How to 'love our enemy'

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Must we lay down our life for our enemy or just our friends?

  1. Friends only

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  2. Only if enemies become friends

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  3. Both, friends and enemies

  1. 1. How does Reeva Steenkamps Christian family ''love'' Oscar Pretorius?
    2. How do we ''love'' ISIS when they beheading us?
    3. Any testimonies to share on how you were lead to 'love your enemy'?
    4. Jesus did John 15:13 whilst we were His enemies, does not being able to do that for our's suggest we are not Christians ....?

    John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

    I have been thinking a lot about this. I think many of us talk and teach about loving our enemies, but fail terribly when its our turn to show the love.

    I havn't got much else to say as I feel that I am one of those failing at loving my enemies properly.

    I guess the way to look at it is, if we put ourselves in our enemies shoes ... what would we want done to us by them? The best case scenario = Christian.
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  2. Yes I believe that Jesus was the best at using empathy. When people cause harm to others its usually because they are hurting and have caused hurt in the Past. Jesus wants to heal people of these emotional wounds, so as Christians we should pray for them and point them towards Jesus.
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  3. Frankly, I am still working out on how I should love people I am supposed to love! I haven't figured out it all yet.. There have been occasions where Holy Spirit convicted me and letting me know how I should love the enemies. Still I keep failing drastically at other instances.

    The eye opener for me was that, the main reason for my failure to love my enemies is the fact that I considered myself to be superior to them in morality. It needed Holy Spirit to show me, I am no better than any other sinner. Once that was sorted out, on occasions I reacted properly with love for my enemies.
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  4. I think with point 1. Oscar can accept punishment of 5 years prison as a sentence for correction. Reeva's parents could regularly visit him. Constantly tell him that they forgive him, bring him candy and just check up that he is doing ok / being corrected / finding Jesus.

    With 2. it is difficult. ISIS needs to be stopped. But perhaps when war is over, help them rebuild and send aid. In that respect I don't think many can fault the West.
  5. I have just been thinking further on this. God wanted us to know that laying your life down is the 'greatest love' that can be shown. That is the love He showed us whilst His enemy.

    So, when we think about how we shed tears for our loved ones, because we love them. Does the love we show our enemies cause them to weep?
  6. Amen!
  7. Amen. It requires complete surrender to Gods power. Giving up our right to retaliate. "Vengeance is mine; I will repay; saith the Lord" Rom 12:19. It means imitating our master. Isa 53 and Phil 2: 5-8 comes to mind. It means allowing Him to create in us a new heart. We have to allow the Lord to refine our habits and purify our thoughts. We must captivate all thoughts to Christ. And it can only be done through His power. We must not blaspheme the Holy Spirit by rejecting conviction.
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  8. We love them by sending them to Allah.
  9. Pray....
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  10. King.....I will confess that this is probably the hardest of all things to do as a Christian. At least it is for me.

    Life is so precious and short, when I hear of children being murdered I just cringe. My old nature creeps in I have the feeling of retribution take over which I must fight and put down.
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  11. Agreed...I think that's why the LORD made a point of teaching us about it....
  12. You are probably correct. I saw so many children killed in Nam and all for no reason. Some Viet Cong would kill the children and women in a village and then kidnap the men and use them for fodder. Even USA men would torture and mame and kill to get information. War makes men crazy and some men are only a breath away from that to begin with. Then it is the little babies and children who pay the price.

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