how to involve God in your relationship?

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  1. how to involve God in your relationship?


    It is not something where I struggle very much with, but sometimes I still do.
    How can people involve God with her/his relationship?
  2. Search the scriptures together.
    Have discussions about your thoughts on the matter.
    Find other Christian couple to befriend.
  3. Daily spend time with Him by reading His word, by praying, by sharing your thoughts with Him, by praising Him, by talking to Him. He loves that! :D
  4. If you are going through a tough time just remember that God is there for you. You can pray to Him together and share in your faith.

  5. All of the above :D - like any relationship it will not grow unless cultivated- God has done everything for us and now it's time to spend time with Him- get to know Him as Abba- your Father in the most intimate sense- worship Him, talk to Him, include Him in your daily activities- become aware of the presence of God and you will respond accordingly- in His Name Larry
  6. I think time together in the Word is good, as are devotions, or even worshipping in music together. Paul and I like to take drives, and sometimes we have the BEST, most spiritual time together with God while singing to our Jesus. It's fun!!

    I also like our prayer time together. It's a blessing and it lifts me up... it's good stuff.

    God is good, and marriage is a precious gift from Him, and honestly, I feel like just ministering to your spouse in the way the Bible talks about how we are to treat one another is *SUCH* a strengthener for both of us in our walk with God.

    It's sort of like learning a more intense lesson of God's forgiving grace when you see your spouse love you unconditionally, and lift you up in prayer, even when you've been less than the spouse you were meant to be....

    Anyway, prayer together is SO wonderful! I'd suggest starting there....
  7. I will echo something others said-- pray together. That is something my husband and I are learning to do and I really like it. :)

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