How to insert a picture into your post

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  1. How to insert a picture into your post


    First (Upload the image into ImageShack)
    Visit ImageShack®. Select browse to find an image that you want to upload. Select an image, press OK/Open, and then press the "Host it!" button. After a short while (depending on your internet connection and image size), your image will upload and you will see a number of boxes with linking code for your uploaded image.

    Now (Paste image link into your post)
    1) Highlight and copy the link that says, Direct link to image
    2) Copy the link into your post.
    3) Add a [​IMG] after the link.

    The image browser window is not a connection between your computer and ImageShack®, it is an entirely local device that allows you to browse for images.
    Keep the pictures as small as possible.
  2. Graphical tutorial on How to insert a picture into a post

    Graphical tutorial on how to insert a picture into a post

    1) Goto

    2) Click browse to open a new window to your computer. Search and select the required image.

    3) Click open on this window to return back to the imageshack page.

    4) Click host it and wait for sometime to get a new page like this.

    5) Highlight 'Direct link to image' and copy it.

    6) Paste it into the New post or reply page in CFS.

    7) Either add [​IMG] after the link. Or click img button on top while keeping the link highlighted.

    Preview or Submit to see the image posted :-D .

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