How to fully let go?

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  1. I would like to know how to be able to fully and completely let go everything that I am holding on to, into God's hands. I can't seem to be able to do it. I have let go a lot but there are still parts of me that I can't seem to relinquish. Just so we are clear...I am not talking about not being able to let go of sin.
  2. Hi Mykuhl,
    That is a difficult thing to reply to simply becasuse it could beholdingon to what others have done, or holding on to things that you like that you feel are getting in the way of allowing God to be first place and so forth.

    I do not know what you are talking about here so all I can say is, can you give an example of what kind of things you are referring to or is that not able to be.
  3. The more time you spend in the Word of God, renewing your mind and causing your flesh to line up with the Word....eventually we become transformed by the Word....... Romans 12:2.

    It takes a lot of practice and being so focused on God and His ways, and Word that we no longer focus on ourselves or our fleshly habits. It's not something that happens overnight. And it is the result of being truly ingrafted into the vine and one with The Father and Jesus....... John 15

    The reason why it takes awhile is because we have to retrain our brain and body (mostly our mouths) to line up with the Word of God and not the ways of the world. Thus emulating the very character of Jesus. Plus we have to develop trust in the Almighty and His desires for us.

    Knowing His Word/Will, will cause your thoughts to line up with His and thus when your desires become the same, then He will give you the desires of your heart. Becareful to not give things up that He has given you. Seek Him about everything and commit it all to Him. He will let you know what to give up and what to keep and carry out for His glory

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  4. Thank you very much for that!
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  5. I am talking about feelings mainly. The biggest one I struggle with is fear. I have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time now. I just can't seem to let go and fully commit this into the Lord's hands. If I would just be able to do that I feel like I could overcome this.
  6. Your was God. And i forgot one verse. Proverbs 16:3 in the Amplified.
    Roll your works (plans or thoughts) upon the Lord (commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His Will, and) so shall your plans be established and succeed.

    God has given you talents and godly desires, so as you pray and commit them to Him He will show you how to develop or put them into practice for His good and glory.
  7. I'm am way too inwardly focused. I truly want to be free of myself and not think myself anymore. That may sound weird but I long to live out Galatians 2:20, where is says that, " it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me."
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  8. Something to remember is that fear is meditating and believing in the lies of the devil. So get in the Word of God and get the truth in your situation. Even if it is as simple as God loves me....that is truth.

    As you take a step of faith...God will meet you and strengthen you.
  9. Thank you, and yes, I do know this and do this most of the time but it is still a constant fight. Sometimes I have to fight with everything I have.
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  10. The only way to change that is to one step at a time become fully focused on God. Learn God's ways to respond to things and copy them. But remember to give yourself grace (because we are not perfect, and will never be) and time. Those saints who seem to have it all together....took time to practice walking the way that they do. And have studied for a long time. Just slowly and consistently keep Your eyes on Jesus.....the author and perfector or finisher of your faith. Hebrews 12:2
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  11. Trust me you are not alone. And once it becomes a habit.... it will get easier. :)
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  12. Thank you for all your help and encouragement Cturtle. You are a true blessing to me. God bless you for your all that you do.
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  13. Thank you for your kind words. God has walked me through a lot of things and fear and as 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 tells it, i then am able and allowed to comfort others, as will you some day. My desire is similar to be fully ingrafted in the vine, so that people always see Jesus not me. Be like Peter when he was successfully walking on the water.....his eyes were always on Jesus. And when he became overwhelmed by what he saw.....Jesus picked him up and helped him back to the boat, they walked together.
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  14. Mykuhl, I have been struggling with this same issue of fear greatly over the past few months. I am learning to turn it over to God, but it has been a struggle. When I feel it coming on, I immediately start to pray. I tell God that I trust Him and that that I am in His hands. This has been what has helped me.

    You are definitely not alone in this one, brother!
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  15. We are in this together brother! Don't forget that you have my help in this. Message me anytime.
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  16. Mykul Blessings,
    This will be straight forward with NO sugar coating. It has got to stay simple other wise you end up making it much harder and more difficult then it needs to be.

