How to make a Great Olmelet

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  1. How to make a Great Olmelet

    Well, I learned something today - how to make a great omelet. We go to our local Golden Corral which is a buffet place here in NE Ohio. I asked the cook - a black fellow, who is a ball of fire - to show me how he does it. I like his technique and can't wait to try it. It's worth the price of admission to this place just to watch him cook.

    Using a teflon pan a bit bigger than the size of the omelet - maybe 8 inches, he poured a bit of oil into the pan and spread it around. Next he put all the ingredients in the pan first and they sauteed for a bit and then he poured the egg batter overtop of all the ingredients. It looked a mess at this point; and I wondered how he was going to deal with all that liquid batter lying on top. My traditional problem is that I try to turn them over (pancake w/o ingredients) and they disintegrate and end up as scrambled eggs. If I leave the batter cook until it is thick enough to flip over - then it is burned. Never have made a decent olmelet in my life.

    He pulled the pan off the fire and used a small spatula to lift up one edge of the thin omelete skin and tipped the pan allowing the liquid batter to flow to one side and under the skinned olmelet thus building up the thickness. He did this a couple of times and then he flipped it upside down in mid air quickly and added shredded cheese to the top and then folded it in half and served it. Amazing - never saw this before in my life.

    Usually, an omelete is just an egg batter pancake with the ingredients dumped on the top and then folded over. His was light, very thick, and fluffy with all of the ingredients dispersed or suspended in the batter. The ingredients therefore don't fall out when you try to eat it. It was great and I can't wait to try it out myself tomorrow morning.

    Wish me luck on the flipping part.

    Larry II
  2. Made my olmelet this morning. Everything went well - until I tried to flip it - it stuck to our teflon pan and I had to scrape it loose to flip it. By this time the surface was overcooked, unfortunately. It still turned out amazingly well and was huge (three egg). We will get a new 8" teflon pan and then we will be in business. Oh I'm so tickled to learn this after all these years. Easily entertained - huh.

    Larry II
  3. Stuck to your teflon pan? It must be scratched or something- either that or seriously overdone.:p
  4. yum yum

    I love love LOVE omelets packed with stuff especially cheese! Delicious.
  5. Directions on how to make an omelet like that is the best information I’ve heard in a long time.
    (yes, I’m easily entertained as well) :p

    I might just have to go to Wally World and pick me up a good teflon pan. I don’t have an omelet pan.
    But for me, if it doesn’t have at least 4 or 5 eggs, it’s not a big enough omelet. With only 3 eggs, I need toast, sausage, hash browns and pancakes to fill the rest of my belly.

    I think I’m having a steak and cheese omelet for supper tonight. :D

  6. First thing brother- make sure you break those eggs!:)
  7. Hmm, there's some ideas there but I'm not sure if they'd work for me. I wish mine wouldn't go flat at the last minute, they look fine until they're nearly done, and then.... I've tried adding baking powder to keep them risen but that didn't work. I use at least twelve eggs ( we have our own hens), and I don't use teflon, usually finish off under the grill.
  8. Hi Bo - we usually have to replace our teflon pans about once per year. My wife complains that "Somebody" over heats them with too high a setting on the gas range. She must be talking about one of the boys I guess.

    I use our magic Bullet blender to mix the eggs and the milk together. It pulverizes the eggshells so fine that you can hardly notice them in the olmelet. ;) Good source of calcium. Ha ha.

  9. If you hardly notice them… why have them in there in the first place?

    Nothing like a good crunchy omelet.
    And that way, no one else wants to have a bite.
    You get the whole thing to yourself and don’t have to share. :D
  10. Mmmmmmmm.. I want an omelet right now!!
  11. Here is an easy way to do it. Drive to Denny's and order one!:p
  12. Ha ha .... Larry with all the answers.... I'll bet his wife makes a good omlet.:D:D

    Anyways , I made one this morning but put too much ingredients in like yellow peppers and onions and it all fell apart when I tried to turn it .... Wouldn't think of trying to flip it like they do on the food channel.

    Oh well it still taisted good.:)
  13. Like I said a good source of calcium and you don't have to take the time to break them or dispose of the shells.;););)
  14. Well, tried again this morning. It didn't stick to my new T - Fal pan from Wally World, but I didn't flip it over all the way - it only folded in half with the uncooked surface inside. Had to cut it apart and turn it over in pieces. I'll get it next time - just have to perfect my flipping wrist action. Getting there.
  15. And when you perfect it you can come and make me one.... :D:D:p:p

  16. Hey sis try adding milk to the eggs it makes them fluffy not stuffy. 12 eggs eh? 1-1 1/2 cups milk should do it:cool:
  17. Yes, I've been adding half and half cream. Whipped in the "magic Bullet" or blender whips them up and makes them very bulky and light.
  18. Those Magic Bullets look cool. I was wondering how they would hold up to some regular use?

    Only one more question Larry, where is my omelet?:p
  19. hmmm now i want an ommlett lol you people allways seem to know how to make a guy hungry
  20. You can stop by for a week or so - we like company. Or I can mail it to you if you like.

    Larry II

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