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  1. Some information on how can I get my book published.
    I hope that in a christian forum thre is pastors, misionaries, seminar teachers, theologians and all kind of qualified christians watching over in case of some heresy or wrong teaching is getting spread in it.
    What can they tell me for getting my book published.
  2. It is not way.
    Forget it.
    Christians are not allowed to have own ideas and to share them.
    You can try to share your ideas on a Forum, but you will have your therads closed, and you will be eventually banned.
    Christians have to buy the doctrine as it is teached.
  3. ???? I am confused

    Do you want to know how to get a book published, or do you want to talk about heresy?
  4. Heresy? How come heresy into the topic. I have never, ever mention ant heresy, not in this thread, not in this Forum, not in my life. My book is rejected without even the title. Perhaps my book is full of heresy or is full of wisdom. It makes not a difference. All christians authors are banned from the beginning. Only some high ranking theologians are allowd to publish. Because they teach the same all accept. Nobody new have a chance. Everything new is a heresy just for not being of a known theologist.
  5. So here is what I know. You submit to publishing houses or literary agents. If they like your book they publish! If not you should self publish!
  6. That is not the truth. I did contact many publishers and before knowing anything about my book, the title, what is about, or any information at all about me; the answer is NO. Many publishers have Internet pages with a option for new books, manuscriptds they call them. If somebody have a manuscripot, and wish to publish it, must click. I did click, and a message "new manuscripts are not recieved" appears.

    Any other sugestion?
  7. It is possible that the publishers you have contacted are simply not accepting any new titles at the present, or that they are not accepting from new authors.

    Even if you find a publisher that is currently accepting new works, I can think of two definite and a third possible reason why any publisher would reject your book. Book publishing is a business, and like any other business book publishers exist primarily for the purpose of making money. To make money, they need to know that the books they publish are going to sell in sufficient numbers to cover the costs of publication and give them an acceptable profit.

    Therefore, in considering a new book to publish, they ask three questions:

    1) How many people are likely to buy this book? In the case of your book, the answer is probably very, very few. It is on a very specialized academic topic, and there are simply not many people who would be interested in it.

    2) How well is this book written? If your book is written like your posts here on CFS, then I'm afraid the answer is that it is nowhere near an acceptable standard for publication. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but there is simply no other way to say it. We on CFS understand that English is not your first language, and we try to make allowances, but a publisher simply does not have time to trawl through a manuscript correcting spelling and grammar, and trying to make sense when things are said in a back-to-front, upside-down way.

    3) Who is the author? New authors always have a much harder time being published than established authors. And, in the case of an academic work, publishers want to know that the author actually has the qualifications to produce such a work. I don't know what theological qualifications you have or don't have, but if you don't have any then your chances of getting a theological work published through any traditional publishing house are somewhere less than zero.


  8. You can think in 3 or 30 or 300 posible reasons why a book - after reading the original - can be rejected. That is irrelevant. A christian author have his book rejected before seeking for a publisher. Publisher reject new books withou taking in consideration any factor.

    Do you have a new book? Click here.
    Did you click here?
    Yes I did.
    Sorry we dont take new book.
    But my book is a work about...
    Not possible.
    The name of my B...
    No way.
    I am ...
    No chance.
    My pasto...
    Forget it.
    What if...?
    No. No no no no no.
  9. Like I said, it sounds as though you have approached a publisher that is simply not accepting new works at this time. That happens. If a publisher has a backlog of books waiting for publication, they might choose not to accept any new manuscripts until the backlog is cleared. There is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.


  10. The question remains. How can a christain have a book published?
  11. The way I went about it was simple! I started with publishers and literary agents. I sent my query letters and book proposal! Lots of work. Then I waited some got back to me quickly others over months and months! I got lots of rejection, but I also did not submit to anyone who was not accepting manuscripts. There are lots of places that are, but plenty of big names that don't! Finally I heard back from interested publishers. Then I waited some more for the contracts to arrive via UPS or Fedex. I reviewed contracts and decided who to publish with.

    There is also the option of self-publishing your work, that is a bit of a different route but can pay off if you are not having luck with publishers.
  12. I would advise that you try self publishing. Alot of authors are going for that option these days. Also you could try putting it as an ebook on Amazon and other ebook platforms.
    I have published two christian fiction ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords and it is easy and costs almost nothing.
    I would however advise that you get a very good editor to help you with grammar and stuff. Some professional editors might charge you a fee for their services but i think it would be worth it for any author that values excellence.
  13. how can ANYONE get published, you send off letters to agents, all across the board. It's pretty hard to even get looked at presenting your information directly to the publisher. If they looked at everything that came across their desk, they would hire too many people to make books affordable.

    They use agents. They speak with agents, get a feel for them, learn what their words mean, who they will represent, etc... THEN when an agent comes, they know, I need x,y,z, types of books, this guy represents x, y, this other one y, z, but the y, z, one usually has found the better authors, I'll read his first.

    The question you or anyone reading this later should be asking, is how do I get an agent to read my letters, to lead them to reading my work, etc....
  14. Yes. This is because your average Publishing house today receives 1,000s of manuscripts a year and cannot read them all as it is thus the need for agents. With Christians however one can approach their denominations publishing house (like Thomas Moore, Vinyard, etc.) or self publish. Good sound self Publishing requires an investment (check out Xulon press and others) of around $2000 to get off to a good start and then you sell (facebook, twitter, web site ads), setting up contingency stations at Barnes and Nobel and the such, doing book signings, making an e-book version for Amazon or Kindle, then there are lower quality self publishing firms like Publish America (zero editorial staff, they print exactly what you have written including spelling errors) but with them, though totally free, you do all the work...they will arrange opportunities but it is ALL up to you (and the Lord of course if it be His will)...may it be His will. Feel free to PM me a chapter I will give my honest opinion (though not worth much)...

    Hope this helps...

    brother Paul

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