    First thing STOP SAYING "I just cant seem to let go" There is not to be any I cant's in your thinking what so ever. You need right thinking - Gods Thinking - What His word says.
    With God all things are I cant seem to do this ?  You know where I was going with that.

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*MOVING ON*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    NOW THEN ...... I do not care if you mess things up 100 times each day - simply repent - change your thinking to what His word says and get His word back in your mouth and ears and eyes. Listen there will be a time sooner then you think when you will say, well what do you know about that...That has not bothered me in weeks - but you have to do this His way.

    Perfected Love cast out some fear Mykuhl ? No it cast out ALL FEAR.
    Simply get the Love of the Father into your thinking and mouth and eyes and ears.
    Faith comes when we pray hard enough or when we win the heavenly numbers game and the kings give unto you of their riches in faith ? NO that is not the way it works. 

    You starting to see where I am going with this Mykuhl ?
    More word in and more word out ( just in case you missed this that is His word or the written word of God ) 

    What I am driving at here is simply this.
    Let His word do the work for you. Imagine that will ya - Gods word doing this for you.
    No really Mykuhl- imagine it - see it - know it and mostly BELIEVE IT.

    Simple daily routine - Find scriptures that cover your need or struggles. Chew on them and read them aloud and write them down many times and place them all around so you can simply pick up your list and read it any time. Now here is where it gets tricky......

    Take these scriptures to God and turn them into a prayer unto Him. No - not begging - Come boldly to His throne room of grace. This means with CONFIDENCE of His word working. Yes God knows His word BUT He is constantly looking for His word to be put into motion or being used for God is MOVED by His word. Do you see this ? If He is moved then He is moving on your behalf. A little lame prayer or a long drawn out prayer trying to inform God of things is like taking an umbrella to the shower. You can but it does you no good. Faith Pleases God.

    Example ...... People used to intimidate me big time. Yea a drummer who did not like crowds. Go figure.  I was scared to witness to others and even with family. I would walk 3 miles to get my phone fixed and walk in and have a billion sets of eyes look at me and I was out the door faster then i went in and went home. Nice life huh.

    2 Timothy 1:7 set me free Mykuhl and I did it the same way I am telling you.
    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    Now it is a blast and a game for me. I mean I can be any one I want to be. lol

    Truth Mykuhl..... this is the only way to beat this and it is His way and His word will do it for you as long as you are faithful to do you part. It is really quite that simple and it will work for any one who puts it to work for them.

    Mykuhl this too shal pass - nothing is to difficult for God and not even this
    God Bless You
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  17. Hi there John my good friend,
    All of what you and Mykuhl are going through can and will be removed or another words will not even be a problem to deal with.
    Take a gander at this reply I wrote to Mykuhl my other really good friend.

    It is as simple as this in anything we go through.
    God Bless you John P
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  18. Thank you so much Jim! I really appreciate the help and the straight talk. You and Cturtle make an great team! I am sure the Lord will bless you in your future ministry together.
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  19. @Mykuhl I'm right there with ya... we all are. There comes a time in our maturity in Christ where we have to decide to surrender all - it's why I chose my avatar name and site name - to remind me we're really not in control so why not surrender to the One Who is in control. We don't like losing control because we see men do evil to us when we do. It's the experiences of life. We may surrender to our parents because we think they have our best interest at heart, but then we form our own opinions and that goes away. We fail too, so then to whom are we to trust? (I speak all in the flesh) The Spirit cries "Come!" Letting go of things is a natural process and a calling of the Lord to surrender it all to Him. He will not fail. He loves us, died for us, and wants the very best for us, but we need to choose life, His life, and stay there. The choice is a moment-by-moment choice. He died for us, who better to keep our charge? :D

    Blessing brother!
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  20. This might get me into some hot water but - well you know how it is with me.
    Yea i agree Mykuhl Cturtle and I do make a great team for she does this
    So I can do this
    and this
    and this
    and this
    and this here too

    Yep sure does pay to let God bless you !!
    No actually she is thee most wonderfulest gift from God then I can say and the truth be told - Cturtle will be right there in all of those things.
    Thank You Mykuhl and God Bless you
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