How to show faith?

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  1. For the last few weeks until yesterday, I was praying to God, asking Him to help me get closer to Him. Thank God for Mykuhl, because he told me that that doesn't do anything. Faith is what moves God, he told me. So my question is: how do I show faith? Is it by reading the Bible, trying to live it out? By praying?

    I know that faith means trust. I trust in God, or at least I try to. What else is there to it? I think I must put my complete faith in God.

    I know that "showing my faith" is a salvation by works doctrine. But I don't know what else to do. Please help me. Thabks.
  2. Hello again Juk,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I just want to clarify something you said in your post above.....just so you don't misunderstand what I said. I didn't mean to say that praying to God to help you get closer to Him wouldn't do anything. I said that begging over and over again wouldn't work because doing that doesn't show faith.

    Please do me a favor(and yourself too) and re-read what I wrote in post #6 of your "hurting and in depression" thread. That advice will help you with your question. If you have any questions about what I wrote there please don't hesitate to ask.
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  3. I good way to start building faith is to, let go and let God help you, face all your unfounded fears.
    Let God help you take charge of your life by being responsible for all your thoughts and actions.
    It does not matter if things don't go the way we expect them. Part of faith is acceptance.
    Life is like an experiment, if we are not prepared in all areas of truth, the experiment most probably will explode in our face.
    But that is okay too, because if we continue to face our fears, we will learn from our mistakes.
    Acceptance in all things, including the ability to respond (response-able) regardless of our fears.
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  4. Thavk you.
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  5. Juk,

    I don't know if you watch online sermons/preaching at all but...there is a pastor named Dan Mohler that amazing teachings. I highly recommend that you do a search on YouTube and watch some of his videos. I rarely watch or read sermons/preaching anymore because everyone seems to have a different teaching which can leave you very confused. He is pretty much the only one I watch nowadays.
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  6. Well, James wrote faith without works is dead.
    Read Hebrews chapter 11 about the heroes of faith and their stories.what they did showed they had Gods promises.
    Also James wrote that looking after widows and orphans and the poor was a way to show faith.

    If we are faithful people, loyal to God, we will live in such a way that shows Jesus love to others. I will try to think of an example. It could be simply giving your extra jacket to someone who is cold and doesnt have one.
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  7. My mom banned me from YouTube.
  8. That's a shame cause they are really good teaches.

    Why did she ban you from YouTube?
  9. I kept watching videos of people saying that the world was going to end soon and I kept telling my parents that, so my mom banned me from YouTube and she won't let me get back on.
  10. LOL! Sorry, but I had to laugh. I can just picture the scenario in my head.
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  11. :ROFLMAO:
  12. Everything you do must be done in faith. There's no formula. You meditate on God's word, you pray, you learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. Wash the dishes, play with your friends, take a shower, look out a window, do your homework, and when a very subtle quiet peaceful voice says "Go kiss your mother" or "Sit still and listen" or whatever, learn to obey.

    The other day my boss' boss came to me and said I had the appearance of insubordination and of being an obstructionist about a project they want us to do. (To me, even the appearance was just as good as saying I had committed the crime.) I was floored. I'm 48 and I have never ever been accused of such a thing. I sat there dumb founded and when he left I cried out to God for guidance. Shaking with shock (it brought out the flesh in a way I hadn’t expected – I had to repent of that) I wrote an email – I didn’t send it, I knew better. I let three hours go by and continued in prayer. I called my wife and daughter and asked their opinion about my email. Being still hot I knew my emotions would keep me from hearing clearly the word of the Lord. I asked them to pray for me to crucify the flesh. They said I should send the email. I rewrote the email completely, now at peace and in authority, and attached every email showing I was being obedient and that the delays we had were not my doing. I sent the email. My boss’ boss called me into his office. He began to chew me out again, obviously having not read the email, but this time I was prayed up. I told him that his understanding of the situation wasn’t accurate and here’s why… I explained this time verbally from over a year ago until that day. I was in his office for almost an hour going over every point.

    He apologized and said I was correct. He admitted that he didn’t like me from day one (he arrived last year) but was wrong about that too and that he had misjudged me. This was last week. Yesterday he and his boss got onto the elevator with me and they were over compensating in their platitudes for having been so wrong!

    God will help you as long as you don’t give in to the flesh and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. If I had sent an email in the heat of the moment, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a job today. That’s living in faith.
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  13. Juk to show faith or live by faith which is written the just shall live by faith is not hard at all but people make it hard. Just simply do what the word says to do. Another words Gods word is full of His promises so act on His promises. Meditate on them and speak them over your situations and life and believe them as the final truth.

    The more time you spend reading His word and meditating on what he is saying and showing you then your faith will grow BUT here is the works MUST put into action what you have learned in His word. For example Jesus says His sheep will hear and know His voice. Find the scripture and study it and quote it out loud all of the time AND thank Him that you are His sheep and you do hear His voice.

    See that is faith in action..........even if you have not learned to hear His voice you say BY FAITH you have. Stand on this and do not allow anything to tell you different and soon you will hear for JUK DOES HAVE EARS TO HEAR.

    One last example........a lady had tired to quit smoking for many,many years and she then decided to use her faith. So every time she turned around she said thank God I am a non smoker and I have no mood swings or gained any weight. She said this even when she was enjoying her smoke. Some time had passed months I guess and one day she realised she had not had a smoke for days and never knew it or missed it and has not ever smoked again.

    That is an example of acting on your faith. You use this type of faith action for everything Juk.
    Speaking by faith is just as important as having faith. Words are life or death. James got a hold of this and this is why James gives such an awesome teaching about words and believing. You can do this Juk. You have everything it takes to do this. The only thing that can stop you is YOU by giving in.

    Now go get ur done My Brother
    God Bless
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  14. Jim, even though this was directed at Juk, you have once again helped me. You know somewhat of the issues I am going through with my health right now, and you just showed me how to use faith to overcome my fear and anxiety over it. I thank you, brother! Here is the great part - about how awesome God is. I just started reading the Book of James tonight. I got as far as the second chapter when I just felt God telling me to come to CFS. Well, here I am, and here is this great bit of advice which I needed - in which it references James!
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  15. Hello John,
    That is the awesome part about Gods word. It works for all of us and sometime we are talking to one person through another. ;) I am glad it blessed you and it is Just waht the LORD has worked into my life and thinking.
    God Bless YOU my Friend
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