol ( feel free to add more from your exps :) w patience)

    The others seem doable ...but total surrender to God ..when i think abt it makes me want to cry xD lol but i need to do it.. idk when I'm in control I either feel good (b/c I'm doinv what I want..watching degrassi or dancemoms) or really scared ( b/c i let fear control.. i deal w/ anxiety : P)

    Either way i need to know how to surrender. physically and mentally.... I'm sry its soo long..but thnx for reading and helping xoxo.
  2. When i say mentally.. this is what I mean. I feel that if you give up control you'll feel at peace... how do i feel those feelings.. b/c when I do it feel frudtrated.. well i guess this would be emotionally. rather than mentally
  3. Maybe this will help:

    Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

    "meek" = kind/ gentle
    "lowly in heart" =Humble

    To 'surrender' we must become 'like' Christ. Study His characteristics, "Follow" Him. Removing ourselves from the picture and installing Christ. Burden yourself in service to Him and helping others. His requirements are easier to bear when compared to the worlds.

    All Christians struggle with this...
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  4. Total surrender takes time, my precious pancake. I thought I had surrendered myself on numerous occasions only to find myself falling back into the same time. A turning point came when I decided to do a fast and separate myself from the world as much as humanly possible. I learned so much about myself, my relationships with people, and most importantly the truth about Christianity.

    I am still knew and not nearly "there yet", but I can tell you that until you really take time and distance yourself from everything that is taking away your time with God, you will never fully be able to surrender yourself or understand his divinity. I now look at the way I have been acting for the past few years after attending church and calling myself a Christian and realize I wasn't really Christian at all. I never really surrendered myself. That's not to say I have completely today, but now I am so much more aware of the errors of my ways and my sins (including the ones I still have today) than I ever have in my entire life. This, in my opinion, would have never happened if I kept walking down the path that I was.

    Have you gone on a fast pancakes? Have you taken away a few things in your life that you feel you absolutely cannot live without and substitute those things and time with God? I did it for 40 days and 40 nights and I don't plan on going back. I still haven't drank or reactivated my FB. Don't care for it much anymore. My life changed and I think yours would too. Surrendering isn't just praying a prayer, it's walking the walk.

    I look forward to the day when I look back on who I am now and can say that I just started my journey.
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  5. "I am still knew and not nearly "there yet", but I can tell you that until you really take time and distance yourself from everything that is taking away your time with God, you will never fully be able to surrender yourself or understand his divinity."

    I heavily agree with that statement... and yah I have fasted ... for a while it was just food.. but even though I was fasting from food I was still distracted w/ drawing and all the things I liked doing... so even though I was fasting i was still distracted.. So I mean I do fast from food from time to time..but I find fasting from things, like some of the things you listed are more effective for me; Like now I try to go 3 days usu fri-sun. w/o doing much internet activity(no FB,checking my ymail,no yahoo answers..i love that site, no going on youtube...*sometimes I let myself listen to music..but they can't be like music videos..i usu do instrumentals...b/c for somereason they help me to concentrate*..but I do get on the computer when I have to study the word... the internet helps me to study....I also fast from drawing and babynames(I can spend hours on the net collectioning international baby names and figuring out how theyre correctly pronounced XD thats another thing that takes a big wallop of my time..... and now im thinking of fasting from degrassi :'s b/c if i dont do nothing else i almost always make sure to watch it at 9pm on fridays. ....

    Amnd I actually came up w/ alott of creative ways to spend time w/ God.. but 40 days n 40 nights is alot... I may do that one day...

    but when it comes to surrenduring i kinda agree w/ dirty's answer a bit more... becoming like christ, doing what he says at any moment, any time.. dying to self .. thats pretty hard for me but i appreciate both answers..and I meant to post this in general discussions :s
  6. Oh I definitely agree with Dirty! I was giving an example of how I have begun "dying to self" but the way it started with me was through fasting, because prior to that I was blind to the fact that I wasn't living in His footsteps. I still have soo far to go. Forty days and forty nights may seem long (and they are) but it's worth it. Good luck to you pancakes and thank you for your honesty.
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  7. I know that in my "trying", I may never totally succeed, but it is in the efforts alone that God sees us striving for the righteous goals we have set!
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  8. Amen Brother!! God sees our Hearts!
  9. I'd agree with both your statements (Robert & Tink) as long as the Child of God in question understands that 'salvation' is not a product of our 'works'. The price was paid and the gift is free to accept-praise the Lord! ;)

    'Circumcise the heart.' (might be an icky visual....but the point is there)
  10. I think Robert and I are saying that we are "trying" in the sense that we are doing our best to grow close to God. My fast was put in place not to prove to God that I could withstand FB or drinking (amongst other things), but that I would finally focus on a relationship with Him and get to know Him on the level that would allow me to open my eyes to what it really is to be Christlike and in His presence. Does that make sense? Or is that still works? :oops: I want to do it the right way :confused:
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  11. I agree w/ what I put in italics :) even though I fast from baby names and the internet sometimes..the minute im consumes me im not sure what to do.. I could cut it out completely but I do need the computer for practical things so maybe ,w/ the computer thats not entirely possible.

    But could you tell me tink, about what you got out of it :)
  12. Lol I didnt mean to put it all in italics.. but the computer really has a hold on me ..I was fasting from it yesterday ..and one thing lead to another and i got carried away ..when I had plans to pray to the lord again b4 I went to sleep..that didnt happen XD ... I think I sometimes have more of a relationship w/ this computer here XDD lol but yah its a problem : s

    i dont want to give it up but i need to
  13. I think if it not not against Gods will then it's not bad to do, but if your time is consumed with it and it is taking away time that could be spend with God, then it might not be the best thing for you.

