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  1. So you want to meet the perfect person?
    THE so called SOUL MATE..
    huh, do ya.
    first make a list, yep I did.
    color of hair,
    skin eyes etc skinny fat inbetween, tall short etc.
    and all the other stuff.
    are you talking to God about it?
    Your NOT. come on,
    the scripture says draw near to God and HE will draw near to you. Not He will chase you, I think.
    You gotta make a petition, and put it to Him everyday, or every fourth day. something like that.
    with prayer and thanksgiving.
    Don't sit in a corner waiting:
    go to Church, learn to listen to the Holy Spirit by praying and reading God's word.
    delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart., its in psalms I think.

    Small testimony,
    I didn't really want a wife, I was wanting to be a monk. Yes a monk... not a monkey.
    anyway I had a problem with lust, obedience, poverty, actually all the qualification of monkishness.
    So I seriously started praying for a wife about the age of 23
    then it was not until about 4 years later that one day I caught a train, I actually missed my first train,
    and sat in a random seat,
    then after about 7 stops a woman sat down next to me, opened a bible and the rest is 29 years of marriage.
    I can't say I recommend ANYBODY gets married,
    Man, women have got cycles and the FULL moon comes out and you bump heads on money, work etc etc
    and all sorts of stuff and its a wonder anybody is married at all, of course you see it in the news all the time.
    My advice to all
    is you have to accept your brother or sister as they are, even though you are married to them you don't own them,
    and keep your own faith in order.
    What keeps us together most of all is knowing that God brought us together.
    Our Christian Faith is like glue.
    It is nice not to be alone, to talk to one another and eat the same stuff and go on holidays together and go to church etc etc
    instead of living in a single bed apartment with an empty fridge and a TV for company.
    I am so glad that Jesus says in heaven we are like the angels and don't get given in marriage or marry.
    once in a lifetime is enough.
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  2. Some questions:
    What am I supposed to do in order to "draw near to God"?

    What's exactly petition? is it "prayer and thanksgiving." or something else?

    What do I need to do in order to fulfill the requirement to "delight yourself"?
  3. A petition is finding specific Scriptures for what we are praying for, and writing them down and then praying them. You do this once and then move on to continuing to thank God for answering your prayer. Pray according to Mark 11:23-24, believing that you receive when you pray.
    When you delight yourself in the Lord.....He is your Everything. You find your joy and peace and strength in every Word that He has spoken. His peace overrides your struggles. I also believe it's making His Word final authority...meaning that you tailor or pattern your life after it instead of allowing the world to be your example
    Make Him first place in your life. Make Him apart of the first part of your day through prayer and Bible reading (even if it's 10-15 min. Commit your day to Him and He will help guide you through the rest.

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  4. Congrats on 29 years:) That's beautiful.
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  5. There's two ways to get two different types of spouses.
    1... Your way and you get what you get and most times not what you really needed.

    2.. God's perfect choice for you.
    This way you complete each other and become the team God wants and can use.

    Tried the first way twice....
    Tried the second way once and I shall Not Ever need to try again.

    God's way is Always going to be best but you will have to surrender even this unto Him and His ways.
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  6. Yes he certainly did! :)
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  7. Balanced realistic but very godly testimony.
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  8. I would really like to spend my life with someone... But I doubt myself... Like if I'm good enough for marriage. I just don't know right now.
  9. Scripture tells us.....
    For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:

    Um it might seem petty to some but I would change my thinking and see my self as God sees me......

    You are created in the image of God and the likeness of God......
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