How To Handle Arrogant People?

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    Every waking second around them kills your spirit and puts you in a constant teeth gritting fight not to put the person in their place. You know the type, so stuck up in their own pride that they could care less about anyone else. They might even shoot you a condescending comment for what seems like absolutely no reason. They treat others they feel below them like dogs, especially if you get on their wrong side. They sometimes make you wonder if they are inherently evil. I'm sure everyone has had to deal with these type of people in your life. Considering how predominant they are in the world with society practically praising them. They usually come across as the cool kid at school who bullies people he feels are under him, or the boss at work who gives his employees a hard time for no reason. Whoever they are, it kills you to even think about them and usually leads you to hate them.
    I have a lot of trouble keeping the fumes from coming out of my ears when I deal with an arrogant person. My father is a huge narcissist and is definitely the reason behind my contempt for arrogant people in general, but I desperately want to change the way I think. I don't want to have contempt over a person, that in itself lets them win, and furthermore, hatred is not Christian. I know it might sound ironic, but because I was around my dad so often I guess I never really learned a positive way to cope with him. What happened was instead I developed a deep anger towards arrogance and I ended up not learning to use my anger appropriately. This has led me to praying not to finally snap and punch an arrogant person in the face.
    I know forgiveness is key to other people's sins, but I never really understood arrogance because I personally hated it so much that I made sure I would never be like my dad. I think this makes it much harder for me to understand it and forgive others, because I personally have never had the problem. I do realize arrogance stems from pride, and I am not ignorant to pride, it is very real and easy to spot in myself, and I make sure to set it straight the second I spot it. Should I just realize that uncontrolled pride is a cause of arrogance and that these people didn't know better? Or do we just realize that these type of people are so damaged that they are using a negative coping technique and not even realizing how bad it is for them and others?

    Edit: I figured out how to forgive an arrogant person just by writing this, but I still don't know how to handle them. Like what do you do to help these people? How do you avoid their dark side without giving up your own morals? etc...
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  2. 1 accept it is normal to have emotion of anger. Instead keep telling yourself you should not feel angry ie suppress it, learn to release it in a healthy manner. Anger in itself is not sin, and you are NOT a bad person for feeling it, the enemy wants you to condemn yourself over it, but don't do it

    2 remember God is a righteous God, all wrongs will be righted eventually.

    3 focus on what you need to do in your own lives, and once you start doing that, you will have less time to be bothered by what everyone else is doing
  3. you forgive them ..
    giving forgiveness is mandatory to maintaining a loving heart ..
    and also to gain forgiveness (Mat 6:15) ..

    however deal with them .. Jesus did .. Paul did ..
    Brood of Vipers .. White washed Tombs .. was another etc ..
    you MUST make sure your hearts intent is done to help "wake them up" and NOT done as retribution ..
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  4. With the arrogant, we need only allow them to trip themselves up.

    Proverbs 16:18 (NLT)
    Pride goes before destruction,
    and haughtiness before a fall.

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