    You know what pancakes? That would be a true fast...the computer! Even for me! I might try that one day, but wow, giving up FB, going out, the TV, and the computer all together would be quite a challenge, but I am confident it can be done.

    I commend you for trying to steer away from the computer and I know God sees your efforts (so do you :)) I'm kind of interested in your fascination with baby names lol...where did it come from?

    Onto your question, what I got out of the fast (that I am still doing since Jan 14th) is clarity. I walked around saying I was Christian, believing I was Christian, but did not have the heart of a Christian and wasn't acting like one whatsoever. There is something about stepping away from what you think you need so badly that makes you realize all you need is Him. So now I am trying to undergo a transformation. I still battle with a few things, but I have rid myself of other sins that I couldn't have had I not gone on the fast. Sexual immorality being one. :oops:

    Everyone is different though. God and I know that I am easily tempted because I'm just starting to take my relationship with Him seriously. So every time I think of going back on FB or doing something that I gave up on the fast, I realize It's just not time. I truly feel He is telling me that. He knows my limitations. Same with you, He knows what is best for you.

    So for some, maybe a fast isn't necessary. Their heart is immediately ready to receive God and like that they are immediately transformed! Wellll, not for me, and not for most people I've talked to. Yes, we change and we feel it in our heart and do immediately see things differently, but very few go through a "night and day" transformation.

    Essentially, I am finally surrendering because I have clarity.
    I sure hope all of this makes sense, pancakes! Let me know if it doesn't...
  14. I
    re- read what you said tink... I think i need to fast to show God I'm ready to focus on our relationship .I mean when I fast..I dnt think I'm trying to prove I can. do w/o it .. i really want to get close to God .. but it back fires sometimes .
    Like, when i try to do the computer or drawing after the fast. I'm sucked back into it. .:(

    I can go days or a week w/o collecting baby names..and when i start again it sucks me :(

    Like today for example: it started off good , meditated on his word..and talked to God again (this is more
    than i usu do.. i can't get past reading n prayer before the computer takes over lol)
    Then..i decided To. take a break, watched dancemoms -__-," collected more names , got my brother's phone in my hand... i looked up and it was 11pm -__________-

    So im kinda ready to tomhawk the computer. and put a axe through the tv bc it has such a hold on me idk what to do:/

    Oh and Tink, I draw and create lots of characters so I collect a slew of names, so i'll have them on hand during the naming process... atleast, it started that way.. now I just like collecting them, finding out which country they come from, they're meaning, pronounciation, but most of all to pair em up ^o^
    first&midd, sib set, and first and last lolzs...
    i know its bad xD
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  15. Pancakes, sweets! It sounds like you are doing a whole lot more than me! I don't even read the bible everyday :( I am very impressed at those who have the dedication to do it. So if you are spending time in his word every single day, do you think you're being a little hard on yourself about the TV and baby names? Is it because you have sin you are living in? Do you feel you should spend all hours with Him?

    I don't surrendering doesn't mean giving up everything you enjoy for God. IMO :p. Let me know what you mean by surrendering so I can try and understand a little better :)
  16. Actually I just reread your post about "when you give up control you feel totally at peace"; what do you feel is controlling you right now and if you could have something that you feel peaceful about or at rest/no anxiety, what would it be?
  17. Yay tink :) can't. wait till you get back on FB id love to add you.. also I was looking at a thread of yours , I was abt to answer till I saw my alert lol.. so what have you decided. to do abt your brother's kids..if you don't mind me asking. What you're facing seems like a hard decision.. and I was just wonddering if everythings okay.
  18. Aww don't feel bad. abt not reading everyday. I remember when my aunt who's also our pastor fell ill..she had a seizure... anda God gave her a vision of us. (Myself and other in the church..we are pretty our 20's the youngest member is 14 ^^)
    Laying hands on her and healling her... my cousin who rarely reads the bible(she's part of the church too) prayed over her, commanded that demon of infirmity to come out and it did.... yet I read every and she still did better than me bc she had faith. and believed.

    I mean I'm not saying..not to read..but just don't beat urself up :)

    and yah I know its okay to enjoye yoirself.. but if you spend more time w "baby names" than God... you're. giving it more control /influence in your life than God... jesus is suppossed to be God in my life not babynames and tv lul... er as for living in sin.... its my nature..when do I not sin xD but srsly.. um at the moment I don't think so
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  19. Oh yah, if I could have something that would make me feel at peace....

    would be.. being able to hear God's voice..clearly ..and having faith...

    shoot, if I have those two.. i feel I would have already. arrived lol
  20. Thank you Pancakes, I would love to add but feel like I would be judged because I used to party a lot, so just don't judge me if I add you por favor ;) Don't worry, nothins too crazy.

    I think..I hope everything is OK. My brother is just a scary guy. People didn't mess with him. He's been in Juvi and jail. Sad, he is such a good looking, inquisitive, young man; broke a lot of woman's hearts, but he had some terrible things happen to him when he was younger that fueled a lot of hatred towards the world and he takes it out now on the kids, when he used to take it out on other things/people (my mom and I included). He has said things and done things that are detrimental to the kids mental and potentially physical health. Hopefully it doesn't escalate to physical more than I've seen, but we all know emotional damage creates more scars than physical ones.

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