How To Have Spiritual Success

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  1. STUDY QUESTION: What can we learn and apply to our lives with respect to Paul’s commitment in Acts 20:24?

    PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to apply these principles to your life this year?

    APPLICATION: With a new commitment comes new resolve and a plan to succeed. Make that resolve and commitment within your heart and ask God to help you to achieve His goals and wishes in your life today.
  2. Hello Chris! How are you? I am still reading the book.

    I think Paul in Acts 20 made it clear that he knew he would suffer if he went to Jeruslem. But he was also moved to bring the gift of the gospel the the poor saints there in his own hands. This was Pauls swan song as he said......
    "I have finished my course". I think Paul touched all the bases and Jerusalem was one of those bases.

    The older I get the more I realize that it is a blessing to be a happy, well behaving person to those around us.
    We all need to touch all the bases in life and one of those bases is loving our family and friends.

    Make a differance in life!

    Do something out of the ordinary!

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