How To Skillfully Wield The Word

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    Many have the wrong idea of what wielding the word of God with skill is. We have no excuses for getting this wrong. None of us want others to think of us as a false teachers. Shouldn't the thought that we may be one cause us to tremble at God's feet?

    Wielding the word with skill is not:

    - ignoring God's wrath OT,
    - watering down a passage that seems to conflict with science or modern thinking,
    - ignoring scripture that may cause offence,
    - answering direct questions with indirect answers,
    - out debating someone,
    - being biased,
    - being narrow minded.

    It is:

    - judging God properly,
    - knowing scripture Hos 4:6
    - dealing with ALL scripture 2 Pet 1:21,
    - waiting on God's input when questioned or asked to preach Luke 12:11
    - preaching the word as is John 1:1,
    - using scripture to correct and end disagreements 2 Tim 3:16,
    - harshly judging and knowing ourselves 1 Cor 11:31, 2 Cor 13:5
    - used to attack evil and defend us from it 2 Cor 6:7
    - used to separate thoughts and attitudes of the heart Heb 4:12
    - constantly discerning saved from unsaved, 1 Cor 5:10

    Conclusion: The word of God is our sword. We must 'know' scripture. We must 'know' God . We must 'arrive' at the truth 2 Tim 3:7. We must be open to correction and rebuke from scripture.

    No more deception and dishonesty. No more ignorant / blissful half truths. God is not evil. God is the epitome of good. Know God. Know scripture. Wield the word of God truthfully with skill.

    We owe it to God to judge him properly, defend Him properly and share Him properly.
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  2. # Throws bouquet# :)

    This was incredibly helpful.
    i loved how you touched on " not ignoring God's wrath"

    People are so comfortable with this marshmellow Jesus that oozes love ,that many forget ..not only does He get angry but He is Holy and NO sin can stand before Him..despite how cute you are,works, or how much you snot and cry ...

    But even thst is n act of love, sin in His presencewill be oobliterated, thats what the atheists
  3. Not sure what you meant by "- judging God properly,". In Job it is clear that we do not judge God. The clay does not insist on justification of what the potter does with the clay. I'm thinking you meant understanding God properly. Good post.
  4. Well, I agree with '''who are WE to judge God''. But lets face reality. If God did not want us to judge Him we would not have a brain with IQ > 10.

    Would you serve the devil if he was in charge? If not why not?

    See many atheists run down God. They judge him as evil. Converting atheists and many Christians in rebellion back to God's loving arms is achieved by simply helping them to judge God properly.

    Think about this.....God says He is good....He is making a statement of Himself that we can judge. He is not saying ''on Tuesdays I decide to put on my ''good'' t-shirt'. He is not saying 'I am calling myself good but don't you dare look further then that statement. Just trust it blindly'.

    It is when we judge God's reasoning behind all He has done that we can get to know Him better.

    When an atheist comes to you and says...God is evil because God killed the Egyptians. Do you say ''God can do whatever He wants'' or ''God's last resort is calamity Jonah 4:2. if you look closer God warned them many times, sent plagues at increasing levels of severity'.

    When we judge God there is ONLY good to be found. Judging God helps us realize that WE are the shortfall in every disaster

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